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1 Jan. 1967
Kaisuisei Tsuifon
The shock wave from an approaching comet is expected to detonate a missing nuclear bomb. Unfortunately for the Science Patrol, the bomb is located inside one of three different monsters. The Science Patrol must dispatch the three monsters without allowing the nuclear bomb to detonate.
8 Jan. 1967
Kaijû denka - Zenpen
Scientists capture a monster in order to put in on display at the World's Fair. Their attempt fails and the monster is on the loose. After the monster begins tunneling underground, the Science Patrol must track its location so they can prevent it from harming nearby populated areas.
15 Jan. 1967
Kaijû denka - Kouhen
After the monster eludes both the Science Patrol and Ultraman, the threat to the population becomes even greater.
22 Jan. 1967
Ningen hyôhon 5 - 6
Ultraman's old foe Dada arrives on Earth and is collecting human specimens for their experiments.
29 Jan. 1967
Chitei e no chôsen
After all of the gold in a mountain has disappeared it is revealed that a monster has been eating the precious metal.
5 Feb. 1967
Maboroshi no yukiyama
After a ski resort experiences some trouble, the Science Patrol investigates a mysterious girl and her rumored guardian monster.
12 Feb. 1967
Kita no wa dare da
A Science Patrol member from South America who was born in Japan makes a return visit. Bringing with him a sample of a man-eating plant.
19 Feb. 1967
Hateshinaki gyakushû
A member of the Science Patrol is on vacation from India. Her vacation is cut short when a monster begins burning mountains and surrounding areas.
26 Feb. 1967
Kinjirareta kotoba
An alien comes to Earth seeking to take control of it. But the only way he can get it is if he has permission from a boy. When the boy refuses, the alien decides to attack.
5 Mar. 1967
Sora no okurimono
A monster falls from the sky and presents a peculiar problem for the Science Patrol. It's too heavy for the Patrol to deal with.
12 Mar. 1967
Kaijû bochi
A monster is inadvertently brought to Earth from the monster graveyard. The Science Patrol attempts to return it back to where it belongs.
19 Mar. 1967
Utsu na! Arashi
A monster with the ability to blind it's victims, and the ability to become stronger after being attacked, begins wreaking havoc. Science Patrol member Arashi gets into trouble when he defies orders to leave the monster alone.
26 Mar. 1967
Chîsana eiyû
The small monster Pygmon returns with a warning that a monster who can control other monsters is preparing an all-out attack against Earth.
2 Apr. 1967
Uchûsen kyûjo meirei
Members of a space station are blinded by a mysterious force on another planet. The Science Patrol is called in to investigate
9 Apr. 1967
Saraba Urutoraman
An alien invasion fleet arrives at Earth. While the Science Patrol deals with an infiltrator, Ultraman must confront the alien leader.

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