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Not great film art, but fun to watch

Author: jd-gudmundson from Canada
22 February 2006

Wonderful mindless fun entertainment. Goofy plot, passable acting, clumsy dialog, but it is the kind of movie that doesn't ask much of the viewer, and viewers shouldn't ask much of it except for a bit of fun. I had fun. There is a wonderful bad guy, there are beautiful women like in the James Bond films, and there is a rather hapless quasi-Bond type who gets caught up in the intrigue. This is a film in the 1960s spoof genre, with its chase scenes, cars, planes, helicopters, parachutes, kites, boats, and on and on. It pokes fun at the James Bond type of movie, while at the same time having a bit of its own espionage action, just enough that the film could stand on its own (shakily) as a spy/seduction movie. This is worth renting if you can get it. It is too bad they don't make more of this fun entertainment these days.

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Goofball Spy Spoof

Author: redbeard_nv from Boulder City
2 March 2002

A Euro production that calls upon the talents of people like Patrick O'Neal, Donald Pleasence and the consummate movie and TV bad guy, Henry Silva, can't be all bad, which it isn't.

A spaghetti spy flick spoof, which starts with the inheritance of a mystical ring containing a drug which can enable the wearer invisible (but not their clothes, leading to usually interesting rematerialization scenes), and can only be used every ten hours, leads to a manhunt for our titular hero as he is pursued for the ring throughout Europe by every single government espionage agency on the Earth, as well as his backstabbing, sleazy partner (Silva) who provides a great deal of comic relief during the chase.

Nothing tremendous in storytelling, it serves as a light hearted romp for the stars.

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Often amusing spy spoof, but it could have been better

Author: gridoon2016
21 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Disclaimer: the DVD-R print of "Matchless" that I watched was atrocious. I am used to lower-than-normal print quality when it comes to these obscure movies, but this one was borderline unwatchable. Let's hope it gets an official DVD release some day. It's an amusing little spy comedy, which also contains a classic element of the fantastic cinema (invisibility), as well as some innovative action sequences (at one point, our hero hangs on at the BOTTOM of a moving train; at another point, he lands his car on the TOP of a moving train!). However, you get the feeling that "Matchless" does not really exploit all the comic possibilities of the invisibility gimmick; "Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man" did it better. Patrick O'Neal is a likably understated lead, Donald Pleasence is well-cast as the vain and eccentric villain, and Ira Von Furstenberg tries on a variety of provocative, barely-there outfits; her face is gorgeous and her body is magnificent - she has the most perfect abs ever! ** out of 4.

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Eye-filling, but...

Author: JohnHowardReid
14 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lavishly produced with superbly imaginative direction and some marvelous color photography, shot on location in New York, London and Munich, this movie stars luscious Ira Furstenberg, who is sexily got up in alluringly weirdo costumes. A pity all this is lavished on yet another of those so-so sub-007 spy spoofs. Patrick O'Neal is a fine actor, though he does not possess the necessary comic insouciance to carry on his unwilling secret agent. Other members of the cast, including Donald Pleasance, Henry Silva, Howard St John and Sorrell Booke are similarly handicapped with the result that a lot of the movie's humor falls flat. Fortunately, no-one could complain about Miss Machiavelli, however, nor could they denigrate the film's sets and compositions which are as eye-filling as Princess Furstenberg herself.

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A very nice cast

Author: bensonmum2 from Tennessee
26 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Newspaper reporter and would-be spy, Perry Liston (Patrick O'Neal), finds himself in a Chinese prison. He's housed with old, dying man whom he befriends. Before the old man dies, he gives Liston a ring that has the power to make him invisible. Liston escapes, makes his way to Europe, gets mixed up with a crazed villain, and, in the end, must save mankind from destruction (or something like that).

Other than the invisibility angle, this is all pretty standard Eurospy stuff. And, it's in these moments that I really enjoyed Matchless. But, the invisibility ring and all the "hilarious" shenanigans it produces really put a damper on my enjoyment. It's all too slapstick for my taste. I enjoy a spy film with a generous helping of tongue-in- cheek, but, at times, this goes way overboard into the realm of being absurd. And that's too bad because the rest is a pretty decent movie. Of course the plot makes little sense (do plots ever make sense in these movies?) and it's all shot fairly cheaply, but it's got something about it I enjoyed. The cast is really the standout. Donald Pleasance was never better. His take on the super-villain in Matchless is as good as I've seen. He's a hoot! Joining Pleasance are the manically laughing Henry Silva and the drop-dead gorgeous Ira von Furstenberg. Supposed star Patrick O'Neal is the weakest of the main cast. And the poor dubbing/looping of his dialogue doesn't help.

Overall, Matchless is a decent Eurospy effort that's hurt by some lame attempts at humor. A wishy-washy 5/10 is about the best rating I can give it.

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