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15 Jan. 1977
Episode #10.15
Highlights of this show with guest Glen Campbell include: a takeoff on the Barbra Streisand/Kris Kristofferson version of "A Star Is Born"; a group of scientists working on a vaccine for swine flu; and a sketch about a blue-collar worker and his frumpy wife.
22 Jan. 1977
Episode #10.16
Highlights of this "family show" include: a couple (Carol, Tim) bicker over a late-night "wrong number" phone call; a woman (Carol) tries to liven up her life as a party is going on at the next apartment; the dancers perform a ballet to the music of "Nadia's Theme"; an inept, out-of-tune trio of musicians (pianist Carol, flautist Harvey and harpist Tim) accompany opera singer Vicki at a recital; a vacuum-cleaner salesman (Tim) tries to peddle his wares to a housewife (Vicki); and a "Late Late Late Show" presentation of "Torchy Song" (a spoof of the 1953 Joan Crawford ...
29 Jan. 1977
Episode #10.17
Highlights include: Mrs. Wiggins (Carol) has a millionaire date (guest Rock Hudson) for lunch, but she wants to dump him; guest Steve Lawrence sings "You Take My Heart Away"; a husband-and-wife news team (Carol, Rock) bicker while anchoring a newscast; and a salute to the music of composer Jule Styne.
5 Feb. 1977
Episode #10.18
Highlights of this show include a salute to songs of the 1960's.
12 Feb. 1977
Episode #10.19
Highlights include: Eunice prepares for an appearance on "The Gong Show" and, inevitably, bickers with Ed and Mama over the clothes she would wear for her appearance; Mr. Tudball tries to teach Mrs. Wiggins the ropes about Las Vegas gambling; a wealthy woman (Carol) whose husband has been kidnapped is coached by a TV reporter (Harvey) who is interviewing her about the abduction; guest Eydie Gormé sings "What I Did for Love" and, for the finale, participates in a medley of movie music featuring such numbers as "Hooray for Hollywood", "Over the Rainbow", "San Francisco"...
26 Feb. 1977
Episode #10.20
Highlights include: guest Ben Vereen introduces his family during the opening question-and-answer segment; plays a divorce lawyer being courted in a restaurant by a bickering couple (Carol, Harvey); performs a musical number, "If You Believe"; and participates with the cast in a salute to composer Harold Arlen.
5 Mar. 1977
Episode #10.21
Highlights of this edition with guest Hal Linden include: ham actors Funt and Mundane's (Harvey, Carol) latest play is such a success that they're booked into larger and larger venues until they wind up in the massive "Astro-Bowl"; Tim as the world's oldest ship skipper whose vessel crashes into everything; Hal performs "I Won't Last a Day Without You"; and a takeoff of "Show Boat".
19 Mar. 1977
Episode #10.22
Highlights of this edition include: guest Neil Sedaka takes part in another sketch of "kitchen commercials"; Tim as the world's oldest-living airline baggage handler; a businessman summoned to an IRS meeting brags about how he outsmarted the government; and a sleepy housewife tries to get rid of late-staying guests.
26 Mar. 1977
Episode #10.23
Highlights include: Mr. Tudball has a hard time coordinating a fire-safety plan with Mrs. Wiggins before an inspector (Harvey) arrives; Tim as a soldier stranded in a desert with a commanding officer (Harvey) who has a militant approach toward mirages; guest Ken Berry performs "I Got Rhythm", and co-stars with Carol in "Babes in Barns", a parody of 1930s Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland musicals.
2 Apr. 1977
10th Anniversary Show
Highlights of this 10th anniversary retrospective include: clips from prior shows, including the question-and-answer session of Carol's first show in 1967; her numerous array of characters including the Charwoman and Zelda; and vintage movie parodies and musical numbers with such guest stars as Mel Tormé, Don Rickles, Vince Edwards, Steve Lawrence, Rock Hudson, Ken Berry, Mickey Rooney and Jim Nabors.
24 Sep. 1977
Episode #11.1
Highlights of this 11th-season premiere include: guest Jim Nabors sings "After the Lovin'," and he and Carol play a married country music singing duo announcing their impending divorce; new regular Dick Van Dyke plays Ed's old Army buddy in "The Family"; Dick and Tim do a pantomime as two bumbling workmen installing a plate-glass window in a boutique; and for the finale, a spoof of TV all-star specials.
1 Oct. 1977
Episode #11.2
Highlights include: Tim as beer-swilling private eye "Danny Draft", who has trouble believing a woman's claim that someone is out to murder her; guest Steve Lawrence sings "Every Time I Sing a Love Song", duets with Dick on "I Could Never Really Sing", and participates in skits about star holdouts on TV series; and a "Late, Late Movie" presentation of "Fran Sancisco" (a spoof of the 1936 film "San Francisco").
15 Oct. 1977
Episode #11.4
Highlights include: Mama drops in on a newly-divorced Eunice in "The Family"; Mr. Tudball offers to pay for the funeral of Mrs. Wiggins' deceased canary and then regrets it; a pow-wow between Indians and cavalry ends up anything but peaceful; and guest Nancy Dussault sings "And I Love You So", and joins Carol in a finale of tunes popularized by Ethel Merman and Mary Martin.
22 Oct. 1977
Episode #11.5
Highlights of this "family show" include: The wife of a busy company man takes drastic action in order to get his attention; a loser in life relates 26 years of woe to a total stranger; a favorite uncle gets an airport farewell; a steelworker gets ideas from the local newspaper on how to "accidentally" do in his wife; Dick and the dancers perform "Once in Love with Amy"; and Carol and Vicki perform "They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore".
29 Oct. 1977
Episode #11.6
Highlights include "Stolen Serenade".
5 Nov. 1977
Episode #11.7
Highlights of this "family show" include: "The Family" gets into a tiff over a word game; Dick performs a medley of love songs, and appears as a TV announcer who is forced to fill in for the entire late movie; and Carol and Vicki sing "At the Ballet".
12 Nov. 1977
Episode #11.8
Highlights of this "family show" include: a salute to comic strips and fairy tales; and a spoof of "The Enchanted Cottage".
19 Nov. 1977
Episode #11.9
Highlights of this show with guest Ben Vereen include another series of TV commercial parodies, including that for Rolaids.
26 Nov. 1977
Episode #11.10
Highlights of this "family show" include: a salute to MGM, with spoofs of such films as "Boys Town", "Gigi", "Singin' in the Rain" and "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"; a follow-up to a series of sketches about a construction worker seeking to do in his wife; and more kitchen commercials.
3 Dec. 1977
Episode #11.11
Highlights include: guest Bernadette Peters sings "You Never Done It Like That"; Mr. Tudball nudges Mrs. Wiggins to clean up her desk before a prospective client arrives; an office girl introduces her two best friends to one another during a lunch; a series of skits about doctors advertising on TV; Carol and Dick pantomime a candlelight dinner where they can't open the wine bottle; and a salute to Betty Comden and Adolph Green.
11 Dec. 1977
Episode #11.12
Highlights include: Eunice and Mickey try to coax Mama out of her house and into a retirement home in "The Family"; and guest Rock Hudson as a smooth operator attempting to pick up a sexpot in a bar.
18 Dec. 1977
Episode #11.13
Highlights include: guest Helen Reddy sings "Blue" and "It's Not Easy"; guest Ken Berry performs "Song and Dance Man" with the dancers; a water department inspector ends up turning a married couple against each other; and Mr. Tudball and Mrs. Wiggins enjoy a champagne-laden Christmas Eve.

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