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Episode List



2 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.136
Collins family lawyer Richard Garner promises to expedite the divorce of Roger and Laura.
3 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.137
Roger and Burke argue about Laura. Roger notices that Sam's painting closely resembles Laura.
4 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.138
Sheriff Patterson questions Laura about the dead body found in her apartment in Phoenix, Arizona.
5 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.139
When David sees Laura on Widow's Hill, he becomes frightened and nearly falls off the cliff.
6 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.140
Victoria encourages David to speak to Laura, but he is not sure she is his real mother.
9 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.141
David shows Laura a drawing he made and she tells him of the place she wishes to take him.
10 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.142
Victoria gives David the mysterious painting from Sam. David has a nightmare vision.
11 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.143
Sam is disturbed to hear of David's nightmare about the painting and begins to make a new one.
12 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.144
In the Collins family history book, Victoria finds a picture of Josette wearing a familiar locket.
13 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.145
Laura stares into the flames and a fire begins at Sam and Maggie Evans' cottage.
16 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.146
Roger sees that Sam's second painting of Laura has been burned.
17 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.147
Burke asks Laura for help in clearing him of the manslaughter charge.
18 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.148
Victoria and Frank agree that Laura should not be left alone with David at any time.
19 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.149
The ghost of Josette finishes Sam's painting, which becomes a portrait surrounded by flames.
20 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.150
Elizabeth orders Laura to stay away from David but Laura assures David she will take him away.
23 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.151
Roger encourages David to become closer to his mother.
24 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.152
The identity of the woman who died in a mysterious fire in Phoenix is revealed.
25 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.153
Victoria feels compelled to go with Frank to a building at the edge of a graveyard.
26 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.154
Victoria and Frank discover that Laura Murdock Stockbridge is buried in the crypt.
27 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.155
Elizabeth orders Laura to leave Collinwood. Laura stares into the flames and Elizabeth collapses.
30 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.156
Elizabeth cannot remember what happened to her. A shrouded figure appears in her room.
31 Jan. 1967
Episode #1.157
Victoria and Frank find graves of two Lauras who died by fire one hundred years apart.
1 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.158
At the hospital, the doctor is baffled by Elizabeth's condition. A visit from Laura upsets Elizabeth.
2 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.159
Victoria tells Frank that Elizabeth is adament that David be kept away from Laura.
3 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.160
Dr. Peter Guthrie believes Elizabeth's illness is the result of a traumatic experience.
6 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.161
Guthrie is convinced there must be some outside influence over Elizabeth's condition.
7 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.162
David relates to Dr. Guthrie the legend of Josette. David sees Josette's portrait make a transformation.
8 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.163
Laura questions David about Dr. Guthrie before the doctor closely interrogates her.
9 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.164
Sam describes to Dr. Guthrie how he felt when he was creating Laura's painting.
10 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.165
David goes to spend the night with his mother and the ghost of Josette appears to them.
13 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.166
Victoria and Carolyn are concerned about David. Burke is suspicious of Dr. Guthrie.
14 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.167
Laura insists she must take David away soon, before Elizabeth returns from the hospital.
15 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.168
Sam blames everything on Laura. Dr. Guthrie invites Laura to a séance at Collinwood.
16 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.169
Roger wants his divorce from Laura expedited. Guthrie admits they are dealing with an unknown power.
17 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.170
During the séance, Victoria babbles in French, then collapses just before revealing an important secret.
20 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.171
Dr. Guthrie translates Josette's warning. Laura appears in Victoria's room during the night.
21 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.172
Mrs. Johnson reports to Burke what happened at the séance. Laura causes a recording to be erased.
22 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.173
Victoria tells Burke of the mysterious events surrounding Laura. Burke becomes suspicious of her.
23 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.174
The police discover that the body is missing of the woman who died by fire in Phoenix.
24 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.175
Dr. Guthrie questions Laura about the missing body. Later, the doctor mysteriously collapses.
27 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.176
Laura attempts to finish casting a spell on Dr. Guthrie, who warns her that he knows she has powers.
