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Season 7

15 Sep. 1973
Episode #7.1
Highlights include: "Yung Fool" (spoof of "Kung Fu" TV series); Jim Nabors performs "And I Love You So"; and Carol performs "Come Back to Me".
22 Sep. 1973
Episode #7.2
Highlights include a man uncomfortable visiting a unisex salon; and a magazine interviewer attempts to get the story about a Spanish star's home life, but her mother gives him trouble.
29 Sep. 1973
Episode #7.3
Highlights of this show include: the Charwoman meets Charlie Chaplin (guest Gloria Swanson); an elevator operator in Carol and Roger's new apartment building has a crush on her in another "Carol & Sis" sketch; and a mistress (Vicki) tells all to a radio call-in show about a man (Lyle) with whom she's having an affair - while his unsuspecting wife (Carol) listens to every word.
6 Oct. 1973
Episode #7.4
This evening, Carol is joined by guests Helen Reddy and John Byner. Highlights include a sketch where Nora Desmond thinks she is dying; and "The Seventh Annual 'Carol Burnett Show' Awards for the Most Unforgettable Television Commercials of the Year", including spoofs of ad campaigns for Imperial margarine, Post Grape Nuts cereal (with Byner as naturalist Euell Gibbons), Minute Maid orange juice (with Byner as Bing Crosby), and Pledge cleaning spray (with Lyle Waggoner as George Montgomery).
13 Oct. 1973
Episode #7.5
Highlights of this show with guests Eydie Gormé and Paul Sand include: a salute to movie series, with parodies of Tarzan, the Dead End Kids, Dr. Kildare, the Cisco Kid and "The Wolf Man"; Paul plays a nervous newlywed in "Honeymoon Sweet"; and Eydie sings "Take One Step".
20 Oct. 1973
Episode #7.6
Highlights include: two people (Carol and guest Jack Weston) are set up for a blind date by a computer service; guest Ken Berry and the dancers perform "It's Not Where You Start"; a married doctor and nurse bicker in the middle of surgery on a patient (Ken); a man in a supper club (Jack) meets an Ethel Merman-type singer (Carol); Harvey, Carol, Lyle and Vicki swap personalities in "Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde"; and for the close, "New Elizabethan Rhythm".
27 Oct. 1973
Episode #7.7
Highlights include: guest John Byner joins in parodies of cowboy showdowns, courtroom dramas and the TV series "Girl in My Life"; a sketch about a group encounter session; Carol performs "I've Gotta Be Me"; and a musical salute to upbeat songs from World War I to the present.
3 Nov. 1973
Episode #7.8
Carol's guests are Paul Sand and Steve Lawrence. Highlights include: "Double Calamity", a parody of "Double Indemnity" with Steve in the role played in the original by Fred MacMurray and Carol in the Barbara Stanwyck role; Steve sings "I've Got You Under My Skin"; a fat woman (Carol) attempts exercises to a TV exercise show hosted by Lyle; and a salute to Irving Berlin.
10 Nov. 1973
Episode #7.9
Highlights of this edition with guests Petula Clark and Tim Conway include: another installment of "As the Stomach Turns" with Petula as Marian's long-lost sister.
17 Nov. 1973
Episode #7.10
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1 Dec. 1973
Episode #7.11
Highlights of this "family show" include: Carol is stricken with the flu in "Carol and Sis"; fashion models act as though they're posing for everyday life; and Carol as a woman who is left by a lover who marries someone else and then returns to visit her every few years.
8 Dec. 1973
The Australia Show
Highlights of this edition taped in Australia (with guests Tim Conway, Edward Villella and Lucette Aldous) include: ham actress Mundane (Carol) is too drunk to go on stage, but performs anyway, wreaking havoc with her understudy (Vicki) and Funt (Harvey); Tim as the world's oldest living symphony orchestra conductor; and Carol performs "It's Today".
15 Dec. 1973
Episode #7.13
Highlights of this show with guests Ruth Buzzi and Richard Crenna include: a "Salute to Movie Bad Girls" with spoofs of such films as "Mrs. Robinson", "All About Eve" and "Born to Be Bad"; and "Adam and Eve 12".
