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Season 1

8 Sep. 1967
Ride the Long Trail
Jeff and Will encounter a man who lost an arm in a gunfight with Jim Sonnett.
15 Sep. 1967
A Bell for Jeff Sonnett
With Will's gun arm injured, Jeff is forced into his first-ever gunfight against a master gunfighter (Charles Grodin, of all people) who uses every psychological trick in the book.
22 Sep. 1967
A Grave for James Sonnett
Arriving in a Mexican town, the Sonnetts find Jim's grave and a curiously reticent padre, and tangle with a bandito leader who may -- or may not -- have killed James. Features an exceptionally lively gunfight at the end.
29 Sep. 1967
The Natural Way
Will's old comrade Morg is terrified of Lank, who's driving his cattle through Samson. Time's shorn the locks of aged Sheriff Morg Braham, who tells Will & Jeff to clear out of his peace-loving town ASAP, though they stopped in Samson merely to see Morg, as they mosey through Cloud County, Kansas on their quest for Jeff's father. Will's disappointed, but quite prepared to skedaddle, while arrogant cattle baron Lank Turner's determined to humiliate town tamer Morg by tearing up Samson with his saddle-sore drovers.
6 Oct. 1967
Of Lasting Summers and Jim Sonnett
Hearing that Jim Sonnett is to be hanged, Will and Jeff hurry to a Western town. The killer of two maintains he's their relative. Grandfather Will doesn't buy his act, grandson Jeff wants to believe and does. The taciturn Sheriff doesn't care who's who, he's wary that the Sonnetts will break his notorious prisoner out, so he limits the pair's access to the jail. The carnival atmosphere surrounding the big execution unhinges the youngest Sonnett.
13 Oct. 1967
Message at Noon
In our first extended look at Jim Sonnett, he enjoys lunch in a restaurant with a friendly bartender, while outside a young punk and his accomplice agitate for a gunfight.
20 Oct. 1967
A Son for a Son
A farmer provides Jeff, ill with fever, a bed while his wife tends. The Sonnett's don't know the farmer offered because Jim Sonnett killed their son in a shootout in the last year. The wife, sick with grief, thinks Jeff is the dead son.
27 Oct. 1967
Meeting at Devil's Fork
While looking for Jim Sonnett in the High Country Jeff and Will are having a meal in a rowdy saloon. Later in their room they are accosted by four gunmen who claim to be friends of Jim's. They say they can take them to where Jim is and the Sonnetts agree to ride with them. Soon they realize it is a ruse and they are being used as bait to draw Jim out of hiding for an ambush at Devil's Fork.
3 Nov. 1967
First Love
When Will and Jeff land in jail, a pretty girl puts up the bail and asks them to stay.
10 Nov. 1967
The Favor
After accidentally capturing a man wanted for bank robbery, the Sonnetts agree to turn the man over and send the bounty money to his impoverished family -- but the man's former partners, now posing as lawmen, have the same idea minus the altruism -- plus a murderous grudge against Will Sonnett
17 Nov. 1967
Ride the Man Down
Will and his grandson join a liquored-up posse to prevent Will's son from lynching, after a dying bank robber names Jim Sonnett as his accomplice. Will Sonnett fears the mob will shoot first and ask no questions, because the bank's offered a $500 reward to whoever kills the surviving bank robber, for murdering a teller. Will has qualms about the sheriff, for refusing to pursue the gunman without a posse backing him.
24 Nov. 1967
The Turkey Shoot
Near broke, Will enters Jeff in a shooting contest where a prize bull is at stake put up by a local cattle baron who keeps local breeders dependent. Tensions escalate as the Sonnett's hear of how they treated Jim on an earlier visit.
1 Dec. 1967
And a Killing Rode in Town
Will and Jeff are startled to be introduced to Mrs. Jim Sonnett who is being tormented by a local ruffian. Jeff believes her story but Will has doubts. When she appeals for protection their disagreement mushrooms towards a falling out.
8 Dec. 1967
Find a Sonnett, Kill a Sonnett
Jeff is being held by the sons of a man that was killed by Jim Sonnett, demanding Will bring him for Jeff's release. The local town is unwilling to help so Will enlists a broken down former gunslinger and Will begins his rehabilitation.
15 Dec. 1967
Sunday in Paradise
In the town of Paradise, Will reconnects with an old friend who still owns a brothel. She is looked down upon by the very men of the town who have unpaid accounts. Rather than have them pay up, she just asks them to help build a church.
22 Dec. 1967
The Secret of Hangtown Mine
Will and Jeff travel to Hangtown to speak with a doctor that treated Jim but the doctor is out of town. They visit the doctor's wife at their home but she and the hired hand have sinister plans for them and a treacherous secret concealed.
29 Dec. 1967
The Hero
When Will is shot in a bank robbery he and Jeff stumble into the middle of, Jeff insists on joining the local sheriff in pursuing the robbers. While Will convalesces, he learns the sheriff's wife knows a shocking truth about the robbery.
5 Jan. 1968
What's in a Name
The Sonnett's meet a small-time hustler posing as Will to mooch meals and drinks with trick shooting. When confronted, he admits he began the scam after helping Jim when he was shot. A local gunslinger challenges the poser to a gunfight.
12 Jan. 1968
End of the Rope
Through heavily guarded jail bars, Jeff Sonnett gets his first glimpse of his father, who's soon to be hanged. Passing through a new town with the other Sonnetts in pursuit, father Jim was framed by the real killer, for robbing and murdering a rancher. Wily grandfather Will finds wide holes in the prosecution's case, so he digs for evidence to free Jim before he swings.
19 Jan. 1968
And He Shall Lead the Children
The Sonnett's travel to the remote area of Will's younger days. They find a mother bedfast with tick fever, an old flame of Will's with troubles married to an outlaw who's away. They set out to nurse the woman well and tend to her children.
26 Jan. 1968
Look for the Hound Dog
Accused of a murder he didn't commit, Jeff could face hanging until a countrified lawyer demonstrates a new technique in criminology weighing a bullet from Jeff's gun against the fatal bullet) on a scale in the bar/courtroom. NOTE: despite his top billing, William Schallert's part is very small, and Laurie Main's is substantially larger than his billing indicates.
2 Feb. 1968
Stopover in a Troubled Town
Will and Jeff befriend a saloon girl who is a single mother unable to both care for her baby and please her cruel taskmaster employer. Her father is to arrive but she's afraid because she married her faithless husband against his wishes.
9 Feb. 1968
Will awaits the arrival of Jeff as they are to reunite in a deserted town. An unidentified gunman starts shooting at Will and Will is knocked senseless when grazed by a bullet. Will then experiences waking dreams of accusers from his past.
23 Feb. 1968
The Sins of the Father
Visiting a farmhouse where a wounded James Sonnett had stayed, Jeff is shocked to the core when the illegitimate son of the family daughter appears to be his own half-brother -- ostracized by the girl's father because of her sin and James running off. A plot twist at the end.
1 Mar. 1968
The Warriors
South Dakota, 1890: Will meets up with an old friend, a Sioux chief planning to join the doomed Ghost Dance uprising. When Will schemes to foil a crooked arms merchant's sale of rifles to the tribesmen, the peddler and an equally crooked sheriff take Jeff and then Will hostage.
8 Mar. 1968
A Fool and His Money
An old friend of Will's is posing as a wealthy man to land a woman and asks for Will's help. However, a couple of disreputable, former business partners aim to demand their share of Charlie's apparent newfound wealth.

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