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22 Feb. 1969
The Squeeze
A known extortionist claims he is innocent of recent charges. Gannon and Friday interrogate him about different incidents, and then bring out a surprise device which proves his guilt.
2 Jan. 1969
Community Relations: DR-17
Friday and Gannon are assigned to attend a conference at Lake Arrowhead where focus groups are formed to develop suggestions to improve community relations and have to deal with bias and prejudice.
9 Jan. 1969
Homicide: DR-22
While investigating the murder of a pretty young career girl, Friday and Gannon meet a little old man named Calvin Lampe who is more than a little interested in their investigation. In fact, he even is looked at as a suspect because of his attention to every detail in the case. However, the two detectives are in for a big shock when they find out that Mr. Lampe is a retired chief of detectives and that he is a good friend of their boss, Captain Hugh Brown. Lampe's know how and good old fashioned detective work are a big help as Joe and Bill try to solve a very ...
23 Jan. 1969
B.O.D.: DR-27
Friday and Gannon man the desk at the Business Office Division and deal with radicals, a threatened suicide, a lost child, a diabetic drunk, and an impending tidal wave.
30 Jan. 1969
Narcotics: DR-21
Friday and Gannon come up with the idea of using dogs to sniff out marijuana smugglers. They'll have to find a dog and demonstrate it works while enduring their colleagues' skepticism of the wild idea.
6 Feb. 1969
Administrative Vice: DR-29
Friday has a temporary partner when Gannon is out for the day. The new partner is from the Vice Department. He tests Friday by offering a bribe.
13 Feb. 1969
The Joy Riders
A teenager is caught after taking a car for joy riding. Friday and Gannon try to help the boy realize he is on the wrong path for life, and should change his way.
27 Feb. 1969
Juvenile Division: DR-19
A woman invites Friday and Gannon to talk to her Woman's Club about battered children. They train the women to be on the lookout for children who might be abused, and how they can help by becoming foster parents.
6 Mar. 1969
Burglary: DR-31
Several stores report theft of comic books, posters, and pictures about superheroes. The stores say the thief is in costume.
20 Feb. 1969
Frauds: DR-28
Friday and Gannon work in the Frauds Department. Disability payments are being sent to deceased persons, and evidence suggests an insider is involved.
13 Mar. 1969
Vice: DR-30
Friday and Gannon go undercover at a hotel to find the location of an illegal gambling operation. Soon after spreading the word they're looking for some action they are driven to a late-night game in the Hollywood Hills. After the game the detectives give the location of the residence to their boss and a raid is set for the following night.
27 Mar. 1969
Forgery: DR-33
Friday and Gannon work in the fraud department. Payroll checks are stolen from a studio, as well as driver licenses and credit cards so the checks can be cashed. After they find a suspect, Friday & Gannon realize there is more to the case.
27 Mar. 1969
Juvenile: DR-32
Friday and Gannon have less than two hours to find the dog that bit a little girl five days earlier. Normally, treatment consists of serum injections followed by vaccine inoculations, but in this case the girl is highly allergic to the anti-rabies serum and it could kill her.
3 Apr. 1969
Juvenile: DR-35
When a four-day-old baby is found barely alive in an apartment trash receptacle, Friday and Gannon search for the person who abandoned the newborn.
10 Apr. 1969
Frauds: DR-36
When an audit of a department store chain shows a loss of $100k in merchandise, the Credit Manager asks Friday and Gannon to investigate who may have been responsible.
17 Apr. 1969
Intelligence: DR-34
Frank Barker, wants Joe to help him get a firearms license for the Fielder Militia. The LAPD knows that the militia's weapons are stolen from the Army, so they have Joe string Barker along until they can arrest him and grab the weapons.
18 Sep. 1969
Personnel: The Shooting
Friday and Gannon are working day watch and must go to the hospital when a veteran police officer and his young partner are seriously wounded in a liquor store holdup where they deal with very different reactions of the wives.
25 Sep. 1969
Homicide: The Student
The detectives investigate an especially creepy college freshman suspected of the sniper-rifle deaths of two people, for no apparent reason than the sport of killing.
2 Oct. 1969
S.I.U.: The Ring
An informant known as Black Ten turns Friday and Gannon onto a known burglar who is trying to sell an expensive ring that had been reported as stolen. They enlist the aid of a policewoman just out of the academy to help them undercover.
9 Oct. 1969
D.H.Q.: Medical
Friday and Gannon work the hospital round. They are called to talk to a mentally-challenged man who threatens to blow up a radio station.
16 Oct. 1969
Burglary: Mister
A woman reports her husband robbed her grandmother's home, taking everything, even the cane for the blind grandmother. The husband demands respect, saying everyone has to call him Mr Lumis.
23 Oct. 1969
Juvenile: The Little Pusher
Friday and Gannon work the day watch in the Juvenile Division. Their first call is for a 12-year-old who overdosed on drugs. The detectives search for his seller to get him off the street.
30 Oct. 1969
Homicide: Cigarette Butt
Self-defense or murder one? The title object plays a key part in determining which occurred when a man shot his girlfriend's lover during an argument.
13 Nov. 1969
D.H.Q.: Missing Person
When a girl mysteriously disappears from school, Friday and Gannon try to find her and they find out that there are more questions than answers. One question is 'was she abducted by a man named Harper'.
20 Nov. 1969
Burglary Auto: Courtroom
Friday and Gannon are in the courtroom testifying in a case in which the probable cause for them to conduct a search of the suspect's car is in question. The probable cause is to be provided by a witness who is late arriving to court.
27 Nov. 1969
Internal Affairs: Parolee
A man is eligible for parole from a Colorado prison. There's only one problem, there is an outstanding felony warrant on him in LA fourteen years ago. The Colorado authorities will not release him until they are informed on the disposition of the warrant. Friday and Gannon must re-investigate the case to see whether the case is prosecutable.
4 Dec. 1969
Burglary Auto: Juvenile Genius
There have been a number of business burglaries the latest of which is a chemical supply firm. If properly combined, chemicals that were taken can be made into explosives such as TNT and gunpowder. One missing chemical will act as a catalyst in the explosives and Friday and Gannon must find the suspects before the thieves realize it.
11 Dec. 1969
Bunco: $9,000
An old Valdvillian finds 9 one thousand dollar bills on the street. He uses one to buy his friends drinks at a dive. The next morning a private detective claims that the money was lost by a big time gambler and pressures him to give it back. he does and discovers that the detective was a con man.

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