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  • Nefarious mad scientist Dr. Goldfoot once again plots to take over the world by creating female robot bombs specifically designed to blow up high-ranking generals of NATO countries. Goldfoot hopes that by doing this he will start a war between Russia and America. It's up to disgraced government agent Bill Dexter to stop Goldfoot.


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  • The foppish mad scientist Dr. Goldfoot (Vincent Price) plots another mad scheme to take over the world by killing off the major military leaders of every country; to that end, he creates in his secret lab a bevy of bodacious girl bombs; full-length, life-size robots that explode when embraced.

    Goldfoots plans become compromised when the mysterious deaths arouse the suspicions of Bill Dexter (Fabian), a former member of the Security Intelligence Command (S.I.C.) who has been expelled from the organization for being too much of a lady's man at seducing all or most of the female employees of the company. While following Dr. Goldfoot, Dexter runs into two dim-witted hotel doorman, named Franco (Franco Franchi) and Ciccio (Ciccio Ingrassia), who have aspirations toward becoming secret agents. Goldfoot positions one of his girl bombs, an exact duplicate of a lovely hat-check girl, in the hotel where Franco and Ciccio work. The hotel is playing hose to an important Belgian General, and Goldfoot knows that the military man will be unable to resist the allure of his girl bomb. Before Dexter can do anything to stop this plan, he is attacked by the simpleton Franco and Ciccio who mistakenly think that Dexter is a foreign spy. In the ensuing confusion, the Belgian general, "bites the dust."

    Soon afterwards, a NATO officer, General Willis (Vincent Price in a dual role), is abducted by Dr. Goldfoot. Apart from being the last surviving NATO general, Willis also happens to the dead splitting image of Dr. Goldfoot albeit with a very noticeable stammer, and a black eye patch over his right eye. Willis is killed soon after by one of the girl bombs, and Dr. Goldfoot plots to take his place at an important conference.

    When Goldfoot receives information that a secret meeting is being held at SIC headquarters, he has the room electronically bugged. General Benson and his associates determine that the only way to catch the man responsible for these bizarre killings is to assign their two best agents to the task. Using a high-tech computer, named Rita, General Benson decides it is the best way to determine the two best SIC agents will be flawlessly chosen. But Dr. Goldfoot sabotages the computer, and the two agents selected to carry out the job are none other than Franco and Ciccio.

    Meanwhile, General Benson's secretary, Rosanna (Laura Antonelli), convinces Dexter to assist Franco and Ciccio in their investigation. What Dexter fails to realize that he too is being monitored by Goldfoot, who fears that the young man might be more capable than he appears to be. Goldfoot also takes an interest in Rosanna, and has one of his henchmen kidnap her when Dexter leaves her apartment. She is subsequently replaced by a duplicate girl bomb. When Dexter returns to her apartment that same evening, he finds a definite changes in Rosanna's behavior. Whereas she had earlier slapped him across the face for making a pass at her, she now appears seductive and passionate in her disposition. Though Dexter is charged with excitement over the case, the girl bomb does her best to lure him into an embrace, even resorting to an impromptu striptease. But Dexter sees through her disguise and avoids the trap set by Dr. Goldfoot. The duplicate Rosanna is subsequently shorted out in an accident, while Dexter goes in search of the real Rosanna.

    Having earlier been tipped off by Dexter that Dr. Goldfoot is hiding out in a mansion in the countryside, Franco and Ciccio decide to upstage him by raiding the place and taking full credit for its discovery. When they arrive with General Benson and the authorities, the only find that the place is a private school girls. In fact, this is yet another deceptive illusion arranged by the diabolical doctor, with the girl bombs posing as passive students, and the doctor himself posing as a matron (with his beard concealed by a black veil). Satisifed that the entire trip was a false alarm, Benson and his men depart. Franco and Ciccio decide to stay behind and in so doing, they are captured by Dr. Goldfoot and his henchmen. They break free, and the henchmen search the mansion for them. Franco manages to escape by posing an a girl bomb. Dr. Goldfoot is suprisingly fooled by Francos discuse when he rationalizes the strange looking girl bomb as being the result of failing to "oil the machine". But Ciccio is trapped when he unsuccessfully attempts to impersonate Goldfoot's reflection in a fake mirror (shades of the classic 'mirror scene' from the Marx Brother's 'Duck Soup').

    That night, Franco returns to the mansion with Dexter to try to rescue Ciccio and Rosanna. In the interim, Ciccio has been duplicated with a 'guy bomb' and Rosanna has, literally, been kept in cold storage. Dexter retrieves Rosanna, and after battling it out with Ciccio's duplicate, the two inept doormen are once again reunited.

    His plans for world domination still in place, Dr. Goldfoot attempts to flee. A hilariously silly, climatic mad chase ensures, leading through such picturesque sights as the Roman Coliseum (which is slightly damaged when Goldfoot smashes his car into one of the pillars), the Trevi Fountain (which Dr. Goldfoot stops for a second to throw a coin in the fountain for good luck), and an amusement park. The chase culminates in the air with Goldfoot boarding a US aircraft under the guise of General Wilson, and Dexter and his two cohorts pursing them in a hot air balloon. Landing the balloon on the wings of the plane, Dexter and the others foil Goldfoot's escape. The three heroes battle it out with the henchmen, but Dr. Goldfoot takes advantage of the commotion by quietly donning a parachute and bailing out. Before he escapes, however, Goldfoot sets the control panels of the plan on a course for Moscow; once it reaches the designed sights, the bomb doors will open and a super bomb will be released on the Kremlin. While Dexter tries to take control of the plane, Franco and Ciccio head into the bomb compartment to try do defuse the bomb. They manage to disarm the bomb, but the bomb doors open prematurely, and they are dropped into the heart of Siberia, riding the bomb like a horse (shades of 'Dr. Strangelove').

    Epilogue. Dexter is back in America having been reinstated as a member of SIC, while he starts making plans to rescue Franco and Ciccio from Siberia. But a telex arrives from President Lyndon Johnson that the plans have been scrapped and that the entire incident must be kept under cover. Dexter is emotionally devastated, but plots not to give up, even if he has to go on alone to rescue Franco and Ciccio. Meanwhile in Siberia, Franco and Ciccio are happily residing in a Soviet prison camp, in which the camp director is none other than..... Dr. Goldfoot.

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