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1 Jan. 1972
The Bride
Lisa plays mail-order corpse bride to frame a money launderer. But if Jim's timing isn't perfect she may finder herself embalmed or cremated.
8 Jan. 1972
Stone Pillow
When your game is blackmail you have to protect your trump card, especially when your victim is a mobster. But when the IMF wants a piece of your action just be glad they want the mobster more than you.
15 Jan. 1972
Crime boss Emil Gadsen is about to leave the country with a list of corrupt politicians and law enforcement officers in his pay. Barney poses as a mystic who convinces Gadsen that his partner is out to eliminate him. However, he must also deal with Emil's practical minded son, Tony, who doesn't believe any of this nonsense.
22 Jan. 1972
Nora Dawson is the only person willing to testify against underworld boss Leon Chandler. Chandler has used his political connections to have Dawson committed to a corrupt mental institution where she is being drugged to destroy her credibility. The team must rescue Dawson in time for her to testify against Chandler.
29 Jan. 1972
Bag Woman
Murphy's Law catches up with the IMF: Casey's handcuffed to a suitcase full of TNT meant to kill her and a politician on the take, and Barney is wounded when his cover is blown. Phelps must quickly improvise a scenario that will give him Casey's location.
12 Feb. 1972
Double Dead
The IMF is charged with discouraging the mob's expansion plans. But Murphy's Law makes another unexpected appearance and Willy is captured. Now Jim has to improvise a plan that includes rescuing Willy. Never has Jim so confused his adversaries, but will that make them predictable or just create more chaos?
19 Feb. 1972
To persuade a casino operator to expose mob connections within the gambling industry, Jim frames him so the mob's rivalries and lethal management methods will do his talking. To get "inside" Willy plays a crooked Black Jack dealer for Jim and Casey, a pair of gambling addicts, while Barney heists the take with a collection of gadgets to die for.
26 Feb. 1972
The impossible mission this time is to recover the multi-million dollar booty stolen by a family of smugglers. But when the action gets hot, Jim sustains a head injury and wakes up with amnesia and nothing but a fake ID to tell him who he is.
16 Sep. 1972
Phelps poses as a pool shark to break up a gambling ring led by Krebbs and Allen, and recover microfilm left behind by a dead agent.
23 Sep. 1972
Two Thousand
Before he can sell it to a foreign power, the IMF force must trick a treasonous scientist into revealing the whereabouts of a cache of nuclear material by convincing him he is now living 28 years after nuclear war has devastated the country.
30 Sep. 1972
The Deal
Mobsters Larson, and Rogan have made a deal to support Gen. Oliver Hammond in his bid to take over the island nation of Camagua. The IMF capture the mobsters en route, and force them to reveal the location of the safe deposit key before Hammond can apprehend the group.
7 Oct. 1972
In order to rescue a federal agent being tortured by criminals, the IMF create a conflict between the two leading organized crime bosses in the area: Mike Apollo and Joe Epic.
14 Oct. 1972
A domestic terror group has sent one of their agents to pick up a container of a deadly biological weapon in a small desert town. But the IMF convinces him that he's already been exposed to the germ, and the military is sealing off the town to contain the leak.
21 Oct. 1972
The IMF knows that within 72 hours, drug smuggler and distributor Carl Reid plans to bring the largest shipment of cocaine ever into the U.S. To learn what Reid's plans are for getting the cocaine into the country, the IMF tries to convince Reid's lieutenant, Joseph Conrad, that they've created a machine that can create pure cocaine synthetically. Conrad believes that this "miracle machine" is real, and decides to go into business for himself -- driving a wedge between him and his former boss, Reid.
28 Oct. 1972
A gang specializing in smuggling criminals out of the country manages to free Gunther Schell, a Syndicate finance man who knows the location of $27 million in Syndicate money. But this same gang instead tries to use psychological torture methods to get Schell to reveal the location of the money. To recapture Schell and to put a stop to the fugitive smuggling operation, the IMF publicizes that Jim Phelps is a doctor wanted for murder who also needs the services of the fugitive smuggling operation.
4 Nov. 1972
Crime boss Norman Shields runs an operation that has been infiltrating the entertainment industry. His latest takeover target is Pantheon Studios, where the brother of Shields' Syndicate financier, Theo Dane, is coming to take over the movie-making operation. Because Shields and Dane have never met, the IMF comes up with a plan to substitute Jim Phelps for Dane, and then make a movie dramatizing a notorious real-life murder -- that was committed by Norman Shields.
11 Nov. 1972
Syndicate operative Sam Dexter has just been sentenced to a year in prison for income tax evasion. The IMF arranges for Barney to get close to Dexter while he is in prison and then arranges for Dexter to escape with Barney's assistance - all in the hope that a grateful and trusting Dexter will lead him to additional evidence of wrongdoing, allowing both Dexter and his former associates to be put away for good.
18 Nov. 1972
Rogue physicist Dr. Jerome Cooper informs the government that he has planted a 50-megaton bomb in a major American city, which he will detonate unless various members of Congress are replaced and American foreign policy changed to suit his wishes. With less than a day to locate the bomb, the IMF attempts to isolate Dr. Cooper in a rural area, hoping to convince him that the government is acceding to his demands in time to get him to reveal the location of the bomb.
2 Dec. 1972
In a sequel to Season Six's "Casino," Jim Phelps is on vacation with Barney when he is recognized by one of the criminals that the IMF outfoxed in the earlier episode. Jim is held hostage while Barney is given an ultimatum: retrieve an incriminating letter from a safe deposit box that a former criminal intends to turn over to the authorities, or Jim Phelps will be killed. Barney enlists Casey and Willy to obtain the letter, but also has a plan to free Jim.
9 Dec. 1972
Law enforcement agencies believe that Peter Cordel is a killer for hire, but no evidence linking him to any killings has been uncovered. The IMF is assigned to obtain the evidence needed to arrest Cordel, and to learn the identity of his Syndicate boss. The IMF's lures Cordel, who is a chess master, into a game where he can be given a drug that induces post-hypnotic suggestions. The IMF is then able to convince Cordel that he's suffering from blackouts during which he kills a number of people close to him -- and that his impending mental breakdown will make the ...
22 Dec. 1972
The Puppet
Crime boss Paul Ostro is reported to have suffered severe facial injuries in a hunting accident, and lies bandaged in bed at his estate. But the IMF suspects that Paul's brother Leo actually killed Paul and substituted a bandaged "puppet" in his place, to issue orders to the family's criminal subordinates, with Leo actually making the decisions. With the family reputed to be planning a new criminal enterprise involving over one hundred million dollars, the IMF's mission is to learn the family's new plan -- which they hope to do by unmasking Leo's surrogate for his ...

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