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Season 3

18 Sep. 1969
Alias Mr. Braithwaite
Mark's Aunt Ruby loses her life savings to a distinguished-looking con artist. In an effort to recover the money, Ironside sets up Ed and Eve as a wealthy couple in a resort so the thief can be caught trying another scam.
25 Sep. 1969
Goodbye to Yesterday
Ironside gets an unexpected call from Barbara Richards, the woman he once helped reclaim her life after she had lost her memory. Her daughter has been kidnapped and he agrees to help despite the fact he's still in love with her.
2 Oct. 1969
Poole's Paradise
Ed is captured by a convict who claims small-town sheriff Harvey Poole let him escape so he could be killed. Eve and Mark deal with some brutal deputies to help Ironside see if any prisoners died while in Poole's custody.
9 Oct. 1969
Eye of the Hurricane
Ironside and Mark are lured to the prison to become hostages in an escape attempt by three convicted armored-car thieves.
16 Oct. 1969
A Bullet for Mark
Ironside's personal assistant is seriously wounded by a hired killer who was apparently targeting the chief. Ironside finds out otherwise as he follows the clues to a narcotics-smuggling ring.
23 Oct. 1969
Love My Enemy
In charge of security for Americans at a diplomatic conference, Ironside is asked by his stubborn Chinese counterpart to find out why the leader of the latter's delegation is dying. The chief suspects airborne poison, but who released it?
30 Oct. 1969
Seeing Is Believing
Five witnesses identify Ed as the winner of a fatal bar fight. Lacking an alibi for the sergeant, Ironside checks every possible lead including the victim's pregnant girlfriend.
13 Nov. 1969
The Machismo Bag
Ironside is asked to investigate the crimes of a violently angry Mexican-American student. Instead, at Mark's urging, the chief works to keep the young man out of jail.
20 Nov. 1969
Programmed for Danger
Ironside discovers three young blonde female assault victims all used the same computer dating service. Eve joins the club in an effort to catch the attacker.
27 Nov. 1969
Five Miles High
Any one of forty passengers could be trying to kill a reluctant witness Ironside and his team are escorting on a flight from Honolulu to San Francisco.
4 Dec. 1969
Ironside goes into action when a Hebrew school is vandalized. The rabbi, an acquaintance of the chief, is most concerned about a missing Torah. The sacred scroll, it turns out, is being held for ransom.
11 Dec. 1969
Beyond a Shadow
A wealthy widow tries to commit suicide after a jury fails to convict her of murdering her husband. Ironside hopes to clear her name since he once saved her life.
25 Dec. 1969
Stolen on Demand
Part of a play sheet found in a warehouse shows a theft ring includes one of the school-age basketball players coached by Mark. He asks Ironside to let him find out who it is.
8 Jan. 1970
On Ironside's advice, produce-company owner Dora Copeland refuses a loan from a man with ties to organized crime. The man retaliates by trying to frame Dora's son, a struggling lawyer, for attempted rape of a young woman.
22 Jan. 1970
Beware the Wiles of the Stranger
A group of gambling-house robbers needs a dead body for their plan to work. Their accomplice has second thoughts about the scheme when she meets Mark.
29 Jan. 1970
Eden Is the Place We Leave
A tormented Samoan boxer accidentally kills an opponent in the ring and goes into hiding. His sponsor Ironside tries to persuade the fighter's family leader to let the young man give up the sport.
5 Feb. 1970
The Wrong Time, the Wrong Place
Ed becomes close to a new movie star who may have been given the key to a safe-deposit box by a criminal moments before he was killed. Ironside searches for the dead man's cohorts before they can harm the girl.
12 Feb. 1970
Return to Fiji
The chief's vacation is disrupted when his host, a World War II buddy, goes missing. Ironside allows himself to be kidnapped as well so he can find his ailing friend and foil a plot to steal two million dollars' worth of gold.
19 Feb. 1970
Eve is kidnapped along with her friend, who is being held for $50,000 by a group of hippies. When the friend's husband takes back the money, Ironside wonders who masterminded the plot. Eve, meanwhile, looks for a way to escape.
26 Feb. 1970
One Hour to Kill
With his assistants away, the chief receives a phone call telling him to expect a deadly visitor within sixty minutes. Ironside spends the remaining time improvising self defense without weapons - and trying to identify the caller.
5 Mar. 1970
Warrior's Return
A Native American parolee for whom Ironside arranged a job in a jewelry store is suspected of burglarizing it. He was last seen with his cousin, who had just dropped out of school. Ironside and Mark search for both men.
12 Mar. 1970
Little Jerry Jessup
Jerry, an adolescent boy, goes into shock after his mother is murdered. Ironside looks after him and tries to convince his vengeful father not to escape from prison.
26 Mar. 1970
Good Will Tour
When the crown prince of an Eastern European country slips out of his consulate, Eve stays with him. Ed is assigned to keep an eye on them, but someone gave his car two flat tires. Ironside follows to make sure the prince is safe.
2 Apr. 1970
Little Dog, Gone
As a favor to the dog's owner, Commissioner Randall asks Ironside to locate a missing hound. When the team investigates, they find two dognappers are capturing numerous canines and demanding huge rewards.
9 Apr. 1970
Tom Dayton Is Loose Among Us
Dayton, who was convicted of causing the death of Ed's fiancée seven years ago, is paroled. Although Tom personally asks him for forgiveness, Sergeant Brown broods over the possibility that Dayton will strike again.

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