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Season 2

25 Nov. 1968
The Raft
Sonny and Skippy sail a home-made raft down the river and rescue a runaway boy from a mangrove swamp.
4 Nov. 1968
The Perfect Hosts
While Matt and Mark are helping out a ranger who has broken down in a downpour near a swollen creek, Sonny and Clancy receive a visitor who matches a radio news report's description of an escaped robber.
11 Nov. 1968
Honest Jack
The team at Ranger Headquarters are surprised to find someone is selling off land in the National Park.
13 Dec. 1968
Follow My Leader
Clancy invites Norman Dupree, a friend of her family and a talented violinist, to lunch at Ranger Headquarters.
3 Feb. 1969
Tex 'N Ranger
Sonny and Skippy see a man get kicked off a cliff.
24 Mar. 1969
An unknown illness starts striking down animals in Waratah National Park, including Skippy.
15 Jan. 1969
Sonny looks after a show horse, found in the park. When the mean owner turns up, Sonny finds it hard to give her back.
25 May 1969
The Mine
An old Army friend of Matt's arrives at the Waratah National Park to help him blow up an abandoned mine.
6 Jan. 1969
A young deserter from the National Service causes a rock-slide that injures Sonny, and then risks recapture to look after him at Ranger Headquarters.
27 Jan. 1969
Hide and Seek
A childhood friend of Jerry's asks him for refuge in the Waratah National Park.
3 Mar. 1969
Flying Saucers
While taking pictures of Skippy, Sonny sees and photographs what he thinks is a flying saucer.
17 Mar. 1969
After having his palm read by a gypsy staying in the park, Sonny fears for Matt's life.
17 Feb. 1969
A young puppeteer camping in the park may be the answer to raising funds for the RSPCA.
11 May 1969
Vice Versa
Sir Adrian Gillespie brings Professor Leonard Clifton to Waratah National Park so he can take Skippy to a laboratory to study her and find out what makes her so intelligent.
13 Oct. 1969
An aggressive National Parks & Wildlife Service inspector arrives at the Waratah National Park determined to instill fear into everyone at Ranger Headquarters.
24 Feb. 1969
The Black Spider
Sonny's been reading a lurid novel about blackmailers and he spots Clancy crying after reading a letter, he becomes convinced that his young friend has received a note from someone demanding money.
28 Apr. 1969
Tread Softly
A released prisoner sets traps in the Waratah National Park, forcing its temporary closure.
28 Apr. 1969
The Shark Taggers
Sonny and Skippy help a young scientist with her research of the Port Jackson shark.
17 Apr. 1969
Surprise! Surprise!
Mark plans a surprise birthday party for Clancy.
21 Apr. 1969
Marco Polo
Mark plans an overseas trip for himself and Bob Raine.
2 Sep. 1969
The Wombat
Sonny is trying to study for school exam when Skippy takes him to a baby wombat whose mother has disappeared. He takes it back to ranger headquarters where chaos ensues when Mark tries to take him to quarantine.
26 May 1969
The Hammonds are plagued by lumberjacks illegally chopping down trees on National Park land.
4 Apr. 1969
Up and Beyond
Two hot-air balloonists bail out over the Waratah National Park.
2 May 1969
When Sonny and Skippy discover a herd of wild horses damaging vegetation in the Waratah National Park, Matt enlists the aid of two champion rodeo riding brothers to capture them.
19 May 1969
The Hikers
Two schoolteachers go on a dangerous hike in the Loftus Valley.
11 Apr. 1969
For My Next Trick
An itinerant entertainer visits the Waratah National Park while en route to Collingdale.
13 May 1969
A Bird in the Hand
Jerry goes to Sydney Airport to meet a visiting ornithologist, who turns out to be a lovely young nun. Mark finds a person trying to poach some birds from the Waratah National Park.
29 Apr. 1969
When the local athletics association hold a cross-country marathon that passes through the Waratah National Park, Mark decides to take part.
12 May 1969
The Best Man
Jerry is asked by a friend to be the best man at a wedding, but can he make it to the church on time?
28 May 1969
Plain Jane
Jane, a friend of Clancy's and a shy country girl, struggles to fit in when she visits Ranger Headquarters.
14 Jul. 1969
Hi Fi
Mark builds himself a hi fi stereo set, for which he finds an unexpected use during a storm.
30 May 1969
When Maggie Roderick becomes embroiled with smugglers, she turns to her boyfriend Jerry King for help.
26 May 1969
Mixed Company
An elderly ornithologist is determined to prevent a group of young water skiers from using the river and scaring off the birds he is recording the sounds of.
8 Sep. 1969
Treasure Hunt
There has been a bank robbery and the two robbers have hidden the money in a treasure chest in Matt's car. The chest should contain the prize for a treasure hunt being organised for children in Waratah National Park by the rangers.
16 Jun. 1969
The Sport of Kings
Sir Adrian Gillespie enters a horse in the Corinthian Handicap, a race for male amateur jockeys, at Royal Randwick. Skippy places a $1 bet on a horse with odds of 33:1.
30 Apr. 1970
Bon Voyage
Clancy sits her final music examinations. Sir Adrian Gillespie brings an English visitor to the Waratah National Park to discuss an exchange program with Matt.
30 Jun. 1969
Sonny and Skippy become involved in a bitter feud between two old, hard-headed bushmen when they see one of them practising a sheep-dog trial in the Waratah National Park.
1 Sep. 1969
An amateur photographer shows Mark and Sonny some photos of an unusual animal, which Matt thinks could be the long-extinct Tasmanian tiger.
5 Aug. 1969
Luna Park
Sonny wins a trip for himself and a friend to Luna Park in a newspaper competition.

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