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3 Jan. 1969
Sea of Enemies
Blue finds a black Army deserter in the desert needing help who says he was mistreated by a Colonel. Blue tells Manolito and decides to return with supplies. However, the deranged man takes Blue hostage into the Apache Forbidden land.
10 Jan. 1969
Shadow of the Wind
The Cannon family and hands attend a fiesta celebrating peace. However, when they spot a group of well known outlaws which includes Manolito and Victoria's childhood friend, trouble erupts when they reveal they are scalp hunters.
17 Jan. 1969
No Irish Need Apply
Miners have gone on strike at a nearby mine. Manolito has been working with their leader and is trying to convince Big John to help as well. When the law proves to be one sided, Manolito's help causes the situation to blow up - literally.
24 Jan. 1969
The Last Hundred Miles
A freight shipper is faking Apache attacks to raise the prices on goods he brings into Tucson. Big John has a plan to bring in competition to reduce the costs but rumors of Apache talks stop his plan until he contacts Cochise personally.
31 Jan. 1969
The Glory Soldiers
Manolito getting the itch to lead a free and fun life away from the ranch heads to Mexico. He lives the good life until a trio of Salvation Army workers headed to Tombstone and an old friend of his who heads a gang of thieves arrive.
7 Feb. 1969
Feather of an Eagle
After spotting a blonde white woman with a group of Apaches, Blue cannot resist the urge to free her against the advice of Buck and Manolito. He frees her but is captured and her Apache husband wants her returned in return for Blue.
14 Feb. 1969
Once on a Day in Spring
Victoria returns to her father after a spat with Big John interrupting her father's time with the visiting Countess Maria. Manolito competes for her time while she gives Victoria sage advise on relationships as Big John returns for her.
21 Feb. 1969
Stinky Flanagan
Buck is sent to town for a mule but returns with a camel and man who sold it to him. However, horses can't stand the camel and the men can't stand the smell of the man. Buck is in trouble when the camel and hand prove to cause problems.
28 Feb. 1969
Big John is hoping a reservation for the Apaches led by Sandoval will create a path for peace. However, when the Indian Agent Surtee arrives, he seems to do everything wrong insulting Sandoval. Surtee's has other ideas due to his past.
7 Mar. 1969
A Fella Named Kilroy
Man named Kilroy wanders into the ranch looking for a horse and soon has everyone liking him due to his many talents. Buck knows his past but all seems well until a man and his two sons ride into Tucson looking for Kilroy.
14 Mar. 1969
No Bugles, No Drums
An old friend and her daughter show up at the ranch looking for Buck. She wants him to locate her husband who left her. Buck loves her so it is a hard job to accept and he runs into a reluctant husband along with thieves who want her ring.
28 Mar. 1969
The Lion Sleeps
Manolito and the Cannons go to Montoya's ranch where he is dying from a bullet wound. He uses the occasion to trick Manolito and Big John into ranch ownership concessions after a miracle cure but the charade backfires on him.
4 Apr. 1969
For the Love of Carlos
When bandit and his son are separated, Victoria finds the boy walking in the desert. Against Big John's wishes she tries to take in the boy. When she learns the school has no teacher, she fills in to help the boy and other kids.
19 Sep. 1969
Time of Your Life
The men deliver a herd and celebrate in the local town. The town is rough and Blue has the misfortune to draw the ire of a professional gunman. Blue decides he must stay in town and face the man against the wishes of his dad and the men.
26 Sep. 1969
A Time to Laugh, a Time to Cry
A female friend from Manolito's very early days returns to visit his dad's ranch. She has refused an arranged marriage and is a free spirit much like Manolito. He decides she is the one but Comancheros stop his plans when they kidnap her.
3 Oct. 1969
The Brothers Cannon
Buck first followed by Blue decides to leave the High Chaparral when they become too frustrated with the way Big John runs the ranch and their lives. Buck is tired of having orders with no notification and feels he receives no respect.
10 Oct. 1969
A Piece of Land
Buck finds silver on a nearby ranch and talks Manolito into partnering with him to buy the ranch. However, both find their free lifestyles catching up with them. They buy the ranch but wonder how to pay it off when they learn the truth.
17 Oct. 1969
Bad Day for a Bad Man
Buck arrives two days early with a herd for which Big John must pay. He sent Manolito to pick up the money from his father but he is late. When the money is stolen, Manolito tries to make amends by recovering the money to save the ranch.
24 Oct. 1969
To Stand for Something More
Big John, Buck, Manolito and most of the men leave the ranch so Blue is left in charge. The men left harass Blue resulting in Blue becoming too lax and Big John's prize stallion stolen creating a riff between Big John and Blue.
31 Oct. 1969
Trail to Nevermore
Three bandits chase Big John, Victoria and Manolito, injuring Big John and running off the horses. They make their way to a ghost town where a man claiming to be the sheriff helps when the bandits return to the town.
7 Nov. 1969
Apache Trust
An Army shipment of rifles is stolen by Apaches. Blue is taken captive by the Chief Morales until Big John proves the Apaches were not involved in the attack. Manolito locates the real culprits but no one knows it or his location.
14 Nov. 1969
Lady Fair
Buck falls for pretty tomboy freighter Charly Converse, who is in a fight with another freighter who does not play fair. The Cannons find Charly interesting as Buck decides with Big John's okay to help her win a contract.
21 Nov. 1969
The Lost Ones
After Victoria heals a wounded Apache, he comes to believe she has magical powers. After he returns to his tribe, he tells the Chief she can cure his son as well. But the Chief's son now has gangrene.
28 Nov. 1969
The Legacy
A con man and his daughter pick Big John and Blue as their next target. When they learn Big John has a herd of cattle rounded up to ship out, they blackmail Big John for $25,000 while Blue falls in love. But Victoria is skeptical of the girl.
12 Dec. 1969
Bounty hunter Johnny Ringo has been sent by the Army to arrest an Apache hiding with the Apaches for murder and theft. As feared it causes a break in the peace putting the ranch in danger and the near killing of the Cannon men and hands.
26 Dec. 1969
The Little Thieves
Buck and Manolito bring two girls to the ranch who stole their horses and appear to be orphans. One is the daughter of an outlaw and they both want to be like him, which creates problems for Buck and Manolito who have to rescue them.

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