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7 Jan. 1968
The Assassins
Blue and Manolito witness two Apaches fatally wound a third one. Before he dies, he tells them a Medicine Man will visiting the High Chaparral. Soldado hopes to assassinate the Medicine Man at the ranch putting everyone there in danger.
14 Jan. 1968
Blue and Big John are stranded in the desert by Apaches with no horses and water to see if they can survive like the Apaches. They capture an Apache wounded by Blue who they think may lead them to water when he becomes thirsty.
21 Jan. 1968
Gold Is Where You Leave It
When three men believe they have found gold on the High Chaparral, Big John orders the area destroyed. The three men decide to fight back putting the Cannons in danger and cause Buck to have conflicted feelings about Victoria.
28 Jan. 1968
The Kinsman
John's first wife's stepbrother appears at the ranch wounded looking for his sister. He recovers as two bounty hunters arrive in Tucson looking for him. He is wanted for murder and no one including family will stand in his way.
4 Feb. 1968
Champion of the Western World
Blue has his eye on a $300 silver saddle but only $18. He and the men decide they can win the money at the Fourth of July rodeo. When only John wins at the rodeo, it is left to Blue filling in at a prize fight for the boxer he hurt.
11 Feb. 1968
Ride the Savage Land
Buck and Manolito come upon two white girls being chased by Apaches. They are able to save the older girl but her sister is retaken by the Apaches. Buck promises they will attempt to save her sister but everyone knows it is not feasible.
18 Feb. 1968
Bad Day for a Thirst
Buck finds two wandering Apache boys chasing a steer. He gets Big John's approval to train them as cowhands. Skeptical locals assume they killed a rancher. After some hands are killed, the missing boys are assumed to be involved.
25 Feb. 1968
Tiger by the Tail
Blue finds the wounded bandit El Tigre. At the ranch they tend to his wounds and as he heals he projects the persona of a man trying to do good for his people. During a gun battle to free him, Victoria learns the truth about him.
3 Mar. 1968
The Peacemaker
Angry at being treated like a kid, Blue leaves. He finds a job scouting for a man and adopted Apache daughter who are there on government orders to make peace with Cochise. Blue falls for the girl but Cochise has other ideas about peace.
10 Mar. 1968
The Hair Hunter
A local mining company owner is paying bounty for Apache scalps. The hunters are working on High Chaparral range infuriating Big John. He does allow the wounded son of one to stay which leads to a confrontation between father and son.
24 Mar. 1968
A Joyful Noise
A priest, two nuns, and a young woman find Manolito who was bitten by a rattlesnake. They are hoping to build a convent on the ranch. Manolito falls in love with the woman but there is another man pursing her. However, she has other plans.
31 Mar. 1968
Threshold of Courage
Victoria is kidnapped by a foe of Big John's from the war wanting revenge for his lost hand and respect. Big John trails them into the mountains where he is captured, wore out due to deprivation and forced to re-stage the war with his foe.
20 Sep. 1968
The Stallion
Blue and the son of the local Apache Chief are both after a wild black stallion. The fight over it may spill over into a war with the tribe but the Chief allows Blue to keep the horse. When his son steals the horse, the problem resurfaces.
27 Sep. 1968
Ten Little Indians
Pima Indians are attacking and killing Apaches in the area. Blue and Buck find two orphaned Apache boys that trail them back to the High Chaparral and morph into ten Apache kids. One is the grandson of Geronimo putting the ranch in danger.
4 Oct. 1968
Follow Your Heart
Sam receives a letter causing him to return home to kill a man who is also a good friend. The men learn from San and his brother Joe that Sam has a wife and daughter. Worried the men decide to follow to support Sam's quest for revenge.
11 Oct. 1968
Tornado Frances
Buck is conned into spending his poker winnings on a saloon closed by the women of Oracle led by the teetotaler school teacher. Buck has to restore the damaged saloon plus fend off the school teacher angry with Buck's new employee.
18 Oct. 1968
The Covey
Buck leads a pack train taking supplies to the ranch. He needs shells but two men bought out the store. The men bought the supplies for the gang of an escaped convict Manolito helped jail. The men convince the gang to steal the pack train.
25 Oct. 1968
The Promised Land
Duel conflicts. Victoria & Manolito are upset with their father's dishonest methods while a dying friend of Vaquero arrives with $5,000 to buy the village where he and Vaquero were raised but questions arise about the source of the money.
1 Nov. 1968
Big John brings in a newspaperman to publish a paper in Tucson. He hopes it will pressure the governor to clean up the criminal element. However, Pogue who leads and protects the criminals wants Ebenezer dead as he has a past with him.
8 Nov. 1968
North to Tucson
After the stage Victoria is on is attacked by Comancheros, she finds herself in the desert with an injured man who she learns wants to kill her husband. While trying to find the way to Tucson, they are captured by the Comancheros.
15 Nov. 1968
The Deceivers
The ranch is running low on supplies as Apaches led by a half breed steals them. They capture him and Manolito finds a girl after the last raid. However, the girl is not who they think and releases their captive after telling their plans.
22 Nov. 1968
The Buffalo Soldiers
The Tenth Cavalry comes to Tucson to stop crime. They are Buffalo Soldiers who must also contend with racism. With aid from the Cannons they show their pride and great ability as they take on the man controlling the town and his henchmen.
29 Nov. 1968
For What We Are About to Receive
The next day is Thanksgiving so Victoria and the hands have a desire for turkey but the only source is a man squatting on Big John's land. Starting with a turkey shoot in Tucson the men have ups and downs in having a traditional holiday.
13 Dec. 1968
A Way of Justice
Three escaped convicts from Yuma kill a girl with gypsy shepherds. They come upon Big John who they knock out and leave in one of the convicts clothes to blame him for the murder. The herders want $15,000 the convicts hid for his release.
20 Dec. 1968
Our Lady of Guadalupe
The local priest continues to collect funds each year to eventually pay for the return of a lost religious statue. Still short of funds, Big John offers to make up the difference. However, the well meaning priest has been less than honest.

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