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Season 1

11 Sep. 1967
The New World
John Henry and Jim Sinclair arrive in West Africa to help Commander Hayes start his experiment to domisticate wild game, but a rancher stands in their way. A little boy named Samson may give Jim more reason to stay.
18 Sep. 1967
Kifaru! Kifaru!
When two women show up and scare a rhino, the rhino runs into a snare and can no longer eat or drink. It is up to Jim and the clan to catch the rhino and free him of the snare before the game control does it for them.
25 Sep. 1967
Incident at Derati Wells
While rounding up some wild horses, Jim and the gang are taken hostage by a tribe of Native Africans who intend on forcing them to catch and train the horses before killing them. Samson, told to stay home, sneaks in the truck, then works to get back into Jim's good graces. He meets a boy and they work on lassoing their own wild game. Jim does his best to protect him from the truth.
2 Oct. 1967
What's an Elephant Mother to Do?
When an arrogant woman photographer steps off her private plane at the Hayes ranch, Jim and John Henry find ourselves with more than they can handle - especially after her careless actions seperate a mother elephant from her baby calf. She refuses to listen to anyone and soon causes even more problems with the elephants.
16 Oct. 1967
Stone Age Safari
When Samson catches a freakish fish, a local tribe believes he is possessed by an evil spirit. It becomes a race against time for Jim to get to the bottom of things so he can save Samson from a certain death.
23 Oct. 1967
The Adopted One
Jim finds a lone lion cub in the bush and believing it an orphan gives it as a gift to Samson. The mother lioness is actually alive and brings terror to the area looking for her missing cub.
30 Oct. 1967
Fang and Claw
When Sampson witnesses a gang of outlaws kidnap Commander Hayes and John Henry, he and Jim set off to find them before it's too late.
6 Nov. 1967
The Time of the Predator
Jim feels threatened when a man from Sampson's tribe threatens to take Sampson with him so he can get a "proper" education. Jim fights with everything he has to keep Samson with him, but it starts to look like a losing battle.
13 Nov. 1967
Lake Sinclair
Jacob, has worked very hard to please Mageela's father; but when he asks Mageela's father for her hand in marriage, he turns Jacob down. Jim gets involved in a mess when Jacob decides to take Mageela and marry her anyway. They encounter all sorts of trouble on the trail when Jim helps them get to Jacob's tribe. Unfortunatly, Magella's tribe threatened Jacob's tribe so Jacob and Mageela cannot stay there. They set out to find a place for the couple to live. Meanwhile, Samson tries to understand the reason for love and marriage.
20 Nov. 1967
Tomorrow on the Wind
Jim is excited when they bring in a school teacher all the way from the United States to teach the African kids, especially Samson; but soon, Jim finds himself in another situation when a chief of one of the tribes refuses to let the children come to the school. Then, just when Jim thinks things are getting better, the teacher is kidnapped due to a misunderstanding - the chief thinks she had agreed to marry him!
27 Nov. 1967
Little Boy Lost
After Jim yells at Samson for falling down on the job, Samson takes out into the rain forest to take his "Manhood" test. But when he leaves, he takes some poison meat with him and he doesn't realize it. It is a race against time to get to Samson before he eats the meat, and boy is Jim worried!
11 Dec. 1967
To Build a Beginning
Jim Sinclair's plane crashes with no trace of him leading John Henry and Samson to begin a desperate search. A grief ridden John Henry reflects on his relationship with Jim, one that began with mutual animosity.
18 Dec. 1967
The Hesitant Hero
John Henry is in love with the cautious Ellen who lessens his self confidence because of her attitude. When he and Jim head out to rope some buffalo it creates a life threatening situation for the unsure John Henry.
15 Jan. 1968
African Rodeo: Part 1
Two gauchos arrive at the ranch planning to force Jim into a rodeo so they can earn enough money to go back to South America. When JIm refuses them, they decide to turn Samson against him, thinking that will do the trick. Samson has been practicing his roping, trying to make Jim proud but when the gauchos put the doubts in his head, Samson begins to wonder if Jim really is a champion cowboy.
22 Jan. 1968
African Rodeo: Part 2
John Henry and Jim both say yes to competing in the rodeo, but Jim knows there is more than meets the eye. The Gauchos have already decided they will win, and Jim will have to perform with a watchful eye to make sure the competition stays honest.
29 Jan. 1968
First to Capture
Jim is outraged by the methods used by big game hunter Ryan Crose and vows to get him to change. This causes conflict with Hayes, an old friend of Croses's, but also a rupture between Ryan and his sensitive son Dan.
19 Feb. 1968
The Quiet Death
A tribesman by the name of Hemera forces the government to put the ranch under quarantine, but a doctor examines the animals and declares them healthy. Hemera decides, however, that every one of the ranch animals will die. The situation is so bad that Commander Hayes sends Samson away and the three men stand guard twenty-four hours a day.
26 Feb. 1968
A Man of Value
Jim asks Samson to memorize a poem and he doesn't really have much of a desire to do so. John Henry does his best to explain it's meaning, but Samson really doesn't understand. Then when Commander Hayes and Jim have to travel to the city, some kidnappers arrive. Samson and John Henry must come up with a plan to save a very important man they have kidnapped, and warn Jim and Commander Hayes that they are waiting for the plane...without letting on to the kidnappers that they are aware of the truth!
11 Mar. 1968
Work of Art
An old flame comes back into Jim's life, and it's quite a shock to John Henry, Samson, and Jim. Samson begins feeling he is going to be left out, no matter how much Jim tries to convince him otherwise.
18 Mar. 1968
John Henry's Eden
John Henry is going through some growing pains. He's taking classes at the University, asking Jim not to call him Indian anymore, snapping at everyone, and suddenly decides to turn the worst piece of land into a farm.
25 Mar. 1968
The Lions
The gang is having a lion problem near the ranch and need to find a way to get rid of them; but they also have another problem: two scientists are digging for artifacts and their workers are growing scared of the lions. Their solution is to kill the lions, and Jim and the gang argue for them not to do that. Meanwhile, Samson learns a hard lesson about families. It's a lesson that took about ten years off Jim's life!

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