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Season 7

13 Sep. 1973
Confessions: From a Lady of the Night
Ironside becomes embroiled in a scandal, both personal and professional, when a scandal rag prints a story by a lady of the evening claiming he had slept with her and that he failed to properly work a case.
20 Sep. 1973
Murder by One
A friend of Fran's finds her only son dead in his locked room. The death is initially presumed a suicide, but assorted clues make his death look more like murder.
27 Sep. 1973
In the Forests of the Night
An old love of Ironside comes back to town after a number of years. Ironside is sure he knows why she's back and it may involve the theft of a valuable piece of art.
4 Oct. 1973
Fragile Is the House of Cards
A lawyer, who often locks horns with Ironside, shows up at his office after having been beaten up and with no memory of what happened.
11 Oct. 1973
The Armageddon Gang
A think tank group has been working on military assignments. A member who was having second thoughts about working on military projects becomes missing. Is he a spy or a defector? Only Ironside can solve the mystery.
25 Oct. 1973
House of Terror
A couple vanishes after spending the night in a haunted house. Then Ironside suddenly disappears. Can the rest of the gang figure out what happened and who did it?
1 Nov. 1973
The Helping Hand
Fran discovers that her maid is an illegal immigrant. The maid's sister dies because of the organization controlling the illegal workers. The organization wants to kill the maid before she contacts the police. Then a member of the organization is stabbed to death. Did the maid kill the man for revenge of her sister's death? Will the illegal group treating immigrants like slaves be shut down? Only Ironside will get to the bottom of it.
8 Nov. 1973
Downhill All the Way
Two part episode. A boy witnesses a murder of a campaign manager for a politician just before an election. There is a leak inside the police department. Ironside retires from his job and poses as a drunk and a bum. Ironside meets new "friends" and one of them tries to poison Ironside before he can find the leak in the police department.
15 Nov. 1973
Mind for Murder
A psychic performing in a nightclub knows suspiciously specific details about a string of arson fires. He insists he's innocent of the crimes and wants only to help capture the real arsonist. Can he overcome Ironside's ironclad skepticism?
29 Nov. 1973
The Hidden Man
A returning POW from Vietnam believes he saw his father at the airport. The man is supposed to be dead and since he was a decorated police officer, Ironside decides to investigate.
6 Dec. 1973
Double-Edged Corner
When two men are killed in a robbery, Ironside reluctantly turns to a long dormant informant. His involvement not only threatens his life but also his wife's and daughter's.
20 Dec. 1973
The Last Payment
Mark's friend owes money to a loan shark. Mark goes undercover to catch the loan shark and help his friend.
3 Jan. 1974
Friend or Foe
After a slam dunk case goes bad in court Ironside discovers a package of heroin critical to the case has gone missing. Lt. Reese and his partner become suspects and when his partner suddenly dies, Reese becomes the main suspect.
10 Jan. 1974
Two Hundred Large
After Ironside helps thwart a botched bank robbery, he decides to help one of the robbers when he discovers the secret motive for his involvement.
17 Jan. 1974
Once More for Joey
What originally began as an investigation into musical piracy turns gruesome when one of the pirated musicians is electrocuted.
31 Jan. 1974
Terror on Grant Avenue
Ironside investigates when the son of an old friend is accused of murdering a Chinatown businessman.
7 Feb. 1974
Class of '40
Ironside goes home to attend his high school reunion and is confronted with a murder of a former class mate.
14 Feb. 1974
The Taste of Ashes
An old friend of Ironside's must deal with the sudden reappearance of a long lost daughter that everyone had believed was dead.
21 Feb. 1974
A Death in Academe
A college coed kills herself and many people blame her philosophy professor and his existential teachings.
28 Feb. 1974
Close to the Heart
While driving his van Ironside is struck by a woman while she is having a mild heart attack. Once in the hospital they discover her problem was caused by a bullet but she has no memory of being shot.
7 Mar. 1974
Come Eleven, Come Twelve
While Ed is escorting a prisoner back to San Francisco the plane has to detour to another airfield. It gets even worse when he realizes there's a killer after them.
14 Mar. 1974
Riddle at 24,000
In the first of two pilot shows that ended the seventh season (somewhat odd considering "Ironside's" dicey status in the ratings), Desi Arnaz plays a doctor who is suspicious of the in-flight death of a private pilot. The quirky doctor, who likes to mix up various home-brewed alcoholic beverages such as green bourbon, and Ironside make a good team as they try to figure out what would cause the pilot's heart attack at the controls (his wife brought the plane down with much difficulty). The only major clue is a thermos with a glass inside, which shattered while the ...
23 May 1974
Amy Prentiss: Part 1
This feature-length conclusion to the series' penultimate season (broken into two episodes for ease of syndication, but initially run on the same evening) features minimal involvement with the usual cast, serving instead as the pilot for the short-lived Amy Prentiss (1974). The main show was often quite reactionary, in common with much tv of the period, so this tale of a hard-hitting female police chief was quite a change in gear. Perhaps too much of a change: the spin-off (launched one week later) wasn't a success, despite winning Jessica Walter an Emmy, whilst ...
23 May 1974
Amy Prentiss: Part 2
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