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12 Jan. 1967
The LSD Story
Friday and Gannon encounter Benjy "Blue Boy" Carver, an LSD user. Because of the then-lack of any laws against the use of LSD, they are unable to make a case against him, and Carver's parents are of no help. Finally, legislation is passed against LSD use and sale, but by then it may be too late for "Blue Boy".
19 Jan. 1967
The Big Explosion
Friday and Gannon are working the day watch out of burglary division when they hear that a large quantity of high velocity gelatin dynamite has been stolen from a construction site. When they interview the Night Watchman who tried to stop the crime they get a license plate # for the car involved. Further investigating leads them to a bar patron nicknamed Ziggy. When they finally track him down they find that four of the eight stolen cases are empty and set to go off somewhere in the city.
26 Jan. 1967
The Kidnapping
Friday and Gannon are working the day watch out of homicide when a phone call comes in from Ray Righetti, the manager of the Universal City branch of the Bank of America. Janet Ohrmund claims to have information of a kidnapping and ransom demand. When they question her she tells them a young man is holding her employer Adele Vincent hostage for $75,000. She was told to get the money or else he will kill her.
9 Feb. 1967
The Interrogation
Friday and Gannon question Officer Paul Culver, on the job only 114 days and currently working undercover out of the narcotics division, about the armed robbery of a liquor store in Hollywood. Despite a positive identification in the line-up and thinking he failed the lie-detector tests, Culver swears he is innocent.
16 Feb. 1967
The Masked Bandits
Friday and Gannon try to stop a string of robberies by men wearing red masks. A red Cadillac and tip from a drive-in theater waitress lead the pair to a juvenile who may be the key to discovering the identity of the gang members.
23 Feb. 1967
The Bank Examiner Swindle
Friday and Gannon are working the day watch out of Frauds Division, Bunco Section. An expert pair of confidence men have moved from Seattle into L.A. Their victims are the elderly and they have been very successful. They pose as bank examiners out to catch crooked tellers and cheat their victims out of their savings. Friday and Gannon will have to catch them in the process of an actual swindle if they are to make a case against them stick.
2 Mar. 1967
The Hammer
The manager of an apartment building is beaten to death with a hammer. Clues at the scene point to a man named 'Fred', who was playing cards with the victim. Fred has fled, possibly in another tenant's car. Later, Friday gets a call notifying him that Frederick Tosca and his girlfriend are in custody in Arizona. Extradition papers are prepared and Friday, Gannon, and Policewoman Dorothy Miller head to Cottonwood. Tosca admits nothing, but a search of the stolen car turns up a key piece of evidence.
9 Mar. 1967
The Candy Store Robberies
In the span of two weeks someone has robbed at gunpoint ten branches of the city's largest candy store chain--Rachelles. The suspect is described as an older man thin and gaunt. He's never held up the same store twice so Friday organizes two man teams to stakeout the remaining five stores. Just when they think they've figured out his MO he hits the same store twice.
16 Mar. 1967
The Fur Job
Emile Hartman reports the theft of $100,000 worth of quality furs and his delivery van. Friday and Gannon aren't having much luck until an insurance agent reports a call from a man selling fur coats. When he calls back a meeting is set up. The furrier must then give Gannon a crash course in furs so the detectives can pose as buyers to make the arrest.
23 Mar. 1967
The Jade Story
A woman claims someone broke into her home and stole her valuable jade jewelery. When Friday and Gannon investigate, they cannot get a straight story from the woman, and they start to think it might be insurance fraud.
30 Mar. 1967
The Shooting
A police officer is shot during a routine stop of a car. Friday and Gannon find the driver and passenger, and learn they are paroled convicts. The police officer cannot remember anything about the shooting event to help convict the two men.
6 Apr. 1967
The Hit-and-Run Driver
Friday and Gannon try to track down the driver who hit and run with a pedestrian.
13 Apr. 1967
The Bookie
The detectives break up a gambling ring. Friday is undercover.
20 Apr. 1967
The Subscription Racket
A man signs up people to a magazine subscription, showing them his Congressional Medal of Honor to prove his honesty. However, it is a scam as there is no magazine.
27 Apr. 1967
The Gun
Friday becomes emotionally involved in a rape-murder case of a Japanese-American war widow, especially after he sees how beautiful she was and after he finds out that she left a young daughter behind. Also, there might be a connection with the rape of another woman the previous night. Now Friday and Gannon must search for the rapist before he strikes again.
4 May 1967
The Big Kids
A teenage shoplifting gang is targeting a group of stores. It turns out the kids belong to a club, The Mod Squad, which requires them to steal $20 in clothes. Friday and Gannon go to the high school to talk to the boys before they get into more trouble.
