Andrei Rublev (1966) Poster


Plot Keywords

15th century tatar
prince invasion
icon painter
dwarf shovel
despair fleeing
hot air balloon accident inspiration
blood bandage
metal casting bare breasts
apprentice desecration
stabbing a horse dying
tied up swimming
money acrobat
food feather
mason master
axe sexuality
dogfight kiss
painting drink
beating a dog snowing
eating snow dead body
false accusation blind man
balloon arrest
digging passion play
disease transcendence
mud singer
dog wolf
throwing paint on a wall ghost
dragged by one's hair tantrum
birch legend
tears talking to the dead
knife temptation
secret siege
candle virgin mary
treason beehive
clothes on fire forgiveness
boy accident
authority judas
mold making cabbage
nudity boiled in pitch
raid silver
sliding down a hill ladder
drunkenness beating
running horseshoe
onion bee
scaffold liar
smoke blinding
fool art
humility dock
gold fog
laundry drying on a clothes line lie
genius white feather
disciple swan
angel attack
love apple
public nudity ascetic
burning nightingale
disappearance mob
snow humiliation
pity violence
hope flood
book winter
rape courier
fresco greek
cruelty armor
dragged by a horse mongol
carried over someone's back easter
suffering beer
crowd salvation
pants falling down bare butt
illness animal abuse
river spear
singing abbot
thief vespers
crucifixion animal cruelty
skill snake
rooftop silence
woods jealousy
riderless horse dream
rowboat hallucination
torch myth
mug braiding hair on a dead body
falling into a river crying
killing sorrow
vow of silence black cat
theft drinking
hunger stomach rumbling
horse riding creativity
ant justice
bell actual animal killed
escape rainstorm
standing on someone's foot horse
fire mute girl
voyeur cat
blindness famine
goat controversy
power courage
sex faithlessness
bee sting canoe
ambassador hot air balloon
confession horse meat
pardon innocence
judge beach
betrayal guilt
hermit blacksmith
old man forest
envy reading
head held under a boot joy
injustice cow on fire
rain torture
chase whispering
dead bird massacre
builder pillage
jester children
witchcraft whipping
walled city voice over narration
cutting out a tongue throne
sword stabbed in the hand
stabbed in the eye spitting on someone
spirituality slow motion scene
russia repentance
religious procession prodigal son
princess prayer
plague nativity
murder moscow russia
messenger mansion
man on fire male nudity
male frontal nudity kissing a cross
jumping off a balcony reference to jesus christ
husband wife relationship horse falls over
horse cart holy communion
heathen head wound
reference to god folklore
flogging flashback
fire torture female frontal nudity
father son relationship family relationships
eternal damnation episodic structure
epilogue epic
drum documentary segment
deception decapitation
death death of family
crucifix cross
cathedral campfire
brother brother relationship bow and arrow
bishop bible
beheading battle
battering ram atonement
arrow in back apostle
1420s 1410s
1400s politics
female nudity orthodoxy
reluctant hero work of art
traitor tradition
soldier saint
russian culture russian orthodox
ritual religious art
priest poverty
persecution peasant
pagan monk
monasticism monastery
medieval times liturgy
iconography flying
execution clergy
city church
christianity calvary
byzantine artist
army allegory
faith heathendom
religion water
character name in title

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