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2 Jan. 1969
In Search of an Artist
After spotting a previously undiscovered portrait for sale, Ironside scours Mexico to find its presumed-dead painter and clear him of a murder charge.
9 Jan. 1969
Up, Down and Even
Eve's teenage niece faces reform school after her second arrest for possession of illegal drugs. As Ironside tries to find the source of supply, the girl escapes from Eve's home and disappears.
23 Jan. 1969
Why the Tuesday Afternoon Bridge Club Met on Thursday
Ironside's Aunt Victoria suspects foul play when one of her card-playing friends vanishes. Despite her nephew's admonitions, Victoria and her bridge partners shadow their missing friend's husband, who insists his wife left him.
30 Jan. 1969
Rundown on a Bum Rap
A friend of Mark is found drunk and bending over an assault victim. Even though his night-school law teacher and Ironside lend assistance, Mark becomes frustrated with the legal process as he tries to help his friend gain an acquittal.
6 Feb. 1969
The Prophecy
A society widow makes ominous predictions about Ironside and his assistants. Her visions start coming true as the team tries to recover a two-million-dollar painting being held for ransom.
13 Feb. 1969
A World of Jackals
A one-time movie star is missing, and the people who know her can't say where she went. Ironside and his assistants encounter forgery, extortion, and attempted murder in their efforts to find the young actress.
20 Feb. 1969
And Be My Love
Eve becomes romantically involved with a writer who seems to be living beyond his means. Ironside traces a theft ring to a telephone answering service used by Eve's boyfriend, who becomes the prime suspect in a series of home burglaries.
27 Feb. 1969
Moonlight Means Money
Ed Brown runs into officer Ray Leonard, an old friend moonlighting as a cab driver and finds a package of drugs in his taxi. Returning to find the previous fare, Leonard shoots the man three times, killing him. Suspected of drug trafficking, both policemen are promptly suspended pending an investigation. Ironside and his team also investigate to clear Ed.
6 Mar. 1969
A Drug on the Market
Stakeholders in a pharmaceutical company try to gain approval for a dangerous anti-rejection medicine just before a lucrative merger. Ironside thinks the owner knows who has been frightening her with accidents and strange voices.
13 Mar. 1969
Ex-cop Mel Grayson kills his wife and carries out an elaborate plan to mislead police and establish an alibi for himself. Mrs. Grayson appears to have been killed while he was dining with his old friend Ironside. Chief Ironside suspects Grayson immediately, explaining to Ed that her murder while her husband was with him is just too convenient.
27 Mar. 1969
The Tormentor
Ed's friend, a major-league baseball player, receives a series of threatening letters. He then claims an object was thrown at him in the outfield during a game. Ironside must find the culprit before the attacks become more deadly.
3 Apr. 1969
A Matter of Love and Death
A young woman is found dead from internal bleeding after an abortion. Using previous cases and clues provided by Ironside, Eve goes undercover to track down an abortionist who has had several other patients die.
10 Apr. 1969
Not with a Whimper, But a Bang
Ironside and his team, along with a U.S. Army bomb-disposal unit, respond to threats on a college campus. Although the devices found are relatively harmless, the chief believes that might change.
18 Sep. 1969
Alias Mr. Braithwaite
Mark's Aunt Ruby loses her life savings to a distinguished-looking con artist. In an effort to recover the money, Ironside sets up Ed and Eve as a wealthy couple in a resort so the thief can be caught trying another scam.
25 Sep. 1969
Goodbye to Yesterday
Ironside gets an unexpected call from Barbara Richards, the woman he once helped reclaim her life after she had lost her memory. Her daughter has been kidnapped and he agrees to help despite the fact he's still in love with her.
2 Oct. 1969
Poole's Paradise
Ed is captured by a convict who claims small-town sheriff Harvey Poole let him escape so he could be killed. Eve and Mark deal with some brutal deputies to help Ironside see if any prisoners died while in Poole's custody.
9 Oct. 1969
Eye of the Hurricane
Ironside and Mark are lured to the prison to become hostages in an escape attempt by three convicted armored-car thieves.
16 Oct. 1969
A Bullet for Mark
Ironside's personal assistant is seriously wounded by a hired killer who was apparently targeting the chief. Ironside finds out otherwise as he follows the clues to a narcotics-smuggling ring.
23 Oct. 1969
Love My Enemy
In charge of security for Americans at a diplomatic conference, Ironside is asked by his stubborn Chinese counterpart to find out why the leader of the latter's delegation is dying. The chief suspects airborne poison, but who released it?
30 Oct. 1969
Seeing Is Believing
Five witnesses identify Ed as the winner of a fatal bar fight. Lacking an alibi for the sergeant, Ironside checks every possible lead including the victim's pregnant girlfriend.
13 Nov. 1969
The Machismo Bag
Ironside is asked to investigate the crimes of a violently angry Mexican-American student. Instead, at Mark's urging, the chief works to keep the young man out of jail.
20 Nov. 1969
Programmed for Danger
Ironside discovers three young blonde female assault victims all used the same computer dating service. Eve joins the club in an effort to catch the attacker.
27 Nov. 1969
Five Miles High
Any one of forty passengers could be trying to kill a reluctant witness Ironside and his team are escorting on a flight from Honolulu to San Francisco.
4 Dec. 1969
Ironside goes into action when a Hebrew school is vandalized. The rabbi, an acquaintance of the chief, is most concerned about a missing Torah. The sacred scroll, it turns out, is being held for ransom.
11 Dec. 1969
Beyond a Shadow
A wealthy widow tries to commit suicide after a jury fails to convict her of murdering her husband. Ironside hopes to clear her name since he once saved her life.
25 Dec. 1969
Stolen on Demand
Part of a play sheet found in a warehouse shows a theft ring includes one of the school-age basketball players coached by Mark. He asks Ironside to let him find out who it is.

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