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Season 1

13 Sep. 1967
19 Sep. 1967
The Grab
26 Sep. 1967
Banker's Hours
Garrison recruits a bank robber named Gus to help them rob a bank. The only problem is, Casino knows him and not fondly.
17 Oct. 1967
The Deadly Masquerade
Goniff is sent to assume the identity of a man who's been selling allied secrets to the Germans, who was recently killed. They want to give his contacts the wrong information. But what they don't know is that the man owes some gangsters and they send an order to find him.
31 Oct. 1967
Operation Hellfire
The team's latest assignment has them trying to set fire to a place. And to help them with it Garrison brings a police man who specializes in arson. And the man doesn't get along with the guys.
7 Nov. 1967
Thieves' Holiday
The team goes on a mission. They meet their contact, someone who works undercover with the Germans. But while Garrison is away, Actor runs into an associate who thinks they are there to steal something he is planning to. He threatens to turn them in unless they work together. They do the job but the guy double crosses them so they are arrested. When Garrison learns of this, their contact tries to get them out. But the guys escape but before they leave their contact shows up at the station and over hear his conversation with the police and they learn where his ...
21 Nov. 1967
Friendly Enemies
The team is sent to rescue some Americans who are in an Italian prison camp. Chief goes in as another prisoner while the others pose as Germans visiting the camp. When Chief learns that most of the prisoners are too sick or injured for their original plan to break them out and when he gets word to them they have to come up with another plan. Garrison decides to use the tension between the Italians and the Germans by getting them to fight each other so that they can get the prisoners out.
19 Dec. 1967
The Magnificent Forger
The team has to get a forger to sign some documents behind enemy lines. But when the forger is killed another forger is brought but he is not exactly a pro and is not brave. So when he freaks out the team has to try again and they succeed but the man is captured, after doing the job. Now they have to decide whether to rescue him which will be extremely difficult or take him out so he won't talk.
26 Dec. 1967
The Expendables
The team who after just completing a mission, are forced to work with a major who is trying to get a German officer who is defecting. But the major really wants to use them as a decoy so that he could get the German through. But they make it. But the major's team doesn't and the German's been captured, so they have to rescue the German.
19 Jan. 1968
The Death Sentence
After the team rescues some P.O.W.'s, one of the men they rescued claims Garrison is a deserter. Garrison is then court-martialed. When asked Garrison doesn't remember the incident. The team goes under ground and tries to help him.
30 Jan. 1968
Ride of Terror
The team is sent to break out a Colonel who was captured and is now in a prison camp. Garrison, Chief, and Goniff go in as prisoners, while Actor and Casino go in as Italian laborers. When they meet the Colonel, Chief knows him. When Garrison tells the Colonel that they are here to get him out. The Colonel says he already has a plan of his own. But when they try to implement it, the ones who go out first are killed because the Germans knew if the plan. Garrison tries to find another way but the Colonel doesn't trust Garrison, so Garrison tells him that if he can't get...
13 Feb. 1968
War and Crime
Garrison and his men are sent to eavesdrop on a meeting of some high ranking Germans among whom is a Field Marshall who is one of Hitler's confidants. He shows them the man's picture and Casino says that's a mobster named Frank Keeler who is in prison in the States. The meeting begins without the Field Marshall and Garrison listens in and just as the man arrives he gets called away. The meeting goes on and Garrison overhears them say they are planning to assassinate Hitler. It's obvious they were hoping to get support from the Field Marshall which is highly unlikely. ...
20 Feb. 1968
The Plot to Kill
Garrison is sent to eavesdrop on a meeting that several high ranking generals will be attending. And among them is a Field Marshall who is one of Hitler's confidantes. Garrison shows the guys the man's photo and Casino says he looks like a criminal he knows, Frank Keeler who is in an American prison. Garrison eavesdrops on the meeting and the Field Marshall is called away before he could join it. Garrison's overhears the conversation the rest are having and hears that they are planning to assassinate Hitler. Garrison then reports to his superiors. They assume the men ...

 Season 1 

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