28 Feb. 1967
Episode #1.177
Dr. Guthrie asks Joe Haskell to assist his investigation of Laura by helping to open a grave.
1 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.178
Carolyn tries to persuade Roger to give Guthrie another chance. Joe and Guthrie break into the crypt.
2 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.179
The caretaker at Eagle Hill Cemetery forbids the opening of Laura's coffin.
3 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.180
Dr. Guthrie, Joe Haskell and Frank Garner discover the cemetery records are faded.
6 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.181
An old newspaper clipping tells of a boy named David who was consumed in flames.
7 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.182
David decides he wants to go away from Collinwood to live with his mother.
8 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.183
When Laura refuses to put out the fire in her fireplace, Dr. Guthrie makes a discovery.
9 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.184
David receives a warning from the ghost of Josette to save Dr. Guthrie.
10 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.185
Guthrie plans another seance at the Old House and Laura places a spell on him.
13 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.186
During the séance, the spirit of David Radcliffe speaks through David Collins.
14 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.187
Victoria learns that Laura Radcliffe died exactly one hundred years ago.
15 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.188
Laura tells David to be ready to go away with her. Victoria keeps watch over David.
16 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.189
While Mrs. Johnson looks after David, he slips out of the house when she receives a phone call.
17 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.190
Laura secretly meets David at an abandoned fishing shack, which is soon engulfed by fire.
20 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.191
Victoria attempts to save David. In the hospital, Elizabeth starts to come out of her trance.
21 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.192
Elizabeth has recovered from her attack. Roger tries to comfort David.
22 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.193
An art dealer asks to buy Sam's older paintings. Sam tries to get them back from Roger.
23 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.194
Elizabeth returns and demands the key to the locked room in the Collinwood basement.
24 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.195
Victoria makes a promise to Elizabeth. A stranger arrives at Collinwood and asks for Elizabeth.
27 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.196
Elizabeth reveals that the visitor, Jason McGuire, was a friend of her husband, Paul Stoddard.
28 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.197
While searching for Sam's paintings, Roger finds Jason snooping around in the basement.
29 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.198
Maggie realizes Sam sold his paintings to Roger for a bribe during Burke's manslaughter case.
30 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.199
Drifter Willie Loomis meets his friend Jason at the Blue Whale. Sam makes a confession.
31 Mar. 1967
Episode #1.200
Jason reminds Elizabeth of the secret they share. Burke and Sam confront Roger at Collinwood.
3 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.201
Roger admits that he was driving the car that killed a man and sent Burke to prison ten years ago.
4 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.202
Willie picks a fight with Joe at the Blue Whale. Willie joins Jason as an unwelcome house guest.
5 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.203
Victoria becomes frightened by the feeling that Elizabeth is powerless to control Jason and Willie.
6 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.204
Carolyn pulls a gun to scare off Willie. She and Victoria are disturbed by his violent behavior.
7 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.205
Willie becomes fascinated by the portrait of Barnabas Collins hanging in the Collinwood foyer.
11 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.206
Burke makes an offer to Elizabeth to help her deal with Jason and Willie.
12 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.207
Burke and Willie fight at the Blue Whale. Willie tells Jason he won't leave town without money.
13 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.208
David tells Willie that the Collins jewels were buried with family members.
14 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.209
Willie goes to the Collins family mausoleum, where a heartbeat is heard coming from the tomb.
17 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.210
Elizabeth pays Jason the blackmail money. Jason promises her he'll get Willie out of the house. But Willie is looking to do a little grave-robbing.
18 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.211
Willie disappears. Jason suspects that he had gone to do a little grave-robbing in the Collins family tomb. Later, a mysterious man shows up at Elizabeth's door.
19 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.212
Elizabeth meets Barnabas, her cousin from England whom she never knew existed. Later, David meets Barnabas in the old house and thinks he's seeing a ghost.
20 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.213
Willie's things have suddenly disappeared from his room. Jason asks Elizabeth for more money. Joe persuades Carolyn to let Burke apologize to her.
21 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.214
Victoria goes looking for David in the old house and finds Barnabas instead. Later, Roger Collins meets Barnabas.
