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Season 9

13 Sep. 1975
Episode #9.1
Highlights of this ninth-season premiere with guest Jim Nabors include: Eunice leaves Ed after she catches him going into a massage parlor in "The Family"; a hollow military hero does not want his latest commendation; and a Bicentennial salute to America's cities and towns.
20 Sep. 1975
Episode #9.2
Highlights include: guest Sammy Davis Jr. as a star who returns to his hometown and visits an old so-called "friend" (Carol) who is somewhat of a racist; Harvey and Tim in a sketch about a "no-frills" airline whose treatment of first-class and economy passengers is radically different; Sammy in an Old West sketch as "Deputy Ringo" who carries a chip on his shoulder after being dumped by the Marshal (Harvey); Sammy performs a medley of his old hits (including "Yes I Can", "What Kind of Fool Am I", "I've Gotta Be Me", "Hey There" and "The Candy Man"); and for the close,...
27 Sep. 1975
Episode #9.3
Highlights include: two classical pianists (Harvey, Tim) prepare for a duet; guest Cher sings "Just This One Time", and duets with Carol on a musical number about women in variety; a husband has trouble deciding between his wife and his mistress in "The Not So Eternal Triangle"; a presentation of the 9th Annual "Carol Burnett Show" Awards for the most unforgettable commercials of the year; and on "As the Stomach Turns", Cher is the town's half-breed and Tim is the town's hairdresser/beautician.
4 Oct. 1975
Episode #9.4
Highlights include: Carol and guest Shirley MacLaine sing about the problems with fan mail, and play little-league mothers who argue with the team's coach (Harvey); in "The Family", Eunice and Ed recall via flashbacks when they were dating; a hollow palace guard (Tim) refuses to let the King and Queen (Harvey, Carol) in without a password; and a parody of the "Bicentennial Minutes" with Harvey as narrator and Tim reenacting an historical moment.
11 Oct. 1975
Episode #9.5
Highlights include: guest Bernadette Peters sings and dances to "He's the Wizard"; two nurses refuse to aid a snake-bite victim unless an overbearing doctor apologizes; a housewife (Carol) recounts her most traumatic childhood experience to a psychiatrist (Harvey); a timid mugging victim tries to report the incident to a tough police sergeant; and for the close, a salute to the music of Irving Berlin.
18 Oct. 1975
Episode #9.6
Highlights include: the Queen (Carol) attempts to christen a ship in honor of a hollow hero (Tim) with his girlfriend (guest Maggie Smith) in attendance; ham actress Mundane (Carol) finds out about husband Funt's (Harvey) affair with another actress (Maggie) just as they're about to go on stage; Vicki sings "The Other Woman"; a parody of "Jaws"; and a salute to Alan Jay Lerner.
25 Oct. 1975
Episode #9.7
Highlights include: a sketch about a rock music disc jockey (Harvey), with Tim as an Elton John-type performer, and featuring guests The Pointer Sisters; Mickey Hart (Tim) joins Eunice, Ed and Mama in a game of charades in "The Family"; Carol and Tim in a silent sketch as a hungry couple; a bartender makes jokes of a broken-hearted customer's every remark; The Pointers sing "How Long?", and are joined by Carol and Vicki on "Get Me to the Church on Time".
1 Nov. 1975
Episode #9.8
Highlights of this edition with guest Roddy McDowall include: Vicki and Tim perform a musical comedy routine to the tune of "For Once in My Life"; Carol and Roddy perform a tongue-twisting number that leads into "Moses Supposes", then play a bickering couple who work at an assembly line; Harvey and Tim as truck drivers dealing with divorce; and a spoof of "The Little Foxes" with Carol in the Bette Davis role and Roddy in the role of the invalid whom she's plotting to kill.
8 Nov. 1975
Episode #9.9
Highlights include: guest Helen Reddy sings "Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady", joins the cast in a series of musical blackouts, and participates in a sketch about an extramarital affair endangered by a surprise call on a futuristic TV phone. Also: a woman struggles with so-called "easy openers" on household appliances; fortune cookie messages start a battle between friends; and a French marine explorer sends his assistant out on a hunt for a deadly white squid.
15 Nov. 1975
Episode #9.10
Highlights include: in "The Family", Eunice, Ed and Mama have a conference with Bubba's teacher, Miss Collins (guest Maggie Smith); a consumer protection official doesn't notice that his own kitchen is crumbling around him; and Tim as the world's oldest living doctor, attempting to make a house call.
22 Nov. 1975
Episode #9.11
Highlights include: Eunice's snooty sister Ellen (guest Betty White) comes for a visit for Mama's birthday in "The Family"; a bug wreaks havoc on a second honeymoon; German car salesmen get pointers in pushing sales; and a salute to marching bands, with a performance by the Locke High School Band of Los Angeles.
