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Merle: A message from the airforce, sir. In 10 minutes, they will be overhead to drop in reinforcements!

Lt. Col. Pierre Raspeguy: We haven't got enough firepower left to cover them, they'll be slaughtered before they hit the ground, get back on the radio and warn them off.

Merle: Right sir!

[command bunker with radio blown up]

Merle: [picking up broken pieces of radio] Poor devils, they'll be here in a few minutes!

Lt. Col. Pierre Raspeguy: Well, what the hell can I do!

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Capt. Phillipe Esclavier: Nobody goes into the village, I'm in command here and that's an order!

[takes out service pistol]

Verte: If that was you, sir, all chopped up, we'd do the same for you.

Capt. Boisfeuras: We must avenge the mutilation of our three comrades.

[turns to others]

Capt. Boisfeuras: Go!

Capt. Phillipe Esclavier: Stop!

[shoots near Capt. Boisfeuras feet]

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