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4 Jan. 1968
Force of Arms
The chief of staff for a millionaire's citizen vigilance group is found dead in his wrecked car. Ironside looks into a theory that the murderer was an organization insider trying to set up the victim as a martyr.
11 Jan. 1968
Memory of an Ice Cream Stick
Ironside knows a man Mark ran errands for as a child is a convicted robber who may be involved in the murder of a gangland racketeer. Mark, however, defies a warning to stay away from his old acquaintance.
25 Jan. 1968
To Kill a Cop
Ed helps two patrol officers arrest a restaurant owner who vows revenge upon his release. Both of the policemen are murdered a few days later. Convinced that the restaurateur is the killer, Ed pursues him against Ironside's orders.
1 Feb. 1968
The Lonely Hostage
A detective working part-time as a bank guard shoots a patrolman who catches him robbing the bank. After a week in hiding and unable to leave the city, he meets with Ironside to turn himself in, but kidnaps him instead and forces Mark to drive them north out of the city. His wife and son are waiting at a cabin in Tahoe where a chartered plane is coming to fly the family to Mexico.
8 Feb. 1968
The Challenge
A psychiatrist is murdered two days after asking his friend Ironside if he could tell which of five patients was a potential killer by looking at their artwork.
15 Feb. 1968
All in a Day's Work
Eve shoots and kills one of the two men involved in a jewelry store robbery. Stunned when she finds out he was only seventeen years old and everyone that knew him says he was a fine young man, she questions her commitment to police work. After she tells Ironside she is quitting, he convinces her to finish the case and finds a way to help her regain her confidence.
22 Feb. 1968
Something for Nothing
Ironside wants a singer to testify in court against the influential crime lord who forced him to participate in a bank robbery as payment for gambling debts.
29 Feb. 1968
Barbara Who
A woman is found beaten and suffering from permanent amnesia. After recovery from her injuries, she asks Ironside to help her find her past.
7 Mar. 1968
Perfect Crime
In an informal talk at a local college, Ironside says all criminal plots are flawed. An anonymous student challenges that statement by wounding several people - including Eve - with long-range rifle shots.
14 Mar. 1968
Officer Bobby
The plane Ironside was about to board is bombed, and a baby is left in his van! Ironside takes the infant boy home to wait for his mother and her ex-husband, the only people from the plane's passenger list who are unaccounted for.
21 Mar. 1968
Trip to Hashbury
A teenage runaway claims Ed assaulted her while trying to remove her from a house full of hippies. Ironside investigates the possibility that someone else attacked the girl before Ed arrived.
28 Mar. 1968
Due Process of Law
After Mark's girlfriend is found dead he becomes obsessed with finding the responsible person, even if it means ignoring the law.
4 Apr. 1968
Return of the Hero
Ironside's former colleague is found guilty of fatally shooting his wife and her lover. When the judge, district attorney, and witnesses from the trial are threatened or killed by bombs, Ironside believes two separate forces are at work.
19 Sep. 1968
Shell Game
A charming thief arrives in San Francisco with murderous plans to steal a priceless jewel collection. Ironside's assignment: to make sure the jewelry is transported into and out of a museum without incident.
26 Sep. 1968
Split Second to an Epitaph: Part 1
Ironside agrees to undergo exploratory surgery that could restore his ability to walk - or kill him. At that hospital, a masked assailant escapes with stolen drugs after murdering a security guard.
26 Sep. 1968
Split Second to an Epitaph: Part 2
Just before his spinal surgery, Ironside asks the public to help find the person who stole drugs from the hospital and killed a guard. The chief does not know that the same man has been planning for Ironside to die on the operating table.
3 Oct. 1968
The Sacrifice
Mark's eyewitness account casts suspicion of murder on a veteran police detective. When his alibi is disproved by Ironside, the sergeant stops at nothing to find someone who will confess to the crime.
10 Oct. 1968
Robert Phillips vs. the Man
The police commissioner asks Ironside to prove that an angry young African-American activist did not stab a racist shopkeeper to death during a riot.
24 Oct. 1968
Desperate Encounter
On vacation in the mountains, Ironside tries to find a former hunting buddy. The chief is then kidnapped by a wealthy rancher and his son, who have been plotting to steal the land belonging to Ironside's old friend.
31 Oct. 1968
I, the People
A notorious TV muckraker, now running for public office, is receiving death threats. Ironside, who can't stand the man or his tactics, is forced to investigate.
7 Nov. 1968
Price Tag: Death
A former detective, now living on the streets, alerts Ironside about the death of another homeless man. He joins Ironside on the case and discovers the death is connected to someone passing bogus checks.
14 Nov. 1968
An Obvious Case of Guilt
Numerous bits of evidence indicate Ironside's former girlfriend shot and killed her husband, but the chief wants all of the facts before an arrest is made. Ironside also thinks the "victim" might still be alive.
21 Nov. 1968
Officer Whitfield is shot and critically wounded in a pawn-shop holdup. As Ironside works to solve the crime, he recalls how he first met Eve several years earlier while he was still walking and she was a rich society girl.
28 Nov. 1968
The Macabre Mr. Micawber
A millionaire is murdered, his chauffeur is severely beaten, and a smoke bomb is shot into Ironside's office - all in the presence of a talking mynah bird. Ironside and his team try to find out what the bird knows.
5 Dec. 1968
Side Pocket
Ironside writes a letter of recommendation for a pool hustler who plans to attend college. When the young man changes his mind and agrees to a high-stakes game against a legendary billiards champion, the chief wants to know why.
12 Dec. 1968
Sergeant Mike
A fierce but well-trained dog found at a murder scene did not belong to the victim. Ironside takes the German shepherd to his office; he wants to see if its owner can help identify the killer.

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