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Season 5

14 Sep. 1971
The Priest Killer
A police chief who is confined to a wheelchair and a former cop who is now a priest team up to discover who has been committing a series of murders of local priests.
21 Sep. 1971
Contract: Kill Ironside
A hit man is given the job of killing Ironside before he can testify before the Grand Jury, and the hit man has well-deserved the reputation of never missing his mark.
28 Sep. 1971
The Professionals
After one of those delivered dies from a reaction to a drug, Ironside investigates a ring that uses a phony cab to deliver men to a sham party at motels where the men are drugged and their credit cards stolen
5 Oct. 1971
The Gambling Game
Ironside is trying to take down an illegal gambling operation. But when there's a raid the people in charge somehow find out and clean it out. Ironside suspects that someone in the department is tipping them off. And he has to deal with Fran Belding, a policewoman who is determined to take them down because she thinks that someone in the operation killed her father a cop. And Ironside is feeling weak, so he sees his doctor who tells him that he has a condition which needs to be treated and will require a long recuperation so he puts it off.
12 Oct. 1971
Ring of Prayer
After a friend of Ironside's suddenly changes his mind on the parole of a convict, Ironside suspects something is wrong and starts to investigate the woman he is often seen with.
19 Oct. 1971
In the Line of Duty
Inconsistencies in the story of a widow of a policemen murdered by a man the policeman formerly arrested for drug possession suggests the widow might know more about the murder than she is revealing.
26 Oct. 1971
Joss Sticks and Wedding Bells
Ironside and his team receive a surprise visit from his Korean foster daughter who came to San Francisco to marry the young man she loves. But no one knows that the groom-to-be is in debt to a pair of local loan sharks.
2 Nov. 1971
Murder Impromptu
Ironside attends an improvisation theatre show. During the show, one of the actors is murdered.
9 Nov. 1971
Dear Fran...
Officer Fran Belding mourns the death of her cousin, who took his own life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge - or did he?
16 Nov. 1971
If a Body See a Body
Ed tosses the football with Mark during a picnic at Bayview Park when they meet Craig Carlton, a wide-eyed 8-year-old with freckles and a flash camera. Picnicking nearby with his parents, Ted and Sally, who have modern ideas on child rearing, Craig snaps lots of photographs. He is an earnest boy who wants to be a Cub Scout and does not believe in telling lies. While looking for the football, Ed stumbles upon a green Hefty bag, red blanket and dead Caucasian male. Before Ed can blink, Craig snaps a photograph of Ed and the corpse. Ed identifies himself as a police ...
23 Nov. 1971
Good Samaritan
After an AWOL soldier saves Brown from a gun battle and gives first aid for Brown's leg wound, Ironside's crew helps exonerate the soldier for a murder for which he has been framed by a drug ring operating inside the military.
30 Nov. 1971
Gentle Oaks
Ironside goes undercover at a nursing home where patients are turning up dead.
2 Dec. 1971
License to Kill
After a killer of a policeman receives a hung jury, the policeman's partner is setup by the head of the killer's loan shark ring to have the policeman's partner look like he has killed the policeman's killer in cold blood.
16 Dec. 1971
Class of '57
An old classmate of Ed's is on the run after assaulting another man. Ed's investigation into the case leads him to reconnect with old classmates, including an old girlfriend who may know where he's hiding.
23 Dec. 1971
No Motive for Murder
The son of an old friend, fearing that his father's life is in danger, asks the Chief to go to Tokyo. Once there Ironside finds his old friend wheelchair-bound as a result of an accident, and begins to work on his own theory about who might have hired a hitman to kill such a respected old man.
30 Dec. 1971
But When She Was Bad, ...
A woman appears to be the target of a stalker who has no apparent motive for attacking her. The stalker may be just a ruse due to her connection to a former cop killer recently released from prison.
6 Jan. 1972
Unreasonable Facsimile
Ironside must determine whether a former bank robber he recommended for parole is back in the business or if there is a copycat out there trying to frame the parolee.
13 Jan. 1972
Find a Victim
A series of break-ins are reported without anything being stolen and the evidence seems to point to a halfway house being run by an ex-con.
20 Jan. 1972
And Then There Was One
Two Vietnam veterans are attacked using a fragmentation grenade, killing one, and an attempt is made on a third. Ironside decides to use Ed as bait to catch the assailant.
27 Jan. 1972
Death by the Numbers
One by one members of a parole board are being murdered. On the assumption that the remaining ones will be next, Ironside goes undercover and pretends to be an artist, whom he finds to be an eccentric and irascible man.
3 Feb. 1972
Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Murder
A highly impressionable 9-year-old-girl (Jodie Foster) thinks she has cast a spell which caused a mean man to fall and suffer a fatal skull fracture. She is even more upset when a huge, bald, man with severe mental problems (Lee Paul) says he shoved the victim to the ground because 'he made me mad'. Ironside and his team work to prove that neither the girl or the bald man killed the victim - and he finds that someone came upon the victim after he fell and finished him off with a blow from a blunt instrument.
17 Feb. 1972
Achilles' Heel
The son of a prominent judge is framed in the murder of a young woman.
2 Mar. 1972
His Fiddlers Three
A music teacher is murdered and, suspecting that he might be a victim of foul play, left a clue to the killer's identity in a mysterious code contained in a piece of recorded music.
9 Mar. 1972
A Man Named Arno
Ironside is on the trail of mysterious, illusive high level heroin dealer while trying to discover the reasons for an apparent urgent, clandestine visit from an old friend and discovers that there might be a link between two investigations.

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