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2 Jan. 1967
Hard Hat Jody
Jody talks about having a job with a man who builds buildings and even gets paid for it. Uncle Bill thinks he is making it up. Bill later meets the man and realizes it is the person he has been trying to meet for a construction project.
9 Jan. 1967
That Was the Dinner That Wasn't
Cissy's school is having a mother / daughter dinner. This makes Cissy miss her mother more.
16 Jan. 1967
All Around the Town
Due to a miscommunication of who would watch Buffy and Jody, the twins find themselves all alone in New York City.
23 Jan. 1967
One for the Little Boy
Giles French leaves town for a month, so his brother Niles comes to help with the Davis'. Jody is tired of always being around the girls and having to do the things they want to do. Uncle Bill decides to give him some masculine attention.
30 Jan. 1967
Fancy Free
Jody & Buffy are excited to be moved to Upper First Grade at school, but it means more homework. They do not know how to do the math problems nor read some of the new books. Bill is spending more time dating than helping the twins.
6 Feb. 1967
A Helping Hand
Buffy & Jody have problems with a building project for a school. Bill is hosting a large dinner party, and French has to hire an assistant to help serve the food. Adele turns out to have no experience and only makes things worse for French.
13 Feb. 1967
Once in Love with Buffy
When Bill has to babysit Buffy and Jody, he tells friends that he is stuck with the kids. Buffy overhears this, and the twins start to decide if they should stay with Bill or move to their Aunt Fran's place.
20 Feb. 1967
Ballerina Buffy
Buffy gets upset when she does not get the role of The Big Bad Wolf in her ballet recital.
27 Feb. 1967
The Mother Tongue
Buffy & Jody's new friend at school has them doing things differently. When Marilyn visits, Bill and French learn she speaks only Mandarin, and the kids communicate through child-speak. French tries his rusty mandarin and insults her.
13 Mar. 1967
Everybody Needs Somebody
French congratulate a friend on his upcoming wedding, and makes the comment about how wonderful it will be to have a wife and home. Buffy overhears this and tells Jody they need to find French a wife.
20 Mar. 1967
The Way It Was
Uncle Bill and French look forward to a week of quiet when the three children are at different camps during a school break. After a few days, Bill and French realize they have grown used to the noise and chaos of children at home.
27 Mar. 1967
All Nephews Are Created Equal
French's nephew David visits French at the Davis' home. David surprises French by announcing he is going into dentistry instead of being a gentleman's gentleman.
10 Apr. 1967
The Prize
Buffy & Jody enter a cereal contest, hoping to win a boat. But their prize is a lamb. When it arrives at the apartment, they do not understand why a lamb cannot live in an apartment.
17 Apr. 1967
What Did You Do in the West, Uncle?
Bill takes a week of vacation and plans activities for each day. The Rodeo is in town, and Bill's friend Gabe is one of the cowboys. Bill invites Gabe to stay with them, and the twins want to do everything with him.
1 May 1967
The Award
Bill thinks the twins take advantage of him and French because they give in to their every wish. Bill says to deny the twins sometimes so they do not get spoiled. Buffy & Jody make a trophy for their uncle, but get sick from the clay.
15 May 1967
The Butler Method
A friend of Bill's is an actor who wants to shadow Mr French is preparation for a movie role. Meanwhile, Cissy has trouble finding someone to ask to the Girls Tag Day Dance.
11 Sep. 1967
Birds, Bees and Buffy
When a neighboring family has a baby, the children start to ask questions about where babies come from. Uncle Bill has to explain.
18 Sep. 1967
First Love
Buffy is in love with Jody's friend, but he has eyes for Cissy.
25 Sep. 1967
Go Home, Mr. French
Mr French encounters an old friend while at the park with the twins. Lorna, the nanny for a Duke & Duchess is visiting in the states. When they are ready to return to England, Mr French considers returning with her.
2 Oct. 1967
Arthur, the Invisible Bear
Jody makes up an invisible friend, but it is a large bear.
9 Oct. 1967
The Other Cheek
A young girl likes Jody, and shows her affection in the only way children know how - she picks on him and hits him.
16 Oct. 1967
The Candy Striper
Bill thinks he will have a relaxing day, but the children come in to ask for his help. Jody wants help with a friend, Buffy needs to go to a Brownie meeting, and Cissy wants him to talk to the hospital staff about her being a candy striper.
23 Oct. 1967
Fat, Fat, the Water Rat
Buffy goes to dance class but finds her teacher is not there. While waiting to be picked up, she meets some kids playing a game and joins them. When Mr French sees her new friends, he realizes they are just looking to get in trouble.
6 Nov. 1967
The Toy Box
Bill falls over one of the twins toys, and realizes they constantly have toys out which makes the place messy. Bill tells the twins that any toy left out will be taken away from them.
13 Nov. 1967
Take Me Out of the Ballgame
Jody and Buffy try out for the stick-ball team that plays on their street. Only one of the twins has skill and is accepted on the team.
20 Nov. 1967
You Like Buffy Better
The twins compete for Uncle Bill's undivided attention. Each seems to think he likes the other twin better.
27 Nov. 1967
Bill is scheduled to take Freddie out to dinner, but also has to go to the twins open house at school. Bill takes Freddie to the school, and she just loves it. She starts to think she wants to have children of her own.
4 Dec. 1967
Our Friend Stanley
A new family moves into the apartment building where the Davis' live. Stanley is a child with a physical disability that hinders his walking. Buffy and Jody try to be friends with him at school.
11 Dec. 1967
Somebody Upstairs
Someone new moves into the apartment building where the Davis' live, and it is a Broadway star. Buffy and Jody can't keep their eyes off her.
18 Dec. 1967
Star Dust
Bill goes to a party where there are famous people. He meets Carol Haven, a movie star. She takes an interest in Bill and they start dating. He considers proposing marriage.
25 Dec. 1967
Best of Breed
A dog follows Jody and Buffy home from school and they take it into the apartment. They hid the dog as long as they could until Mr French finds the dog.

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