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Dear Jeffrey Deitch: Free Ideas for Your New Museum

New Moca director Jeffrey Deitch might have just accepted the art world's most controversial position, but if there's one thing everyone can agree he's great at, it's throwing a party. And now, he's got a bright, blank new L.A. canvas to work with. We asked artists, curators and critics to provide some guidance for Deitch's new gig.

Time to pitch a Moca reality show to one of the major networks now that you're in L.A. The concept is your life: "Ack! The economy's gone to shit so now I'm a newbie museum director." During this 13-episode series viewers will watch you navigate museum politics, get lost in L.A. and schmooze with celebrities and art glitterati. Show title: Sink or Swim! The prize: Glory--and the USA's best museum stays open.-Paddy Johnson, Art Fag City

Deitch should expand his plans with James Franco and General Hospital and embrace Los Angeles' soap opera scene.
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