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Season 3

29 Sep. 1968
The Heir Apparent
Cinnamon plays a long lost princess to prevent a regent from taking over in 'a small Baltic monarchy.' Of course, IMF's mission is to prevent a dictator from taking over a 'free' monarchy!
6 Oct. 1968
The Contender: Part 1
Phelps & Co. go after a crooked fight promoter who has gained a stranglehold over boxing and wants to extend the Syndicate's influence into other sports worldwide. The promoter is ruthless, as demonstrated when he orders a boxer killed because he would not take a dive. The IMF recruits a former fighter whose hands were ruined for boxing because of his military service. Barney trains as a boxer, assuming the former fighter's identity. Barney attracts the interest of the crooked promoter and is scheduled to box in a demonstration fight. Phelps, who is installing "...
13 Oct. 1968
The Contender: Part 2
Phelps narrowly avoids discovery by hoods (thanks to Rollin) and is able to complete installing special devices that will enable Barney to win his demonstration fight. Barney now becomes a contender for the title. Phelps & Co. also work to create doubt among the Syndicate backers of the crooked fight promoter being targeted by the IMF. But the job won't be easy. Before the mission is completed, Rollin's life will be endangered and Barney will be involved in a savage boxing match.
27 Oct. 1968
The Mercenaries
A mercenary army in Central Africa led by Krim is destabilizing the region, and stockpiling stolen gold. Phelps and the IMF capitalize on Krim's greed, and manipulate him into arranging the theft of his own gold bullion stored in a seemingly impenetrable vault.
10 Nov. 1968
The Execution
A local mobster has taken over control of the food distribution throughout the U.S. In order to nail him, the IMF must get to his contract killer. So, an elaborate scheme is put into place where a prison is set up in a warehouse, and the killer is made to believe that he is going to be executed within the next 2 hours unless he turns informant on his boss.
17 Nov. 1968
The Cardinal
Behind the Iron Curtain, an ambitious general has imprisoned a Cardinal who is his nation's spiritual leader. The general has replaced the Cardinal with a double. All the monks and nuns at a monastery where the Cardinal is staying are really troopers commanded by the general. The plot calls for the double to make a televised speech endorsing a takeover by the general. Phelps & Co. must rescue the Cardinal. The IMF's plan includes Rollin impersonating another Cardinal and Phelps pretending to be a doctor.
24 Nov. 1968
The Elixir
Riva Santel is the center of a national personality cult. She plans to suspend the upcoming elections and rule as a dictator. Craving eternal beauty even more than power, the IMF lead Santel to believe that Cinnamon is actually a woman in her late 60s. While Santel is preoccupied with the IMF rejuvenation procedure, Barney and Willy edit her national speech into a farewell address. In the end, an extremely youthful looking Riva Santel is kicked out of her own home by security personnel who don't recognize her.
1 Dec. 1968
The Diplomat
Information vital to the defense of the U.S. has fallen into the hands of an enemy power. With no hope of retrieving it, the IMF stages an elaborate plot to try to make the foreign country's diplomats believe that the information is true -- hoping that if they discover that the U.S. is behind this plan, this knowledge will ironically cause them to disbelieve the information.
8 Dec. 1968
The Play
Milos Kuro, the Minister of Culture of the UCR, a country behind the Iron Curtain, bombards his country with anti-American propaganda, hoping to undermine the pro-Western Premier Leon Vados. The IMF tries to discredit Kuro by enticing him with an anti-American play that they hope he will stage in his home country -- then using some classic IMF techniques to make a few carefully calculated changes to the text of the play.
15 Dec. 1968
The Bargain
A former dictator, now in exile in Miami, plans to make a deal with the Syndicate -- they will finance the coup that will return him to rule his homeland in exchange for his promise to legalize gambling in the country once he regains power. The IMF agents use the dictator's fondness for gourmet food to gain entry to his house in order to make sure that the bargain never takes place.
22 Dec. 1968
The Freeze
Raymond Barret was the mastermind behind the robbery of an armored truck several years ago. He has changed his identity and is now serving a lesser charge in a federal prison waiting out the statute of limitations. When he's released he'll be able to recover the stolen cash. The IMF convinces Barret that he's suffering from a terminal illness. In desperation he turns to a doctor of cryogenics (Phelps) and blackmails him into freezing him until a cure can be found. Barret wakes up in "the future" but quickly discovers the ruse. Even though everything seems to have gone...
5 Jan. 1969
The Exchange
The episode opens with a mission already underway in a foreign country. But an unforeseeable accident causes Cinnamon Carter to be captured by the foreign government just as she completes the original mission successfully. With time running out as she's being interrogated by her captors, the rest of the IMF hatches a desperate plan to regain her freedom: break the other country's top spy out of prison in the West, try to trick him out of the information he's holding, and then offer to exchange him for Cinnamon.
12 Jan. 1969
The Mind of Stefan Miklos
Walter Townsend, an enemy agent working in the U.S., has been allowed to obtain false information that, if believed by his home country, will cause its leaders grave embarrassment (and discredit Townsend). But another spy from Townsend's home country also working in the U.S., George Simpson, tells his superiors that the information supplied to Townsend is false. Because Simpson and Townsend are known to be rivals, their home country sends its most brilliant agent, Stefan Miklos, to determine the truth or falsity of the information Townsend supplied. The IMF's job is ...
