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5 Jan. 1974
Episode #7.15
Highlights include: guest Tim Conway as a man displaying simian symptoms after being bitten by a chimp; guest Steve Lawrence performs "Maybe This Time"; Stella Toddler (Carol) is immortalized in cement at Grauman's Chinese Theatre; and three advertising executives (Harvey, Tim, Steve) act like lovers caught in a romantic triangle.
12 Jan. 1974
Episode #7.16
Highlights of this edition with guests Eydie Gormé and Paul Sand include: a newlywed bride (Carol) wants to continue dating in "After the Wedding"; and a salute to the great ladies of the musical theatre.
19 Jan. 1974
Episode #7.17
Highlights include: a husband purchasing insurance for his accident-prone wife before her next accident.
2 Feb. 1974
Episode #7.18
Highlights include: the world's oldest living dresser (guest Tim Conway) and his misadventures in attempting to help an actor (Harvey) perform a quick change between acts in a play; a bachelor (guest Steve Lawrence) puts the moves on his fiancée's sister (Carol) the night before he is to be married; Steve performs "Rainy Days and Mondays"; and a salute to George Gershwin.
9 Feb. 1974
Episode #7.19
Highlights include: Chrissy's new boyfriend (guest Joel Grey) isn't as wild and swinging as he's assumed to be in "Carol and Sis"; long-in-the-tooth moppet Rhoda Dimple (Carol) tangles with a tyrannical German film director (Harvey); guest Vincent Price recalls the humorous side of Abraham Lincoln; a hotel switchboard operator (Carol) listens in on the calls of various patrons (Vincent, Joel, Lyle and Vicki); and for the close, a "Commedia Dell'Arte" with Joel and Carol as Punch and Judy dolls.
16 Feb. 1974
Episode #7.20
Highlights include: an installment of "As the Stomach Turns" with guest Bernadette Peters as Marian's possessed niece Raven and guest Tim Conway as the priest who arrives to exorcise her; Tim and Harvey as two Japanese soldiers who argue underwater; and a salute to musicals of the 1930's.
23 Feb. 1974
Episode #7.21
Highlights include: a "brutal" Nazi interrogator (guest Tim Conway) tortures a POW (Lyle) with a Hitler hand puppet; guest Eydie Gormé performs "The Way We Were" and "How About Me"; a spoof of "The Thin Man" with Lyle as Nick and Vicki as Nora; and a fortune teller (Vicki) gives a customer (Carol) a reading.
9 Mar. 1974
Episode #7.22
Highlights of this edition with guest Steve Lawrence include: a group of PTA mothers argue as to who's the best singer at a PTA audition; Harry Houdini's daughter (Carol) has some trouble with her escape attempts; and a woman orders a hit on her boring husband, but then wants to call it off.
16 Mar. 1974
Episode #7.23
Highlights include the first "Family" sketch, where Eunice's brother Phillip (guest Roddy McDowall) pays a visit. Also featured: Carol and Roddy sing a duet (with him wearing his "Planet of the Apes" makeup); two chauvinist carpenters (Harvey, Lyle) give a new co-worker (Carol) a hard time; an argument breaks out at a bus stop when a radio contest calls a nearby pay phone; two Brits at a café speak in one-word sentences; musical guests The Jackson 5 perform "Dancing Machine"; and Carol as a music teacher with the dancers and The Jackson 5 comprising her class.
23 Mar. 1974
Episode #7.24
Highlights of this show with guests John Byner and Francine Beers include: a pushy neighbor invites himself to Carol and Roger's anniversary dinner in "Carol and Sis" (the last sketch in the series); and two scientists build female robot "Humanoids".
6 Apr. 1974
Episode #7.25
Highlights include "Lucky Lady", a takeoff of women's sob-story game shows.
