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Season 4

17 Sep. 1970
A Killing Will Occur
Ironside is told by an anonymous caller that he is about to commit murder. Multiple calls from the same person give the chief details about the potential shooting - and time to prevent it.
24 Sep. 1970
No Game for Amateurs
A key witness is gunned down by a young man trying to evade the military draft. The shooter's pregnant, widowed girlfriend may be the only clue to his whereabouts as Ironside strives to catch him before he flees to Canada.
1 Oct. 1970
The Happy Dreams of Hollow Men
An overnight snowstorm strands Ironside in a mountain cabin with an architect who is addicted to heroin. The chief tries to help his friend through withdrawal while working to keep both of them alive.
8 Oct. 1970
The People Against Judge McIntire
Leland McIntyre asks Ironside to find out who is trying to kill him. Eve finds several students connected with the eight-year-old murder case the judge is reenacting in Mark's law class. Ed sits in so he can be a bodyguard for McIntyre.
15 Oct. 1970
Noel's Gonna Fly
Mid-life crisis: businessman Noel Seymour fails to appear in court and vanishes after taking $5,000 out of his bank account. Ironside tries to catch up to Noel before he hurts himself or someone else.
22 Oct. 1970
The Lonely Way to Go
The investment manager for the police pension fund is charged with murdering his secretary. The man says he did it, but Ironside is puzzled by gaps in his confession and by large amounts of money the secretary had collected.
29 Oct. 1970
Check, Mate and Murder: Part 1
While in Quebec for a police convention, Mark is nearly killed by French separatists. Ironside's involvement in the case is complicated when the man arrested as the bomber is the son of a former lover.
5 Nov. 1970
Check, Mate, and Murder: Part 2
Now fully involved in the bombing case by the French Canadian separatists, Ed goes undercover while the rest try to stop an impending bombing of a holiday parade.
12 Nov. 1970
Too Many Victims
The daughter of a close friend is injured in a traffic accident. After discovering she was under the influence of drugs, Ironside's group works to uncover the drug ring supplying kids with drugs.
19 Nov. 1970
The Man on the Inside
When it becomes clear a police raid was tipped off, the evidence begins to show that Ironside may have been responsible. Ed joins the internal investigation that will either clear - or convict - Ironside.
3 Dec. 1970
As a law school project Mark takes on a review of the possible conviction of an innocent man. The convict claims he was framed by the police Sergeant leading the investigation: Ed Brown.
10 Dec. 1970
The Laying on of Hands
Pablo Esteban, a young faith healer from a small Mexican village, lays hands upon the willing in big cities across 1970 America. Pablo lays hands upon a friend of Ironside who convalesced with him and was similarly disabled in San Francisco. When she regains her ability to walk, Ironside, Ed and Mark attempt to investigate whether a miracle or human avarice is responsible.
17 Dec. 1970
This Could Blow Your Mind
Ironside in a battle of psychological wits against a mob hit man who has the wife and kids of a hypnotist he thinks can finger him.
31 Dec. 1970
One evening, Chief Ironside and Mark Sanger visit a precinct where the Chief worked as a young officer. Initially, the precinct Captain, played by 70's NFL hero, Roman Gabriel, greets the Chief formally, as if he thinks Ironside is there to meddle. In contrast, Ironside's old partner, played by veteran actor, Jack Albertson, is happy to see Ironside. Suddenly, there is a city-wide blackout; now, the young Captain is relieved to have Ironside on site and even provides him an office. There is a rush to organize and institute emergency protocol but the Chief remains ...
7 Jan. 1971
The Quincunx
The team goes to see Eve's friend perform at a local bar where she is performing in a trio. After a delay in starting time, the two male trio members who are brothers announce to the audience that the friend will not be able to perform that night. When she can't get in touch with her friend and the body of a young murder victim that may be related to the band is discovered, Eve becomes involved with one of the brothers.
21 Jan. 1971
From Hrûska, with Love
Ironside and his team have to escort a Czechoslovakian refuge to Mexico where she is to be traded for an American scientist. But it appears that someone has blown their cover and that a third party is now involved.
28 Jan. 1971
The Target
Ironside and crew assist an ex-convict whose son has been kidnapped by a militant group so the ex-convict will supply them with explosives from the construction company at which the man has been employed.
4 Feb. 1971
A Killing at the Track
Ironside is asked by the Commisioner to investigate a possible race fixing scandal at the racetrack. As part of the investigation Eve has to rekindle a romance with a former lover.
11 Feb. 1971
Ed and Eve go south of the border to interview Lonnie Burnett, someone Eve helped clear of a murder charge in the US but now faces a similar charge in a foreign country. A muckraking reporter also shows up and complicates their situation.
18 Feb. 1971
Love, Peace, Brotherhood and Murder
Ironside, who has invested money in a controversial stage show, brings his team to a rehearsal when it's discovered one of its performers has died mysteriously from a drug overdose. With such a large cast there are any number of suspects.
25 Feb. 1971
The Riddle in Room Six
When a jury on a mobster's trial becomes hopelessly deadlocked, Ironside tries to find out if the one holdout has been bribed. But before they can start they must determine just who the holdout is.
4 Mar. 1971
The Summer Soldier
An elderly Armenian tobacconist is being blackmailed by two nephews who are using his shop to manufacture cigarettes laced with PCP.
11 Mar. 1971
Mark, who has been up for three nights on an extended stakeout, accidentally hits an elderly woman. Mark befriends her and gradually uncovers her secret past. Meanwhile Ed works on a separate jewel heist case.
18 Mar. 1971
Lesson in Terror
An underground terrorist group breaks a member out of jail. The son of a prominent lawyer appears to have a connection to the group but Ironside isn't sure if he is a willing participant in their schemes.
1 Apr. 1971
Grandmother's House
Ironside investigates a purse-snatching, but not just the usual petty crime: the victim is the widow of the former head of the Police Commission, and the purse contained a little cash . . . and $200,000 in jewelry.
15 Apr. 1971
Walls Are Waiting
After a parole officer is shot at Ironside finds the list of possible suspects is quite long. A drug pusher may be responsible since he is especially hard on them after his sister was confined to an institution after a bad drug experience.

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