19 Jan. 1969
The Test Case
Rollin takes the place of a human test subject for a type of meningitis being developed into a weapon. Cinnamon approaches Dr. Beck, the mercenary scientist in charge of the project, with a better offer if he'll work for her. Meanwhile, Phelps and Barney work to convince Beck's government monitor (Captain Onli) that the scientist has already accepted the counteroffer and has decided to kill him and a military representative with his bio-weapon.
26 Jan. 1969
The System
The key witness in the trial against mob boss Constantine Victor, aka "Mr. V," has been killed. Only Victor's close friend, casino manager Johnny Costa knows enough to send Victor to prison for life. The IMF have 24 hours to convince Costa that he's the next name on Mr. V's hit list.
2 Feb. 1969
The Glass Cage
The IMF infiltrate a high tech maximum security prison behind the Iron Curtain to free a resistance leader being held in a glass cell that's continually monitored. Cinnamon's persona of a neurotic bureaucrat distracts the prison commandant, while Barney and Willy stage an abortive prison escape. It's all part of an elaborate scheme to convince prison officials that the freedom fighter in their cell is an imposter.
16 Feb. 1969
Industrialist Carl Vandaam claims to have a hydrogen bomb for sale. He invites representatives from a variety of countries and factions to participate in an auction for the device at his company's headquarters. As the bargaining goes on, Barney performs one of his tunnel-crawling assignments, climbing up and down an elevator shaft and then through some lateral access-points to get access to the room where the bomb is housed -- hoping to substitute a dummy unit for a critical part of the bomb's hardware before the sale to an enemy power is completed.
23 Feb. 1969
Live Bait
The IMF manipulates a naive intelligence officer in order to free an agent who can expose a deep-cover mole. In addition to rescuing the agent, they create an elaborate ruse to neutralize the Machiavellian security chief who is on the verge of discovering the mole's identity.
2 Mar. 1969
The Bunker: Part 1
In the first of two parts, Dr. Erich Rojak, a brilliant scientist, is being held in an underground bunker containing a laboratory where he is forced to work on a small but extremely powerful long-range missile. If he succeeds, the missile has the potential to change the balance of power between the East and the West. Rojak is cooperating only because his totalitarian government is holding his wife, Anna, and threatens to kill her unless he completes the missile. The IMF's assignment is to rescue Rojak and his wife and to destroy his missile research. But another ...
9 Mar. 1969
The Bunker: Part 2
In the conclusion of the two-part episode, Jim Phelps has taken a position as a security officer at the underground bunker where Dr. Erich Rojak is working on a long-range missile that may change the balance of world power. Unbeknown to the IMF, however, Alexander Ventlos, a professional killer sent by another unfriendly government to kill Dr. Rojak, has already used his disguise talents to infiltrate the bunker. In the meantime, hoping to free Rojak's wife Anna, the IMF has managed to plant Cinnamon Carter in a holding cell near Anna, while Phelps uses a miniature ...
23 Mar. 1969
General Zek, a military officer of a Middle Eastern kingdom, bitterly opposes the peace treaty signed by the progressive young king of his nation and a neighboring republic. Zek conspires with a munitions maker to use nitroglycerin to blow up the kingdom's Government House, thereby eliminating the peace-minded king and also provoking war with the republic. The IMF's mission: prevent this terrorist plot, and do so in a way that will ensure General Zek never again threatens the peace.
30 Mar. 1969
Anton Valdas, the highest ranking intelligence agent for an enemy power, is believed to possess a master list of Western agents who have defected to his government. Jim Phelps and Rollin Hand take on the mission of retrieving the list. While doing so, however, Phelps is shot and Rollin forced to flee without Phelps. Phelps' recovery and his plans to escape receive an unexpected boost from Nicole Vedette, another enemy agent who risks her own safety to help him escape -- and with whom Phelps uncharacteristically begins to fall in love.
6 Apr. 1969
The Vault
When a benevolent President plans to use the 40 million he has saved to help his country, he entrusts the money to the country's finance minister who is his confidante. But what the President doesn't know is that the minister kept the money for himself and is planning to use its disappearance as a means to have the President removed from office. So IMF must stop the minister but it won't be easy cause the President trusts the man so much that merely telling him what the minister is planning won't be enough. So they try to get the man to implicate himself.
13 Apr. 1969
Cinnamon goes undercover as a sexy nightclub entertainer to expose a homicidal bureaucrat, and eliminate his ruthless rival.
20 Apr. 1969
The Interrogator
Only Norvan Kruger knows the location of a submarine that will launch nuclear missiles against the United States. To complicate matters Kruger has been captured by a third party also hostile to the United States. After spiriting Kruger from his captors, and injecting him with a drug that causes temporary retrograde amnesia, The IMF make Kruger Rollin's interrogator. Kruger's assignment: force Rollin to reveal the location of a submarine that will launch nuclear missiles against the United States.

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