24 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.215
At the Blue Whale, the long-missing Willie Loomis shows up. But his personality has undergone a drastic change.
25 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.216
Jason forces Willie to return to Collinwood and apologize to Elizabeth and Carolyn. Both women are struck by the change in his behavior. Later, Willie faints in the foyer.
26 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.217
Carolyn tells Victoria that Willie is sick and will be staying on at Collinwood. Willie is desperate to leave before nightfall.
27 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.218
Barnabas asks Elizabeth if he can move into the old house.
28 Apr. 1967
Episode #1.219
The sheriff tells Roger some grisly news: someone is draining the blood out of the local cattle. Meanwhile, a doctor makes a surprising diagnosis for Willie.
1 May 1967
Episode #1.220
Barnabas moves into the old house. Jason demands that Willie leave Collinwood. Willie meekly agrees to go; but where he ends up, no one would have expected.
2 May 1967
Episode #1.221
Barnabas meets Maggie Evans at the coffee shop. A ruse brings her to the old house where Barnabas lives.
3 May 1967
Episode #1.222
Barnabas commissions a portrait of himself from Sam Evans, Maggie's father. Victoria learns that Barnabas has hired Willie Loomis to fix up the old house.
4 May 1967
Episode #1.223
Victoria tells Elizabeth and Burke that Barnabas has hired Willie. Burke asks Elizabeth about her strange business deal. David is upset that Josette's portrait is gone.
5 May 1967
Episode #1.224
David is happy to hear Barnabas will be hanging Josette's portrait in another room. Elizabeth promises Jason his money. Maggie has a terrible dream.
8 May 1967
Episode #1.225
Maggie wakes up from a horrible nightmare and immediately calls Joe. Joe takes her out to the Blue Dolphin. Soon her father comes in--with Barnabas Collins.
9 May 1967
Episode #1.227
Barnabas enters Maggie's room at night. In the morning, she is terribly weak and looks pale. At the coffee shop, she faints. That night, she's mysteriously full of vigor.
10 May 1967
Episode #1.228
The residents of Collinwood become exasperated with Elizabeth for employing Jason. Roger tells Carolyn her father's leftover possessions are locked in the mysterious room in the basement, so she becomes obsessed with finding the key.
11 May 1967
Episode #1.229
Dr. Woodard says Maggie's illness is due to blood loss. Sam later discovers that Maggie is missing.
12 May 1967
Episode #1.230
Disguising his voice on the phone, Willie tells Victoria where to find Maggie. Barnabas beats Willie.
15 May 1967
Episode #1.231
Dr. Woodard orders a blood transfusion for Maggie. Sam prevents her from leaving their cottage.
16 May 1967
Episode #1.232
A defiant Maggie orders her boyfriend, Joe Haskell, out of the cottage. Victoria Winters watches over her.
17 May 1967
Episode #1.233
During a violent thunderstorm, Barnabas tells Victoria and Carolyn the story of Josette Collins' death.
18 May 1967
Episode #1.234
After Maggie angrily orders her to leave, Victoria phones for help. The sound of howling dogs is heard.
19 May 1967
Episode #1.235
In the hospital, Maggie appears to be dead. But her body disappears when the nurse and Dr. Woodard return.
22 May 1967
Episode #1.236
Barnabas takes Maggie to the Old House and tells her that she will become his lost love, Josette.
23 May 1967
Episode #1.237
Dr. Woodard fears that Maggie may be dead. In the woods, Jason hears he sound of dogs howling.
24 May 1967
Episode #1.238
Carolyn and Victoria admire Willie's work at the Old House. When they leave, Maggie appears dressed as Josette.
25 May 1967
Episode #1.239
Maggie seems to believe she is Josette. Willie hides her when Sam and Joe arrive at the Old House.
26 May 1967
Episode #1.240
Barnabas takes a curious David back to Collinwood, but the boy returns to the Old House and sees Maggie.
29 May 1967
Episode #1.241
At the Old House, David believes Maggie is Josette's ghost. Later, Maggie calls out for David.
