The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) Poster

Plot Keywords

gold cemetery
battle bandit
stagecoach honor
hitman buried gold
scam american civil war
desert showdown
treasure outlaw
final showdown final battle
epic 19th century
shot through a pillow cowboys and outlaws
cowboy shirt cowboy
cowboy hat cowboy boots
repeating rifle winchester rifle
sequel to cult favorite drifter
beating suspense
treasure hunt escape
cannon combat
ambush fast draw
gun violence pistol
six shooter revolver
shootout two man army
tough guy poncho
opening action scene one man army
one against many western hero
action hero hero
psychopath cult film
prequel and sequel evil man
masculine character with female name prequel
rotoscoping bathtub
thrown from a train title ends with period
third part third in trilogy
period in title death of title character
freeze frame acme brand
illiteracy bandito
antonyms in title mexican standoff
contract killer assassin
interrupted hanging new mexico
part of trilogy legless man
exploding bridge dynamite
good versus evil deep focus
very little dialogue moral ambiguity
duster famous opening theme
one armed man marauder
warrior kindness
friendship compassion
shot to death shot in the face
shot in the chest grave robbing
falling from height explosion
dehydration death
blood man with no name
gun fu bounty hunter
anti hero train
bridge amputee
paraplegic sequel
public execution greed
skeleton gunfight
hanging fugitive
small town stolen money
brother brother relationship texas
famous score coat
betrayal spaghetti western
priest murder
army gun store
sabotage 1860s
buried treasure demolition
impersonation torture
marksman spit in the face
firing squad robbery
noose child murder
catholic mission double amputee
saved from hanging violence
thirst nude with a gun
hotel shooting gallery
prisoner of war camp surprise ending

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