22 Dec. 1973
Episode #7.14
Highlights include a wine-tasting session that gets out of hand; and a salute to movie detectives including Sherlock Holmes and Sam Spade.
5 Jan. 1974
Episode #7.15
Highlights include: guest Tim Conway as a man displaying simian symptoms after being bitten by a chimp; guest Steve Lawrence performs "Maybe This Time"; Stella Toddler (Carol) is immortalized in cement at Grauman's Chinese Theatre; and three advertising executives (Harvey, Tim, Steve) act like lovers caught in a romantic triangle.
12 Jan. 1974
Episode #7.16
Highlights of this edition with guests Eydie Gormé and Paul Sand include: a newlywed bride (Carol) wants to continue dating in "After the Wedding"; and a salute to the great ladies of the musical theatre.
19 Jan. 1974
Episode #7.17
Highlights include: a husband purchasing insurance for his accident-prone wife before her next accident.
2 Feb. 1974
Episode #7.18
Highlights include: the world's oldest living dresser (guest Tim Conway) and his misadventures in attempting to help an actor (Harvey) perform a quick change between acts in a play; a bachelor (guest Steve Lawrence) puts the moves on his fiancée's sister (Carol) the night before he is to be married; Steve performs "Rainy Days and Mondays"; and a salute to George Gershwin.
9 Feb. 1974
Episode #7.19
Highlights include: Chrissy's new boyfriend (guest Joel Grey) isn't as wild and swinging as he's assumed to be in "Carol and Sis"; long-in-the-tooth moppet Rhoda Dimple (Carol) tangles with a tyrannical German film director (Harvey); guest Vincent Price recalls the humorous side of Abraham Lincoln; a hotel switchboard operator (Carol) listens in on the calls of various patrons (Vincent, Joel, Lyle and Vicki); and for the close, a "Commedia Dell'Arte" with Joel and Carol as Punch and Judy dolls.
16 Feb. 1974
Episode #7.20
Highlights include: an installment of "As the Stomach Turns" with guest Bernadette Peters as Marian's possessed niece Raven and guest Tim Conway as the priest who arrives to exorcise her; Tim and Harvey as two Japanese soldiers who argue underwater; and a salute to musicals of the 1930's.
23 Feb. 1974
Episode #7.21
Highlights include: a "brutal" Nazi interrogator (guest Tim Conway) tortures a POW (Lyle) with a Hitler hand puppet; guest Eydie Gormé performs "The Way We Were" and "How About Me"; a spoof of "The Thin Man" with Lyle as Nick and Vicki as Nora; and a fortune teller (Vicki) gives a customer (Carol) a reading.
9 Mar. 1974
Episode #7.22
Highlights of this edition with guest Steve Lawrence include: a group of PTA mothers argue as to who's the best singer at a PTA audition; Harry Houdini's daughter (Carol) has some trouble with her escape attempts; and a woman orders a hit on her boring husband, but then wants to call it off.
16 Mar. 1974
Episode #7.23
Highlights include the first "Family" sketch, where Eunice's brother Phillip (guest Roddy McDowall) pays a visit. Also featured: Carol and Roddy sing a duet (with him wearing his "Planet of the Apes" makeup); two chauvinist carpenters (Harvey, Lyle) give a new co-worker (Carol) a hard time; an argument breaks out at a bus stop when a radio contest calls a nearby pay phone; two Brits at a café speak in one-word sentences; musical guests The Jackson 5 perform "Dancing Machine"; and Carol as a music teacher with the dancers and The Jackson 5 comprising her class.
23 Mar. 1974
Episode #7.24
Highlights of this show with guests John Byner and Francine Beers include: a pushy neighbor invites himself to Carol and Roger's anniversary dinner in "Carol and Sis" (the last sketch in the series); and two scientists build female robot "Humanoids".
6 Apr. 1974
Episode #7.25
Highlights include "Lucky Lady", a takeoff of women's sob-story game shows.

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