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4 Jan. 1968
The Big Search
Friday and Gannon search for a couple of little girls who were reported missing by their mother. They search all over the neighborhood looking in every house and garage, especially an abandoned refrigerator. They also question a recently paroled child molester. They also talk to the girls' father, who was put out by the girls' mother after his drinking got out of hand. Eventually, they question a cocktail waitress who lived next door and who may hold the key to what happened to the girls.
11 Jan. 1968
The Big Prophet
Gannon and Friday visit a self-described guru who advocates mind-expansion through drugs. Brother William is suspected of giving or selling LSD to minors. The detectives debate their ideas of drug use with the suspect.
25 Jan. 1968
The Big Amateur
The police department starts to get calls of praise for Officer Dengle who has been helpful and gone above the call of duty. Since there is no Officer Dengle, Friday and Gannon track down the person impersonating an officer.
1 Feb. 1968
The Starlet
Friday and Gannon are asked by a woman from Oregon to try to find her niece who has run away from home. Their search eventually leads them into the world of pornography and they soon become involved in the arrest of a pornographer who may have info on where she might be located.
8 Feb. 1968
The Big Clan
A modern-day gypsy runs a spiritual guidance business as a method to steal money from clients. Friday and Gannon go undercover to catch her in policy bribery to put other gypsies out of business and protect her own business.
15 Feb. 1968
The Little Victim
Friday and Gannon investigate abuse to babies. One mother claims her child fell down the stairs, but they find the father beat the child. The baby dies. The parents never wanted the child.
29 Feb. 1968
The Suicide Attempt
A woman calls the police department with the news that her son called her and said he is going to kill himself. All that Gannon and Friday know - he is somewhere in a hotel with 1200 rooms.
7 Mar. 1968
The Big Departure
A few teenagers want to start their own country on an island off the coast of California. They steal from local stores to fund their efforts.
14 Mar. 1968
The Investigation
The police academy are accepting applications from people who want to join the police force. Friday and Gannon help with the interview process.
21 Mar. 1968
The Big Gambler
A business man reports to the police that an employee is stealing money from the company, and has it narrowed down to three people. Friday and Gannon file the embezzler. He is an addicted gambler who needed the money for his gambling.
28 Mar. 1968
The Big Problem
Friday & Gannon talk to community members to improve relations between police and public. They suggest people call them to find the truth of incidents instead of spreading rumors. A couple complains they were stopped because of their race.
19 Sep. 1968
Public Affairs: DR-07
A television show asks the question - who needs the police? Friday and Gannon are invited to sit on the panel to defend the police department from others that think the police are not needed.
26 Sep. 1968
Juvenile: DR-05
Gannon & Friday work the evening shift in the Juvenile Department where they field a variety of calls. Calls include a runaway teenager, an abandoned baby, a boy high on drugs, and a girl accused of theft.
3 Oct. 1968
Community Relations: DR-10
Friday and Gannon are at a community college to recruit potential new police officers. With race relations a little tense in late '60s Los Angeles, a majority of the men in the room are African-American. A few of them are dubious about joining the police service. But a few are open to the idea. Later, Officer Dave Robers, also African-American, is rethinking returning to duty after being badly wounded during a robbery. Relations with his neighbors have soured and he thinks it's affecting him on the job. Friday and Gannon try to talk him out of resigning. Roberts ...
10 Oct. 1968
Management Services: DR-11
On an April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennesee. With riots erupting all over the United States, the Los Angeles Police Department braces for worse case scenarios such as rioting and bomb threats. Friday and Gannon are assigned to the command post and monitor the situation from there and wait for the first sign of trouble. However, as the weekend progresses Friday notes that Los Angeles is quieter than normal and that many of the people are doing their best to remember that Dr. King stood for peace.
17 Oct. 1968
Police Commission: DR-13
Friday and Gannon are assigned to investigate complaints from motorists about a tow truck driver who takes advantage of those who are in trouble on the highway.
24 Oct. 1968
Homicide: DR-06
Friday and Gannon investigate the murder of a man found in an alley, with no leads or witnesses. Friday invites Gannon and his wife, and a date over to his apartment for a dinner party.
7 Nov. 1968
Robbery: DR-15
Gannon & Friday work in the Robbery Division. Several victims identify the same man as being the criminal. The detectives try to find him, as well as evidence that will convict him.
14 Nov. 1968
Public Affairs: DR-12
The LAPD has just been informed that The President of the United States will be making a trip to LA. They have only been given a few hours to prepare. They work with The Secret Service to secure the location at which The President will be holding a press conference.
21 Nov. 1968
Training: DR-18
A reporter for a New York magazine wants to do a piece on female police cadets. She's known for not making the people she writes about very attractive. Friday is assigned to escort her around the Academy.
28 Nov. 1968
Public Affairs: DR-14
Friday and Gannon are sent to meet with a group of business owners who are looking to organize a crime prevention group to help cut crime in their neighborhood. While doing a cursory inspection they identify a number of problems that may encourage burglaries. Most of the business owners don't feel that they are vulnerable to crime.
5 Dec. 1968
Narcotics: DR-16
A business man helps Friday and Gannon get the teens involved in stopping the use of drugs. The teens form a club and make a promise not to use drugs and encourage others to stop using them.
12 Dec. 1968
Internal Affairs: DR-20
Friday and Gannon work the Internal Affairs Division concerning an arrested man's accusation of police brutality by one of the officers. The main characters from Adam-12 appear as witnesses.

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