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2 Jan. 1967
The Last Harbor Raid: Episode III
Marianne helps Troy to convince suspicious local fisherman to evacuate Allied POWs who are forced to repair port facilities for a German supply depot.
9 Jan. 1967
The One That Got Away Raid
The Rat Patrol is assigned a rescue mission to save Oberleutnant Gustaf Friedrich Luden, a German defector code-named "buttercup," whose cover may have been exposed. As a bonus, Luden will turn over the latest German secret codes.
16 Jan. 1967
Two for One Raid
Sgt. Troy and his Rats are tasked with preventing a supply drop to a German convoy headed by the renowned Colonel Seidner. His teen son Peter ends up in their custody and Troy endangers the mission to spare the Colonel.
23 Jan. 1967
The Last Chance Raid
The patrol finds themselves trapped in a German radio station after trying to contact the British with urgent information. Troy and his fellow rats must outwit Dietrich to escape death or capture.
30 Jan. 1967
The B Negative Raid
Moffitt is wounded after an attack on a German convoy and needs a transfusion of a rare blood type. Troy and Hitchcock secretly enter Deitrich's camp and find an American deserter Cpl Pennell who is unwilling to cooperate.
6 Feb. 1967
The Exhibit A Raid
Sgt. Troy has a notorious German soldier Colonel Beckman in custody when an altercation occurs and another POW is killed. Beckman frames Troy for the murder, so the remaining patrol conducts a daring raid to clear him.
13 Feb. 1967
The Holy War Raid
Capt. Dietrich schemes to kidnap Holy Man Marabout, then "rescue" so his tribe will side with the Germans. The Rats must rescue him as Pettigrew and Hitchcock are held hostage by the Arabs until Troy and Moffit return with Marabout.
20 Feb. 1967
The Two Against Time Raid
The Rat Patrol's mission to blow up a German ammunition depot is thwarted by Captain Dietrich. He confronts Troy but a landslide traps them together. Moffitt has orders to dynamite the site despite his entombed comrade.
20 Mar. 1967
Take Me to Your Leader Raid
Capt. Dietrich contrives to have a German soldier, impersonating a Major Lansing, to be picked up by the Rat Patrol and taken headquarters. He is to assassinate an Allied general but a surrending Italian Colonel Centis discovers the ruse.
27 Mar. 1967
The Double or Nothing Raid
Sgt. Moffitt is wounded, taken prisoner and about to be executed by the Germans. After the Rats initial rescue fails, Moffitt learns from a doctor that he is being used as bait to trap the rest of the patrol and eliminate them.
3 Apr. 1967
The Hour Glass Raid
Captain Dietrich kidnaps Dr. Anderson from a medical unit to aid a wounded German officer. Sgt Troy and the Rats pursue Dietrich who is injured during a sandstorm. As he is being treated he reveals a traitor among the Allies.
10 Apr. 1967
Sgt. Troy smuggles a heavily bandaged Moffitt in German HQ posing as a Luftwaffe pilot. Moffitt pretends to have important information about Allied movements but their cover is blown leading to Troy's capture.
26 Apr. 1967
The Fire and Brimstone Raid
Sgt. Troy and his patrol are trapped in a munitions depot by Deitrich who forces the local chieftain to become his ally. The desperate situation takes a turn when Moffitt appeals to the sheik's pride regarding the German threats against him.
1 May 1967
The Delilah Raid
Sgt Troy and his men encounter Michele, claiming to be a resistance fighter, while on a mission. Taking her along, she leads them to be captured by Col. Ulrich Leske. Ulrich is her lover and the Rats must escape plus blowup a fuel depot.
11 Sep. 1967
The Truce at Aburah Raid
The Rat Patrol and German forces clash in a small village. During the fighting a small girl falls down a well. An uneasy truce develops as both the Germans and Rat patrol try to save an innocent victim of war.
18 Sep. 1967
The David and Goliath Raid
The rat patrol ambush a pair of motorcyclists then become victims of an ambush themselves with all their vehicles being destroyed. A secret map indicates there might be a waterhole within walking distance so they set off across open desert. The boys of the Rat Patrol have to draw on all their cunning and guile to survive what awaits them at the waterhole.
25 Sep. 1967
The Trial by Fire Raid
The rat patrol encounter a German force resupplying at a small village using local labor. Sgt Troy is faced with a terrible dilemma; he must stop the Germans resupplying, but at great cost to the innocent civilians caught up in the war. The Sergeant devises a cunning plan but what will be the ultimate cost to himself, his team and people of the village.
2 Oct. 1967
The Darers Go First Raid
The Rat Patrol are tasked with destroying a small German fort. They realize they don't have the equipment to complete the task and launch a daring plan to steal a German tank.
9 Oct. 1967
The Love Thine Enemy Raid
During a raid on a German supply column a woman, claiming to be a nurse is shot and is in need of urgent medical attention. The team are faced with the choice of completing their mission or allowing the girl to die.
16 Oct. 1967
The Darkest Raid
The Rat Patrol are tasked with stealing a large cache of diamonds the Germans have accumulated at a military HQ in the desert. Brute force will not succeed so they need to attempt a plan full of guile and cunning to pull the theft off.
30 Oct. 1967
The Death Do Us Part Raid
The Rat Patrol is captured, with the exception of their commander, during a German raid. Elements of the SS want the men executed immediately however the German commander resists the instructions, buying time for the Rat patrol to try and escape.
6 Nov. 1967
The Do-Re-Mi Raid
During a battle Sgt Troy is captured by the Germans. He immediately begins making plans with other POWs to breakout of prison. At the same time the remaining members of the Rat Patrol plan to raid the prison camp and rescue their Sergent.
13 Nov. 1967
The Kingdom Come Raid
A truck carrying top secret anti aircraft shells is captured by the Germans. The Rat Patrol are tasked with retrieving the vehicle and one of their own also captured by the Germans.
20 Nov. 1967
The Hide and Go Seek Raid
A British General's son is kidnapped by German forces, their intention is to arrange an exchange for a German General. It is decided to send in the Rat Patrol to rescue the child and foil German plans.
27 Nov. 1967
The Violent Truce Raid
The Rat Patrol become aware that a supply of contaminated plasma is being distributed to field hospitals. When the Germans capture the convoy a moral dilemma develops whether to warn the Germans or not.
4 Dec. 1967
The Life for a Life Raid
The Rat patrol are attacked by a group of Arabs working for the Germans. They survive the attack but find themselves with an unlikely prisoner.
11 Dec. 1967
The Fifth Wheel Raid
Col Jamerson is kidnapped by German forces. British intelligence are unsure if he defected or if it was a legitimate attack. The Rat Patrol are sent to find out one way or the other.
18 Dec. 1967
The Two If by Sea Raid
One of the Rat Patrol impersonate a French electrician so he can infiltrate a secret German naval base.
25 Dec. 1967
The Street Urchin Raid
Sgt Troy infiltrate a small Arab town in Spanish Sahara searching for photos. Before he can collect them he is captured by Gestapo agents. A young boy does accidentally find the photos placing everyone's life at risk.

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