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Edited into 

Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen (2012)
scenes are taken from this film


Rear Window (1954)

Referenced in 

Targets (1968)
A man at the screening session in the beginning of the movie briefly mentions "Antonioni's latest" which is "Blowup."
Greetings (1968)
That Girl: They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? (1970) (TV Episode)
Ann seeing an important image in the background of some film shot is taken from the plot of the movie.
Blade of the Ripper (1971)
Two girls fighting at the party, ripping each other's clothes off.
Deep Red (1975)
Unmade Beds (1976)
Blow Out (1981)
Nightmare (1981)
De weg: Zo'n vader als ik heb (1983) (TV Episode)
Mrs. van Swaay is taking the boys to see this film
Who Pays the Piper (1983)
The lead characters take photographs in the park which reveal a murder in progress (after "blowing up" the snaps). As a nod to the source, the park in the movie is called "Antonioni Park" after the director of the original.
Dallas: Blow Up (1984) (TV Episode)
title reference
Remington Steele: Steele at Your Service (1986) (TV Episode)
Laura references this movie while taking photographs.
The Singing Detective (1986) (TV Mini-Series)
Poster visible in bedroom in Episode 5
Siskel & Ebert: The Movies That Made Us Critics (1990) (TV Episode)
Gene Siskel cites the movie as one that triggered late-night debates in college.
Slacker (1991)
The Anti-Artist suggests to the Dairy Queen photographer they go home and watch Blowup together
La tarea (1991)
It is referenced.
Kika (1993)
Male fashion photographer on top of female model during shoot, and other parallels.
Home Improvement: Blow Up (1993) (TV Episode)
title reference
Prime Suspect 3 (1993) (TV Mini-Series)
The photographer has a Blowup poster in his studio.
Due South: The Blue Line (1995) (TV Episode)
The video clerk describes it to Fraser and Ray when they ask him to do a photo enhancement.
Tomie: Another Face (1999) (Video)
Movie poster
Men Named Milo, Women Named Greta (2000) (Short)
The iconic image of Hemmings with his camera, hovering over his subject, is re-enacted here by DesBarres as Christian Bell.
Little Nicky (2000)
Silhouettes: The James Bond Titles (2000) (Video)
Title mentioned by Philip Dodd
Schlock! The Secret History of American Movies (2001)
It is mentioned in a newspaper article ("Blow-Up").
Monarch of the Glen: Episode #3.10 (2002) (TV Episode)
Hector recalls that Michelangelo Antonioni had wanted to cast Molly in the film.
The Son of Samsonite (2002) (Short)
Femme Fatale (2002)
A photographer accidentally witnesses a mysterious criminal event.
Nel cuore della notte (2002)
L'escala de diamants (2003) (TV Movie)
100 Greatest Sexy Moments (2003) (TV Movie)
Referenced by name
Top Gear: Episode #4.1 (2004) (TV Episode)
Theme music heard during the "France challenge"
Butterfly (2004)
A poster of the movie can be seen.
Klovn: De nye danskere (2005) (TV Episode)
Poster on wall
The Lady in Question Is Charles Busch (2005)
quick reference points to the opening sequence where Hemmings takes pictures of model Veruschka, seen as the interaction between Kenneth Elliott and Meghan Robinson in the play Coma
Stoned (2005)
poster seen
Prime (2005)
Several characters attend that movie.
The Eye of the Beholder (2005) (Video)
An example of other films from the 1960s about the power of photography. Stills & poster included
Unrequited Love (2006)
Dart makes many visits to the park where Blow Up was shot, and the narrator discusses Hitchcock's obsession with the film
Immensity of Justice (2006)
imaginary tennis ball scene
Skins: Tony (2007) (TV Episode)
poster in Tony's room
The Black Donnellys: Pilot (2007) (TV Episode)
Tommy tells Kim that Blow Up is his favorite movie.
2 Minutes Later (2007)
The scene with the photoshoot mimicks the one with David Hemmings and Vanessa Redgrave
Absolute Beginner (2007)
photo session scene
Twisted Sex Vol. 23 (2007) (Video)
This film is referenced by name in the U.S. theatrical trailers for 'The Sins of the Daughter' and 'Erika's Hot Summer'.
Palermo Shooting (2008)
Emotionally detached photographer drives around in his convertible, a british model to match 'Blowup'.
Afstiros katallilo (2008)
Poster on the wall
Girls! Girls! Girls! The 1960s (2009) (Video)
Anneke Wills says that she auditioned for the role of Jane.
Scream of the Bikini (2009)
Pays homage to the classic mime scene
Jeopardy!: 2010 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal 3 (2010) (TV Episode)
Subject of a $1,600 clue in the category "Palme d'Or Winners"
Entourage: Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (2010) (TV Episode)
bottom of poster seen in bowling alley
Amy George (2011)
A photographer visits a tennis court in a park.
Sergio Martino: The Art and Arteries of the Giallo (2011) (Video)
One of many films referenced
Mad Men: Commissions and Fees (2012) (TV Episode)
Megan lists this movie as one possibly for her, Julia and Sally to go and see.
Damage (2012) (Short)
Felix is inspired by the character 'Thomas' in the movie
Amber Alert (2012)
A camera exposes a criminal.
May & December (2012)
Dee's line, "She's not beautiful, just easy to live with." Is a reference to Antonioni's "Blow Up"
The Dirties (2013)
DVD is shown in Matt's room.
Videoclub (2013)
Video case is shown ("Blow Up").
Life Itself (2014)
Mentioned in Ebert's review for With Six You Got Eggroll.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
Poster seen on bedroom's wall.

Featured in 

The Siskel & Ebert 500th Anniversary Special (1989) (TV Movie)
Clip of the mimed tennis match is shown.
Playboy: The Story of X (1998) (Video)
Indie Sex: Taboos (2001) (TV Movie)
Clips from this film were shown in this documentary
Sex at 24 Frames Per Second (2003) (Video)
footage shown
100 Greatest Sexy Moments (2003) (TV Movie)
Clips are shown
The 76th Annual Academy Awards (2004) (TV Special)
Memorial Tribute: David Hemmings
Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti - A Classic Album Under Review (2008) (Video)
Band plays 'Stroll On' while Jeff Beck destroys his guitar on stage
The Brick Wall Bubble Gum Girl (2008) (Short)
Movie that the apprentice goes to see at the beginning of the film
20 to 1: Sizzling Superstars (2009) (TV Episode)
Clips shown in a segment on Veruschka.
Autumn of the Magician (2009)
Features footage
Breakfast: Episode dated 18 February 2010 (2010) (TV Episode)
Clip shown to introduce today's special guest Vanessa Redgrave.
David Bailey: Four Beats to the Bar and No Cheating (2010) (Video)
Clips seen and discussed
George Harrison: Living in the Material World (2011)
The clip from the movie is shown.
Not Fade Away (2012)
Seen by characters at a cinema.

Spoofed in 

High Anxiety (1977)

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