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Season 3

26 Sep. 1968
Sock It to Me
Ann can not bring herself to slap actor Barry Sullivan as the script in the Braodway play tells her to do.
3 Oct. 1968
The Hi-Jack and the Mighty
Ann while practicing for a commercial as an airline stewardess thinks she has spotted an airline hijacker.
10 Oct. 1968
Eleven Angry Men and That Girl
Ann is the one holdout on a jury case about a man who hits his wife with an ashtray.
17 Oct. 1968
7 1/4: Part 1
When Ann goes to LA with Donald, her father is sure that hanky panky is going on between them.
24 Oct. 1968
7 1/4: Part 2
Donald disapproves of Ann promoting a soft drink in a TV commercial.
31 Oct. 1968
Secret Ballot
This is Ann's first Presidential election and she is studying the issues like crazy. She balks at telling her father which political party she is registered for.
7 Nov. 1968
The Face in the Shower Room Door
Only Ann Marie can get stuck in her shower.
14 Nov. 1968
A Muggy Day in Central Park
When Ann is mugged in Central Park Ann doesn't want her father to know. Donald does an article on the mugger patrol and gets caught by Ann's father dressed as a woman.
21 Nov. 1968
Just Donald and Me and Jerry Makes Three
After a fight between Jerry and Ruth, Ann and Donald get stuck in the middle.
28 Nov. 1968
The Seventh Time Around
Donald does a story on a wealthy woman who has been married six times and Ann thinks that she is trying to steal Donald away from her.
5 Dec. 1968
Ann vs. Secretary
Donald's secretary is trying to steal Donald from Ann. Ann returns everything he ever gave to her, but changes her mind and has minutes to correct the situation before Donald returns.
12 Dec. 1968
Decision Before Dawn
Ann gets too much advice on what to do with the windfall in her latest paycheck.
26 Dec. 1968
Should All Our Old Acquaintances Be Forgot
A private New Year's Eve celebration between Ann and Donald escalates when her parents show up for "one drink"and then more and more show up and a party starts.
2 Jan. 1969
The Homewrecker and the Window Washer
After a window washer saves Ann from a bully and gets his nose broken, Ann helps him home and his wife is sure that something is going on between them.
9 Jan. 1969
The Eye of the Beholder
Ann receives a delivery from an art store of an abstract sculpture. She believes the delivery is in error since there is no card and she didn't buy it. Regardless, she hates it, she likening it to a lump of brass mashed potatoes. She tells Donald her feelings about the sculpture, he who in turn tells her it is a gift from him. He felt like it figuratively "screamed Ann". Outwardly, Ann changes her tune about the sculpture because it was given to her not only with love but with her specifically in mind. However, as Ann starts defending the sculpture to others, it ...
16 Jan. 1969
Dark on Top of Everything Else
Since Don has to work on the weekend, Ann decides to spend the weekend home with her parents. Her parents are on their way to New York for a convention. Ann stays while the parents are away, goes through her old things and feels nostalgic.
23 Jan. 1969
The Earrings
Ann loses one of the expensive diamond earrings that Donald gave her. Donald had insisted that she wear them. They both go buy a replacement and hide them in her apartment.
30 Jan. 1969
Many Happy Returns
Ann owes a lot back tax money to the IRS and she does not have it. Don tries to help her find tax deductions, but Ann did not keep any receipts.
6 Feb. 1969
My Sister's Keeper
Ann Marie does a soft drink commercial and will have her singing voice dubbed by a Sister - that looks like her sister.
13 Feb. 1969
There Was a Time Ann Met a Pie Man
Ann gets on a show where she gets hit in the face with a pie. After she feels embarrassed to death, the bit becomes a hit and they want her to do it again.
20 Feb. 1969
The Subject Was Rabies
Early one day, Ann is followed home by a friendly and cute little brown and white bushy tailed dog who she's never seen. The dog ends up giving Ann's father a nip on his ankles, causing a superficial wound before the dog runs off. As an off the cuff funny comment, Donald mentions the word "rabid" which sends both Lew and Ann into a fit of hypochondriac related hysteria. Lew is certain his developing symptoms are rabies related, while Ann can only think of her father's welfare even at the expense of her career as she stays with him, missing an important audition in the...
27 Feb. 1969
The Defiant One
Ann befriends a young black boy who claims to live on Park Avenue. His second story is about rats and squalor and is so awful that Ann wants to adopt him. When his father shows up he is famous and they do live on Park Avenue.
6 Mar. 1969
Fly Me to the Moon
Ann has a job with Air Force public relations when she is supposed to help Donald in his apartment.
13 Mar. 1969
It's So Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House
Ann's father catches Donald in Ann's apartment at night after a mouse scared her and he wants to get a preacher immediately.
20 Mar. 1969
Bad Day at Marvin Gardens
Ann's father is a shark when it comes to playing Monopoly.
27 Mar. 1969
Sue Me, Sue Me, What Can You Do Me?
Lou and Donald both have problems when he slips and falls at Donald's office.

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