14 Sep. 1974
Episode #8.1
Highlights of this eighth-season premiere include: guest Jim Nabors as the "Ringo Kid", a gunslinger who challenges the quick-draw machines to a penny arcade; a married couple (Carol, Harvey) get carried away in a binge of honest mutual criticism; musical performances from Jim ("One Life") and Carol ("Just a Gigolo"); and for the finale, a salute to the days of vaudeville.
21 Sep. 1974
Episode #8.2
Highlights include guest Steve Lawrence as emcee of a celebrity roast for silent-screen star Nora Desmond.
28 Sep. 1974
Episode #8.3
Highlights include: a "Saturday Night Tearjerker" presentation of "One Way Ticket" with Carol as a terminally ill woman and guest James Coco as a condemned murderer with whom she falls in love; a woman (Carol) argues with a tub of margarine in a spoof of Parkay commercials; a man (James) is nervous on a blind date; and a parody of "Kojak". Musical numbers include guests The Pointer Sisters performing "Steam Heat", and being joined by Carol on "Salt Peanuts".
5 Oct. 1974
Episode #8.4
Highlights include a salute to composer Stephen Sondheim.
12 Oct. 1974
Episode #8.5
Highlights of this edition with guests Telly Savalas and the Smothers Brothers include: "Poopi Le Moko" (a spoof of "Algiers" with Telly in the title role and Carol in the role played by Hedy Lamarr); in "The Family", Eunice, Ed and Mama visit brother Jack (Tom Smothers) in the hospital; and two men discuss a business merger as if it were a love affair.
26 Oct. 1974
Episode #8.6
Highlights include: guest Rich Little impersonates Alfred Hitchcock in a salute to the legendary director; a married couple (Carol, Harvey), no longer on speaking terms after a night out, argue through actions; guest Eydie Gormé sings "You'll Remember Me"; and for the finale, a musical salute to composer Jerome Kern.
2 Nov. 1974
Episode #8.7
Highlights include: guest Alan King as a baseball fan who is being pestered by a woman who has more interest in him than in the game; two former silent screen stars (Carol, Harvey) are reunited at the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard; a woman claims a package that she found at a bus stop; guest Lena Zavaroni performs "If They Could See Me Now"; and for the close, a salute to the music of DeSylva, Brown and Henderson.
9 Nov. 1974
Episode #8.8
Highlights of this show with guests John Byner and Kenneth Mars include: Carol as a soap-opera addict; John in a parody of TV record offer ads where he impersonates top pop singers of the day as well as being the announcer; Vicki performs "Rolling Down the Hills"; a woman (Carol) creates a scene in an elegant restaurant while breaking up with her boyfriend (John); a married couple each has dreams of being with other people; and for the close, the "Mr. Globe" contest.
16 Nov. 1974
Episode #8.9
Highlights of this show with guests John Byner and Helen Reddy include: two men attempt to pick up women at a singles bar; in "The Family", pandemonium breaks out when Eunice, Ed and Mama play the board game "Sorry"; and a musical salute to women songwriters.
23 Nov. 1974
Episode #8.10
Highlights include: Carol welcomes guest Maggie Smith in her American TV debut, and they duet on "You're So London"; a couple (Carol, Harvey) is visited by an old college chum (Maggie) who has become famous; and a spoof of "Born Free" with guest Tim Conway as Simba the lion.
7 Dec. 1974
Episode #8.11
Highlights of this edition with guests Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway and Steven Warner ("The Little Prince") include: Tim as a man who has the surprise of his life when he visits a woman who is actually a cop on a stakeout; Steve as a blackmailer in "As the Stomach Turns"; and for the finale, a salute to the music of Lerner and Loewe.
14 Dec. 1974
Episode #8.12
Included in this show is "Disaster '75" (a spoof of "Airport 1975").
21 Dec. 1974
Episode #8.13
Highlights include: Eunice's brother (guest Alan Alda) visits "The Family" for a typically tumultuous Christmas; Carol and Alan duet on "Nobody Does It Like Me" in the midst of a department store Christmas rush, and perform in a sketch about "Morton of the Movies"; and for the close the entire cast performs a salute to New York City.

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