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12 Sep. 1966
Bill Davis, owner of a successful construction company, is entertaining a date at his New York apartment. Then, Buffy, his niece and daughter of his dead brother, is brought to him. Bill is ambivalent about taking on this responsibility. He suggests sending Buffy to school in Switzerland. This prompts Buffy to run away, but she only makes it as far as the basement of his apartment building. Giles French, the Davis butler, finds her there and brings her back. Bill and Buffy have a talk, where Bill assures her she can stay if she wants. Until now, she has only called ...
19 Sep. 1966
Jody and Cissy
Jody, Buffy's twin brother, and Cissy arrive while Bill is away. When he returns, he must make a decision as to what to do that would be best for the children.
26 Sep. 1966
The Gift Horse
When Bill returns from Africa bearing gifts, Cissy presents him with a hand-knitted tie. Buffy and Jody also want to give Bill a gift, and end up purchasing a horse for him from a retiring carriage driver.
3 Oct. 1966
The Matter of School
Bill decides to send Cissy to a private girls' school in Connecticut, and even though she would prefer to attend high school locally, she reluctantly agrees to go, thinking Bill wants to get her out of the way.
10 Oct. 1966
An acquaintance of Bill's hires Mr. French to appear in an ad for marmalade that her advertising company is promoting.
17 Oct. 1966
Room with a Viewpoint
When Bill gets Cissy her own phone and arranges for an interior decorator to redo Cissy's and Buffy's bedroom, Buffy becomes withdrawn as the changes appear to separate the room and, as a result, she fears Cissy is separating from her.
24 Oct. 1966
Mrs. Beasley, Where Are You?
Buffy leaves Mrs. Beasley with Mr. French, who accidentally knocks the doll off the terrace. When Bill learns from Cissy the importance of Mrs. Beasley to Buffy, he goes on an earnest search to find the doll.
7 Nov. 1966
Who's Afraid of Nural Shpeni?
The owner of a Middle East Delicacies store, upon learning Mr. French is unmarried and knowing he is wealthy, introduces him to his cousin, Nural Shpeni, who he and her brothers want Nural to marry.
14 Nov. 1966
A Matter for Experts
The vice principal and a child psychologist are concerned that Buffy and Jody only spend time with each other instead of playing with the other children, and state that it would be better for them to spend less time together.
21 Nov. 1966
Beware the Other Woman
Cissy thinks Bill is planning to get married to an old friend, but when her new friend tells her how her stepmothers sent her away, Cissy then suspects that the woman will send her and Buffy and Jody away.
28 Nov. 1966
Take Two Aspirin
Restless, Bill takes a job in the Yutacan, but then starts to miss the family. It gets worse when he is led to believe, through miscommunication by phone, that Mr. French has the flu and Buffy and Jody are left to take care of him.
5 Dec. 1966
Love Me, Love Me Not
Jody doesn't think Bill loves him because he won't punish him, so Jody looks for ways to get in trouble, but his plans backfire.
12 Dec. 1966
The Thursday Man
For a school project, Cissy wants to write a story about Mr French. She starts following him and finds out what he does every Thursday.
26 Dec. 1966
Think Deep
Cissy develops an infatuation with her school teacher who teaches philosophy and spouts big ideals that everyone should follow. Bill finds a way to show that the teacher is just a regular man with faults.

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