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14 Sep. 1967
Message from Beyond
A security guard is implicated in the theft of $175,000 from a horse-racing track. Even after the suspect dies in a car crash, Ironside is sure he left clues about where to find the money - and who ordered him to steal it.
21 Sep. 1967
The Leaf in the Forest
The smothering death of an elderly woman is blamed on an at-large serial killer, but Ironside notices enough differences in this case to see if a second murderer was trying to give that impression.
28 Sep. 1967
Dead Man's Tale
Warren Stuart, number two man in a big crime syndicate in San Francisco, wants to leave the criminal world and start a new life. He has tried to contact Ironside several times, to reveal important information about the criminal organization. When he is killed by a sniper, Ironside is quite sure that John Trask, the number one man, ordered the assassination. Ironside is since a long time clear about who the leaders of the crime syndicate are. The problem is that he cannot find any evidence against them. Now he sees a chance to catch the leaders, by arranging a trap for...
5 Oct. 1967
Eat, Drink and Be Buried
A fabulously successful advice columnist escapes serious injury from abduction, poisoning, and gunshots. Ironside sets out to find the person responsible for the writer's brushes with death.
12 Oct. 1967
The Taker
A policeman that Ironside has known for some years is on an investigation and gets shot and killed. The evidence seems to look like the policeman is crooked, Ironside is determined to prove that this is not the case.
19 Oct. 1967
An Inside Job
Ironside and Eve are held hostage at police headquarters by escaping criminals Carter and Baines. The criminals give Ironside a way to survive, He must become a "criminal" and come up with a plan for them to escape.
26 Oct. 1967
Tagged for Murder
Ironside investigates an accidental electrocution that Ed thinks is a murder and finds a pattern of murder and greed over a Swiss bank account in which a group of WWII veterans have stored loot from a bank heist during the war.
2 Nov. 1967
Let My Brother Go
Mark's boyhood pal, now a pro football star, refuses Ironside's request to start a sports program for inner-city youths. The gridiron hero then discovers his recently-paroled younger brother has been working for illegal bookmakers.
9 Nov. 1967
Light at the End of the Journey
An old friend of Ironside's, now a P.I., is murdered. The only "witness" is a woman who happens to be blind. Ironside takes a calculated risk that the killer doesn't realize this and sets a trap to catch him when he comes back to kill her.
16 Nov. 1967
The Monster of Comus Towers
A heavy center piece of a priceless artwork is stolen from an upper story high rise office building and the apparent entrance and exit is through a broken window on the floor.
23 Nov. 1967
The Man Who Believed
When a rising folk-singer's body is found in the water under the Golden Gate Bridge, suicide is suspected, but Ironside has reasons to suspect something else.
30 Nov. 1967
A Very Cool Hot Car
Mark goes undercover at a scrapyard to assist Ironside in the investigation of a sharp increase in auto thefts, and a corresponding decrease in vehicle recoveries.
7 Dec. 1967
The Past Is Prologue
A hard-working carpenter is about to be extradited to the state of New York and executed for a murder he was convicted of committing 19 years earlier. Ironside races against time to prove the man's innocence.
21 Dec. 1967
Girl in the Night
In Las Vegas in police business, Ed meets a pretty singer, takes her to dinner and later to her home, where she abruptly leaves and Ed is assaulted. Ironside investigates the connection between Ed's assailants and the mysterious young lady.
28 Dec. 1967
The Fourteenth Runner
A Soviet athlete has been kidnapped! Or has he? Ironside must work with Soviet agents to find out what happened to the man.

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