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Halloween Parade
fandangonoir29 September 2000
I always loved watching this on CBS when I was a kid. I even loved the commercials. They were always either Dolly Madison or McDonald's commercials. That seems like a strange thing to mention but I felt it added something extra to this special. I loved the look of the show. All the oranges and reds and other fall colors. From the pumpkin carving opener, the pumpkin patch, Snoopy's fantasy World War I adventures as he makes his way across the French countryside, to the beautiful musical score, it all adds up to one great Halloween experience. Taking you back to a simpler time when the world seemed more innocent. We'll miss you Charlie Schultz.
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20-something Ponders Childhood
ONUcoqui200123 October 2004
Although thousands of Halloween TV specials bombard us each October, one stands out as a can't-miss for anyone with children or anyone who ever was a child. The complete lack of scariness makes this the classic feel-good movie of the season. It is one film that is appropriate for children of every age, even very young children. It brings up the same nostalgic feelings that the Peanuts comic strip does, and gets me in the Halloween spirit every year. If you haven't seen it yet, spend some time this October to watch it with the children in your life. It's perfect with warm popcorn and orange candy corn. So for a change from the movies that give you nightmares, try the Halloween special that will give you sweet dreams of great pumpkins.
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Great Halloween feature!
Movie Nuttball18 October 2003
This is a very good animated feature! It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is very funny and I am surprised it is still poplar today! If you get chance to watch it then do so because it is really a classic and great for Halloween!
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Here's the World War I Flying Ace with his review...
Scott LeBrun23 October 2011
I've been a lifetime Peanuts fan; I grew up with the comic strip and a number of the TV specials. It was always a cause for celebration to see these endearing characters and laugh at their assorted escapades.

Here, the character of Linus, ordinarily the most sensible of the children, indulges in his ongoing personal fantasy involving the almighty Great Pumpkin who in Linus' mind is the Santa Claus of the Halloween season, appearing in the most sincere of pumpkin patches and distributing toys to the faithful.

One can't help but be charmed by his dedication to this concept, even as it prevents him from enjoying the more conventional trappings of the holiday - specifically trick or treating, which his admirer Sally forgoes in order to be with him.

This lovable story does of course display a constant disarming sense of humour, in particular poor Charlie Browns' tendency to get rocks in his treat bag in place of candy - yet he doesn't let it get him down. Good old Snoopy continues to be a major cut up - whether he's indulging in his own flights of fancy, taking on the persona of the World War I Flying Ace forever facing off against his arch rival The Red Baron, and pretending to be making his way across enemy lines (this sequence features some of the best animation in the special), or stealing the show at Violets' Halloweeen Party. It's just too cute when he bops along to Schroeders' piano music and then sobs uncontrollably when the music turns dramatic.

The special remains bright and upbeat all the way through, with Linus ranting his way all through the closing credits about the supposed "stupidity" of waiting in a pumpkin patch. Everything about this can continue to appeal to all ages; 45 years later, it's still a charmer.

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A can't-miss Halloween must!
ka-leidoscope2 November 2004
The thing I loved most about this Charlie Brown Halloween special was the sheer simplicity of it. The creators obviously aimed this at people of all ages; It is just so funny and cute, it's impossible not to love. There is no horror, thriller, or gruesome bloody scenes. It shows what Halloween is really about- the fun of trick-or-treating, and being with your friends.

Linus believes in the 'Great Pumpkin', the Santa Claus of Halloween. He misses out on Halloween to stay in the Pumpkin Patch, waiting for the Great Pumpkin to pick his pumpkin patch as the most sincere. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown and the gang get invited to Violet's halloween party. The gang save Sally goes trick-or-treating as well. Sally decides to stay with Linus.

Don't miss out on this! A must see for Halloween.
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Excellent film
conace218 January 2004
This special is great. I love the background music, especially the upbeat tempo played while Charlie Brown dances because he has finally been invited to a Halloween mistake. The scene with Snoopy and the Red Baron is an abrupt switch from the storyline, but it is very well done; 5 minutes or so without any talking.

Did anyone notice how big the moon is in the pumpkin patch? It is huge!
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Brings back a flood of memories every time I watch it...
TobyS24 August 2001
I grew up with this and all the other Peanuts specials. I remember sitting up until 8:00pm (late for me at that age) and loving it. I remember the Mounds and Almond Joy ads. I even remember the catchy CBS "Special Presentation" intro. What can be said for this classic that hasn't been said before? From Linus and Sally in the pumpkin patch all night to the still quoted "I got a rock!" line, not many holiday specials that don't involve Charlie Brown and the gang bring a smile to my face like It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Schulz.

My grade: A+
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What would Halloween be without it??
Alan Rowe Kelly20 April 2004
Now what would Halloween, my favorite holiday, be without Charlie

Brown and the Great Pumpkin? Not to date myself, but I remember the very first time it aired on

CBS at the ripe old age of 7! I've never missed it since! Nothing encapsulates childhood, camaraderie and the spirit of

Halloween more than this Charles M. Schultz classic. Charlie

Brown and his bag of rocks, Snoopy and the Red Baron, Linus'

ingenious use of his security blanket for a ghost costume, Vince

Guaraldi's great score, and of course, bossy Lucy and her

sarcastic voice of reason - I think we all know a 'Lucy' growing up! All the feelings of anticipation, excitement and fear so commonly

associated with this spooky holiday is captured here - even the

feeling of great disappointment when awakening the day after and

knowing one must wait another FULL year for this greatest of

holidays to come again - another year to plan and live out your

fantasy. Well, at least there's Charlie Brown Xmas to get us over

the hump! Good Grief!!
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It's a Great Film, Charlie Brown!
twisty_treat14 March 2004
Really, what can one say about this little TV-movie to expresses its greatness? Along with "A Charlie Brown Christmas," "The Great Pumpkin" is a Peanuts masterpiece. The kids are just as we love them best - witty, precocious, adorable, sweet, and frustrated! Everyone should grow up watching this movie: Charlie Brown getting rocks in his bag, Linus' unwavering belief in the Great Pumpkin, Sally's calls of "Sweet Baboo," Lucy...being Lucy. All these superb comic elements blend to create one of the best holiday specials - or not even just for the holidays! - in history. If you've had the misfortune to never see this great piece, please go find it and watch it! You'll enjoy it no matter what your age. Have fun!
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More Classic Fun With the Peanuts Gang
cairn68 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Another early gem from the "Peanuts" series. This time it's Halloween and the fun and festivities are about to get underway. Charlie Brown actually gets invited to a party, the kids are making their costumes, and Linus, slightly mixed up in the area of "which holiday figure goes where" is eagerly awaiting the "Great Pumpkin" and his sack of toys for the good kids and convinces Sally to bypass Trick-or-Treating and wait with him in a pumpkin patch. The kids go out for Candy, Charlie Brown gets a bag of rocks, the party goes on as planned,and Linus is left sleeping in the pumpkin patch with Sally unleashing her wrath upon him after missing all the fun waiting for something that just wasn't going to happen. In short, good Peanuts fun. But what stands out in this special is Snoopy, now fully developed as stand out element of comedy in this series. He's over the top in this show, from his doghouse dogfight with the "Red Baron" to his antics at the party and later in the pumpkin patch..Snoopy steals it all here. Classic fun to get you laughing every year in October.
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