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12 Sep. 1966
The Chase of Fire Raid
British officer Sgt. Jack Moffitt is assigned to the Rat Patrol and must prove himself to a resistant Sgt. Troy. Moffitt's mission is to help the Rats locate a buried German supply dump before Dietrich's forces find it.
19 Sep. 1966
The Life Against Death Raid
Hitch is critically wounded and to save his life the Rat Patrol risk their own by bringing him into a German hospital camp for emergency surgery.
26 Sep. 1966
The Wildest Raid of All
The Rat Patrol's U.S. Sgt. Sam Troy lets himself be captured as a ploy to take an Africa Korps General hostage. A Rat Patrol jeep frees Sgt. Troy, and grabs the General, but is blocked into a desert canyon behind German lines by Capt. Dietrich's mobile squad. How will the vastly outnumbered Rat Patrol escape, to complete its mission to blow up a Nazi munitions dump ?
3 Oct. 1966
The Kill or Be Killed Raid
Moffitt impersonates a German archaeologist in order to infiltrate a Nazi stronghold and steal the secret of an ancient scroll believed to pinpoint a desert water supply.
10 Oct. 1966
The Chain of Death Raid
Troy and Dietrich are taken captive by a roving band of Bedouin slave traders. Meanwhile, Moffitt, Hitch and Tully are preparing to sabotage an oasis the Nazis depend upon for water.
17 Oct. 1966
The Do or Die Raid
Expert lock-pick Sgt. Frank Griffin's mission is to substitute a doctored map for the real one within a German officer's locked cabinet. The Rat Patrol's job is to get Griffin in and out of the seaside Nazi compound.
24 Oct. 1966
The Blind Man's Bluff Raid
A sun-blinded Sgt. Troy is an unwitting ploy in Dietrich's scheme to rout the Rat Patrol.
31 Oct. 1966
The Fatal Chase Raid
After liberating POWs, the Rat Patrol must transport to safety surly Sgt. Gribs, who possesses key information about Nazi troop movements. Along for the trip are Tex and Eddie, two privates determined to kill their sergeant for cowardice.
7 Nov. 1966
The Blow Sky High Raid
To knock out an Afrika Korps radar station, clearing the way for an Allied bombing raid, the Rat Patrol employs a new explosive. To get there in time, the Desert Rats must uncover an ancient shortcut through the mountains, made even more dangerous by the easily-upset French explosive, which is tossed like a snowball.
14 Nov. 1966
The Moment of Truce Raid
Troy and Dietrich declare an uneasy truce when both of their units are ambushed by a horde of homicidal Bedouins.
21 Nov. 1966
The Deadly Double Raid
Moffitt and Tully infiltrate a German prisoner of war camp seeking a soldier who has memorized Rommel's secret plans. But the man is dead, and now two men claim to have been his confidante.
28 Nov. 1966
The Gun Runner Raid
The Rat Patrol is taken prisoner by an embittered American soldier turned traitor. From his lavish desert compound he sells captured American weapons and equipment to the Germans. His proposition to Troy and Moffitt: Join me as partners.
5 Dec. 1966
The Lighthouse Raid
The Rat Patrol undertakes an ambitious two-phase mission. First they must rescue an ailing French Resistance leader from a Nazi stronghold and second they must smuggle him aboard a trawler launching from a German-held lighthouse.
12 Dec. 1966
The Dare-Devil Rescue Raid
Believing his father has survived a plane crash, Moffitt disobeys Troy's direct orders and sets out to rescue his father from the Germans.
19 Dec. 1966
The Last Harbor Raid: Episode I
The Rats are given orders to liberate prisoners being used to keep a dock area vital to the Germans. The resistance contact Bertaine is organizing the fishing boats to transport the POWS but sacrifices himself to protect the mission.
26 Dec. 1966
The Last Harbor Raid: Episode II
El Gamil steps in, replacing Betraine, to aid the patrol liberate the POWS. Sgt. Troy secretly meets senior captured officer Major Indrus while Moffitt and Hitchcock connect with Betraine's daughter Marianne, a suspected collaborater.

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