29 Nov. 1975
Episode #9.12
Highlights of this edition with guests The Pointer Sisters include: a rock opera, "Cinderella Gets It On".
6 Dec. 1975
Episode #9.13
Highlights include: Stella Toddler is put into a hospital room with a famous actress; and a salute to composer Richard Rodgers.
13 Dec. 1975
Episode #9.14
Highlights include: guest Jessica Walter performing "Could It Be Magic"; and a salute to composer Dorothy Fields.
20 Dec. 1975
Episode #9.15
Highlights include: "Flora" (spoof of 1944 film noir classic "Laura", with Carol in the Gene Tierney role); Tim as the old man attempts to run a shoe store; and a salute to composer Sammy Cahn.
3 Jan. 1976
Episode #9.16
Highlights include a nurse who is even more accident-prone than her patient, and performing a dance number, "Some Cats Know".
10 Jan. 1976
Episode #9.17
Highlights include: a salute to Universal Studios with parodies of such films as "Freud" and "Rooster Cogburn"; Carol as an old-fashioned woman; Mr. Tudball (Tim) has a time teaching Mrs. Wiggins (Carol) how to use the office's new intercom system; guest Steve Lawrence sings "In the Still of the Night"; a woman (Carol) is driven crazy by riddles; and for the close, a salute to Glenn Miller.
24 Jan. 1976
Episode #9.18
Highlights include: "A Swiped Life" (spoof of "A Stolen Life", with Carol in both of the roles played in the original film by Bette Davis, and Harvey in Glenn Ford's role); a political sketch with Harvey as a senator, Carol as his unpredictable wife, and Tim as his campaign manager; guests The Jackson 5 perform "Forever Came Today", and are joined by Vicki on "Body Language"; and Carol as the Charwoman in a three-ring circus, pantomiming with guest Emmett Kelly and singing "It's Only a Paper Moon" and "Look for the Silver Lining".
31 Jan. 1976
Episode #9.19
Highlights include: the first female clown with Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey Circus giving Carol a Doctorate in Clown Humanities during the open; Carol as a deranged bag lady feeding pigeons in the park "for peace"; guests The Pointer Sisters perform "That's A-Plenty"; a robber (Harvey) sneaks into a hospital, demanding treatment at gunpoint from a nurse (Vicki) and her boyfriend (Tim), the latter of whom he wrongly assumes to be a doctor; Carol, Vicki and the Pointers perform a medley of "Fats" Waller songs; Tim as a pharmacist tending to a heart patient (Harvey...
7 Feb. 1976
Episode #9.20
Highlights of this "family show" include: sketches with "The Family" and Mrs. Wiggins; Vicki as a telephone switchboard operator; and a musical dance number set to "There Once Was a Man".
14 Feb. 1976
Episode #9.21
Highlights include: guest Joanne Woodward plays an old school chum of Eunice's in "The Family"; a wealthy couple (Vicki, Harvey) have an argument through their servants (Carol, Tim); Mr. Tudball again has a time teaching his secretary Mrs. Wiggins the workings of the office intercom; two wallflowers (Carol, Joanne) at a dance sing "Let's Be Buddies" and "Why Can't I?"; and for the finale, Carol, Vicki and Joanne perform "Everything Old Is New Again", wearing turn-of-the-century dresses and sun hats.
21 Feb. 1976
Episode #9.22
Highlights include: a traveling encyclopedia salesman (guest Dick Van Dyke) tries to peddle his wares at the home of a bickering couple (Carol, Harvey); guest Tony Randall performs "Madeira, M'Dear?"; two men (Tony, Dick) argue over a $10 loan while on vacation in Hawaii; Dick performs "Ballin' the Jack" with the dancers; a couple (Carol, Tony) have an argument over body signals; and a mini-musical based on the lyrics of Ira Gershwin.
6 Mar. 1976
Episode #9.23
Highlights include: guest Jack Klugman as a skeptic in a sketch about an amateur clairvoyant; a new employee is welcomed to an extremely cramped office; Carol does all the talking in a sketch relating to a battle of the sexes; and a clumsy cat burglar (Tim) tries to steal the world's largest diamond.
13 Mar. 1976
Episode #9.24
Highlights of this season-finale "family show" include: Ed gets huge flak from Eunice and Mama after he tries to sneak his assistant along on a business trip to Chicago in "The Family"; Mr. Tudball attempts to surprise Mrs. Wiggins on her birthday; a married couple takes to pinpointing each other's physical defects; and the dancers perform to "Baby Face".

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