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10 Sep. 1967
Hurricane Coming
Mark and Ben save a women and her son when a Hurricane hits.
15 Oct. 1967
Invasion of Willie Sam Gopher
Mark invites his Seminole friend Jimmie Boy to go to school with him. The boy's father Willie is angry about his son's contacts with the outside world and Tom must reason with him.
22 Oct. 1967
Restless Bear
Mark realizes keeping Ben as a pet might not be fair to the bear. He struggles with the decision whether to let Ben return to the wild and find a mate.
29 Oct. 1967
Battle of Wedlow Woods
A businessman sees 40 acres of wilderness as the perfect place to build homes. He plans to clear the land with a burnoff which Mark and Boomhauer work together to stop.
5 Nov. 1967
Warden for Man and Beast
A bear that has been living in captivity and taught tricks is released into the wild. Wildlife Officer Tom keeps an eye on the animal, learning it has forgotten how to survive in nature and is starving to death.
17 Dec. 1967
The Ransom
Packy and Cluny see how much Ben means to the Wedloe family which makes them believe he's worth kidnapping. But their ransom note gets lost so they have a very hungry and playful bear to take care of.
24 Dec. 1967
Wayward Bear: Part 1
"Be-e-e-n!" cries Mark, missing his furry friend who stowed away on a Jacksonville-bound produce truck. Misadventures ensue as Ben attempts to escape the city and wend his way home to the heartbroken Wedloes.
31 Dec. 1967
Wayward Bear: Part 2
As Mark loses hope that Ben will ever return, the homeward-bound bear is found and adopted by an elderly couple of animal trainers who see Ben as their ticket back into the circus business.

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