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7 Jan. 1967
The Legacy
The IMF must thwart four young Nazis from claiming Hitler's fortune, which they plan to use to finance a Fourth Reich.
14 Jan. 1967
The Reluctant Dragon
The IMF seeks to smuggle an important scientist, with the help of his wife, out from behind the Iron Curtain. They discover belatedly that he doesn't want to leave.
21 Jan. 1967
The Frame
The Impossible Missions Force mixes dinner and danger at a crime czar's private party. Jack Wellman has arranged the deaths of four Government officials so he can fill the vacancies with men he controls.
28 Jan. 1967
The Trial
Briggs poses as an American tourist and subjects himself to a show trial in order to discredit a public prosecutor attempting to seize absolute power in his country.
4 Feb. 1967
The Diamond
Briggs and company pretend to have found a means of synthesizing diamonds in order to con a dictator out of a priceless uncut diamond that will finance his government and secure his power.
11 Feb. 1967
The Legend
The IMF team infiltrates a top-secret meeting of Nazis in South America and is shocked to learn that their leader is the legendary war criminal Martin Bormann.
18 Feb. 1967
Snowball in Hell
Barney faces the cat o' nine tails and a cruel ex-guard at a former penal colony as the other IMF members work to trick the sadist out of a cheap substance that can be used for nuclear weapons.
25 Feb. 1967
The Confession
A Communist Bloc operative has been arrested for the assassination of U.S. Senator William Townsend. Briggs & Co.'s mission is to prove the operative did NOT kill the senator on behalf of his government. The prime suspect is businessman R.J. McMillian, Townsend's primary backer. The Secretary believes McMillian killed Townsend to create a martyr and to create momentum for a preemptive war with the Soviet Bloc. Briggs concocts an elaborate scheme which calls for Rollin to play the role of a con who springs the operative from jail, Cinammon to pretend to be a journalist...
4 Mar. 1967
Miklos Klaar runs a movie studio in the Communist Bloc. He is preparing a film, combining documentary footage with scenes he has shot on a sound stage, to make it appear U.S. troops have committed an atrocity. The Impossible Missions Force -- minus Dan Briggs, who is absent this episode -- runs a typically complicated operation. First, the IMF will ruin Klaar's existing film and negative, forcing him to do a re-shoot. Next, the IMF's plan calls for publicly ruining Klaar just as he's at his moment of triumph.
18 Mar. 1967
The Train
The dying leader of a European nation has a protégé ready to assume power. What the leader doesn't know is his protégé has plans to crack down on liberty and execute his enemies. Briggs, in addition to his normal IMF operatives, enlists the help of a physician and an Academy Award-winning art director, as part of his plan. Eventually, the IMF runs an elaborate con, including a phony train ride, aimed at causing the protégé to show his true intentions.
25 Mar. 1967
Wilson, a U.S. ambassador stationed in a neutral country, has been abducted by an intelligence operative of an Eastern Bloc nation. An impostor has been put in Wilson's place. Briggs & Co. have a short amount of time to get Wilson back and foil whatever plot is underway. The IMF, in turn, abducts the impostor. A disguised Briggs takes his place. The impostor, Josef Gord, awakens to find himself in an IMF-manufactured mental hospital. The question is whether the IMF can break him in time to save Wilson.
1 Apr. 1967
A Cube of Sugar
A U.S. intelligence operative, posing as a jazz musician, has been captured behind the Iron Curtain. In his possession is a new micro circuit hidden in one of several sugar cubes soaked in psychedelic drugs. Briggs devises a plan where Rollin will be arrested and put in the same prison. To execute the plan, Rollin will need to shed a strait jacket and inject the arrested intelligence agent with a drug making it appear he has died. Barney, Willy and Cinammon will also play key roles in the IMF leader's plan.
15 Apr. 1967
The Traitor
A U.S. intelligence operative has defected to an Eastern Bloc country and is currently housed at that nation's embassy in Washington. Briggs devises a plan in which a contortionist is needed to navigate through the ventilation system of the embassy and break into a top-security portion of the facility. What's more, Rollin will pose as an official of the nation while Barney, Willy and Cinnamon also play key roles.
22 Apr. 1967
The Psychic
Cinnamon poses as a psychic as part of a typically complicated plan devised by Briggs. The IMF's target is a U.S. businessman who has fled to South America, where he can't be touched legally. He has taken control of a company that holds patents vital to U.S. security interests. The businessman intends to sell the patents to an intelligence operative of an Eastern Bloc nation. The IMF intends to get control of the company back from the businessman. The plan calls for Rollin to impersonate a gangster, Barney to use slight of hand and the help of a respected judge.
10 Sep. 1967
The Widow
Jim Phelps is the new leader of the Impossible Missions Force, with no explanation, or even reference made, about the departure of predecessor Dan Briggs. First up for Phelps is a mission involving the drug trade. Cresnik and Walters have cornered the heroin market and sell it at a handsome profit to gangs around the world. Phelps devises an operation which will drive a wedge between the heroin dealers and their customers.
17 Sep. 1967
Jack Cole was arrested and imprisoned for stealing art treasures of a Latin nation. The mission for Phelps and his crew is to get the precious objects back. But that won't be easy. Cole is being tortured by the colonel who heads the prison -- and the colonel is a traitor who wants the treasure for himself. The IMF plans calls for playing the two men, each deadly, off each other. A further complication occurs as Cole begins to go blind after being forced to stare at the sun as part of being tortured.