11 May 1967
The Bullet
Friday and Gannon are working the day watch out of homicide when they respond to a late night call at the house of Jessie Gaynor. Her daughter Nora Hamlin is staying with her due to a separation from her husband. The call involves a gunshot heard from a locked study where Carl Hamlin's body is discovered. It is assumed at first that he killed himself but when Ray Murray from SID tells them that the bullet doesn't match the gun it turns into a murder case.
14 Sep. 1967
The Grenade
Friday and Gannon are working out of the juvenile division when they get called to a movie theater to investigate an attack on a high school student who had acid thrown on his back. The suspect is another boy named Gerald Paulson, who is emotionally disturbed. Later, Gerald has an argument with his stepfather and runs out of the house carrying a live hand grenade. Eventually, Friday and Gannon trail him to a house where a girl he attends high school with is throwing a party and he is holding them hostage and threatening to pull the pin. It is now up to the two ...
21 Sep. 1967
The Shooting Board
After work Joe Friday goes by a laundromat to buy cigarettes. He interrupts a burglar stealing from the coin box, and shots are fired. The burglar dies, and Friday is investigated by the shooting board to see if it is a justified shot.
26 Sep. 1967
The Badge Racket
Gannon goes undercover, with Friday as backup, to catch a pair posing as police officers in a scam at a local hotel.
5 Oct. 1967
The Bank Jobs
A man is forcing different young women to help him rob banks, and Friday and Gannon have to find out who he is and stop him.
12 Oct. 1967
The Big Neighbor
A sailor gets swindled a second time and goes to the detectives to report it. In order to unwind Gannon invites Friday over for a peaceful dinner. It turns out to be not so peaceful when the neighbors keep interrupting their peaceful dinner.
19 Oct. 1967
The Big Frustration
A fellow officer gets frustrated with the job, starts missing work and drinking. Friday and Gannon go looking for him, seeking to straighten him out.
26 Oct. 1967
The Senior Citizen
Friday and Gannon investigate a series of burglaries that are taking place during the day, and the victims are those with a recent wedding or death in the family. A senior citizen uses the paper to find homes that are empty during the day.
2 Nov. 1967
The Big High
Friday and Gannon are assigned to Narcotics. An elderly businessman, concerned about the welfare of his grandchild, informs them that his daughter and son-in-law are using marijuana regularly. They make no apologies for their lifestyle and the officers' hands are legally tied, but the couple's refusal to listen leads to a terrible conclusion.
9 Nov. 1967
The Big Ad
An ex-con who places an ad in a newspaper gets a reply referring to making a killing for $1000. He turns the reply over to Friday and Gannon who investigate the possibility that the replier is soliciting murder.
16 Nov. 1967
The Missing Realtor
A realtor has been missing for several days. Friday and Gannon must find out what happened to her.
23 Nov. 1967
The Big Dog
Joe and Bill are assigned a task to find a purse snatcher. They are surprised to learn it is a dog snatching the purses.
30 Nov. 1967
The Pyramid Swindle
Bonnie Bates is keeping her late husband's lucrative pyramid scheme alive by selling ten-year memberships in his "Dollar-Wise" buying club for $199.99. Friday and Gannon arrest her and she goes on trial where the jury seems to be on her side until they hear how many members are required for the scheme to work.
7 Dec. 1967
The Phony Police Racket
Con artists convince business owners to pay for an ad for their business in a police magazine and in return, they receive a card which allows them to not have to pay for police tickets. The magazine is not real, and the cards have no value.
14 Dec. 1967
The Trial Board
A beat police officer asks Sergeant Friday to be his counselor before a review board. The office is accused of accepting a bribe.
21 Dec. 1967
The Christmas Story
Friday and Gannon investigate the theft of a statue of the baby Jesus from a church's nativity scene on Christmas Eve. The figure itself has little monetary value. Father Xavier Rojas explains this Jesus statue has been at the church for decades and has great sentimental value to the parishioners. The detectives pursue a lead but come up empty. As they return to Father Rojas, a small boy is pulling a wagon with the statue in it. The boy had prayed for a new wagon and promised the baby Jesus the first ride if he received it. The episode is a remake of "The Big Little ...
28 Dec. 1967
The Big Shipment
The crash of a small aircraft offers Friday and Gannon an opportunity. Inside the plane officers discover marijuana and heroin with a total street value over a million. If they can find the pilot, and get the drop location from him, they may be able to follow the chain of criminals to the very top. But they only have five hours: after that the criminals will realize their shipment is missing and disappear. Canvassing neighborhoods at 1:45am eventually puts them onto the pilot, but he won't cooperate. Of course, as Friday reminds him, when he fails to make his shipment...

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