24 Sep. 1967
The Survivors
An enemy agent has kidnapped two scientists and their wives and is holding them in San Francisco. He wants a third scientist, who can help develop an "ultimate weapon." Phelps devises a plan where he'll pose as the scientist being sought and the rest of the IMF fakes an earthquake.
1 Oct. 1967
The Bank
Belzig, head of a bank in East Berlin, tricks unwary people anxious to escape to the West that he will help them. Instead, he steals their money and kills them. He is amassing a fortune to launch a new Nazi movement. The mission for Phelps and the IMF is to put him out of business. Belzig keeps the stolen money in the high-security vault of his own bank. The vault also has a passageway. Belzig tells his victims to stay to the left and they'll find freedom. Instead they end up falling to their deaths. Phelps devises a plan where that passageway will be Belzig's undoing.
8 Oct. 1967
The Slave: Part 1
The Impossible Missions Force takes on the absolute ruler of a Middle East nation who is running a secret slave market. Barney poses as a slave, part of an effort to construct a replica of the slave cells, before escaping. Phelps poses as a slave trader and Rollin as an Interpol investigator. Finally, Cinnamon will be the bait for the trap. The ruler of the country has a brother who married a British wife, Amara. The brother, if he assumed power, would abolish slavery in the country -- but he has accepted assurances that slavery doesn't exist there. As part of the ...
15 Oct. 1967
The Slave: Part 2
Phelps & Co. continue their plan to smash the renegade slavery operation of the absolute ruler of a Middle Eastern nation. Phelps, posing as a slave trader, works his way into the confidence of the ruler. In that role, Phelps "sells" Cinnamon into slavery. Meanwhile, the rest of the IMF team is preparing to pull a switch that will force the ruler's brother to confront the situation and force the end of slavery in his nation.
22 Oct. 1967
Operation 'Heart'
Cinnamon poses as the wife of an archaeologist with a serious heart condition. He needs to be rescued, and an assassination plot needs to be foiled.
29 Oct. 1967
The Money Machine
The IMF's target is DuBruis, a corrupt financial speculator in an African nation. Phelps & Co. get DuBruis's attention with counterfeit money, virtually the same as the nation's currency except for the quality of the paper. The elaborate game plan calls for Cinnamon to tempt DuBruis with supposed insider information about a mining company and Phelps and Rollin posing as criminals who've developed computerized counterfeiting. Barney is also on hand to make the "computer" work.
5 Nov. 1967
The Seal
Taggert, a U.S. industrialist, has acquired a jade figure, which has great religious significance to Kuala Rokat. That nation is a small but strategically located nation which borders China. Taggert's acquisition threatens to undo years of sensitive U.S. diplomacy but there is no legal way to force him to give the figure back. Phelps devises a plan which, among other things, calls for causing havoc with Taggert's mainframe computer, Rollin impersonating an academic from Kuala Rokat and using a highly trained cat in getting the jade away from Taggert.
12 Nov. 1967
The Hagars (Fritz Weaver and Hazel Court), a married couple, collect money for charity, but keep it for themselves in the form of platinum bars they keep hidden under their pool table. Phelps and his "Impossible Mission Force" must retrieve the platinum and put an end to the Hagars' scam once and for all.
19 Nov. 1967
The Council: Part 1
A top mob leader, Frank Wayne, is endangering the U.S. economy. Phelps's plan attacks Wayne on various fronts. First the IMF watches as Jimmy Bibo, one of Wayne's associates is forced to dig his own grave. The IMF has a doctor ready to revive Bibo -- if Wayne's killer leaves the scene in time. Second, Phelps has a cover as an ambitious prosecutor on Wayne's trail. Finally, Rollin is ready to take Wayne's place. But once Rollin has made the switch, other mob bosses want "Wayne" to leave the country -- which will ruin the complicated plan.
26 Nov. 1967
The Council: Part 2
IMF agent Rollin Hand, impersonating mobster Frank Wayne, has a counter-proposal for the other mob bosses. He says he'll undergo plastic surgery to look like a different man. In comes Cinnamon. In reality, she is undoing Rollin's makeup; she can afford no mistakes because the other mob bosses are watching the entire time. Meanwhile, a doctor working for the IMF is performing plastic surgery on the real Wayne -- making him to look like Rollin. All of this is part of Phelps's plan aimed at getting access to Wayne's records. But Phelps himself will face an attempted hit ...
3 Dec. 1967
The Astrologer
An opposition leader of an Eastern Bloc nation has been captured by the chief of the country's secret police. Also seized was microfilm with a list of people who secretly support the opposition. Phelps develops a plan that plays upon the astrology obsession the nation's leader has. Cinnamon poses as a famous astrologer while Barney and Rollin will have to operate from the cargo compartment of a plane transporting the captured opposition leader.
10 Dec. 1967
Echo of Yesterday
Cinnamon works to stop a munitions magnate who is supplying arms to neo-nazis. She reawakens memories of his late wife, who was murdered by Hitler.
17 Dec. 1967
The Photographer
The team's latest mission has them trying to root out a network of spies, who were brought in by an American photographer. The problem is the code that he and his handlers communicate with is unbreakable. So they devise a plan to get him to reveal the method of decoding his communications. And their plan has him asking for Cinnamon to pose for him. During their photo shoot she displays knowledge of bio chemistry which the photographer decides to exploit.

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