30 May 1967
Episode #1.242
Dr. Woodard finds something suspicious in Maggie's blood slides, which are later stolen from his ransacked office.
31 May 1967
Episode #1.243
Dr. Woodard hopes to examine Willie's blood. Jason informs Elizabeth that they will be married.
1 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.244
Jason threatens to tell everyone that Elizabeth murdered her long missing husband Paul Stoddard.
2 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.245
After Dr. Woodard arrives to take a sample of Willie's blood, Barnabas switches the slid samples.
5 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.246
Carolyn believes the locked basement room contains a clue to Jason's mysterious hold over her mother.
6 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.247
Sam visits the Old House. Later, Maggie sneaks out and is spotted by Sam outside his cottage window.
8 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.248
While Sheriff Patterson responds to Sam's report of claiming to have seen Maggie, Barnabas locates her and imprisons her inside his coffin in the mausoleum for the night as a punishment for leaving the house.
8 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.249
Jason overhears Carolyn planning to break into the store-room in the basement, so he convinces Liz to give the party a guided tour of the room to try and convince them that it harbors no secrets.
9 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.250
Maggie pretend to believe she is Josette. She prepares to stake Barnabas in his coffin.
12 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.251
Barnabas locks Maggie in an Old House basement cell and informs her that he will wait until she becomes Josette.
13 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.252
Carolyn and Elizabeth argue over Elizabeth's approaching marriage. Carolyn begins dating a hippie motorcyclist named Buzz.
14 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.253
Maggie gives Willie her ring as a bribe, hoping that it will lead to the discovery that she is alive and being held captive.
15 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.254
A rebellious Carolyn announces that she will marry Buzz on the same day her mother is scheduled to marry Jason.
16 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.255
Sam tells Barnabas that Maggie is thought to be dead. Maggie hears a strange little girl singing outside her cell.
19 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.256
Maggie cannot understand the meaning of what the little girl says. David meets the girl, who reveals her name is Sarah.
20 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.257
Jason promises a worried Elizabeth he will stop Carolyn from marrying Buzz, but Buzz turns down Jason's bribe.
21 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.258
Maggie speaks with Sarah. Willie tries to convince Maggie that there is no little girl, but Maggie finds Sarah's doll.
22 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.259
Victoria discovers Elizabeth crying. She confesses to Victoria that she killed her long-missing husband, Paul Stoddard.
23 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.260
Sarah uses a riddle to lead Maggie to a secret underground passage. Maggie escapes from her cell with Barnabas in pursuit.
26 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.261
Sam filnds Maggie on the beach. He and Dr. Woodward decide to send Maggie to a sanitarium and pretend that she is dead.
27 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.262
Victoria and Carolyn mourn Maggie's reported death. Victoria agrees to be Elizabeth's witness at her wedding.
28 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.263
Carolyn angrily determines to hurt her mother. Sam and Joe refrain from admitting that Maggie is really alive.
29 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.264
Barnabas warns Willie that Jason may need to be dealt with. Willie tells Barnabas he saw Sarah and she claimed she lives at the Old House.
30 Jun. 1967
Episode #1.265
At Windcliff sanitarium, Dr. Julia Hoffman reluctantly allow Sam and Joe to visit Maggie, who is in a child-like state.
3 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.266
Elizabeth dreams of the legend of the widows. Mrs. Johnson stops a despondent Elizabeth from jumping off Widow's Hill.
4 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.267
David shows Victoria a book with family births and deaths listed. Later, Elizabeth has written the present date as her death date.
5 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.268
Elizabeth says goodbye to Carolyn and David. She then goes to Widow's Hill and prepares to jump to her death.
6 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.269
Barnabas finds Maggie in the cemetery and puts her in the coffin in the secret room in the mausoleum.
7 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.270
As the wedding begins, Carolyn prepares to shoot Jason. Elizabeth announces that she killed Paul with Jason as her accomplice.
10 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.271
Elizabeth tells the story of what happened at Collinwood eighteen years earlier, when she thought she killed Paul.
11 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.272
After the police arrive, the locked room in the Collinwood basement is investigated. A buried trunk is found beneath the floor.
12 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.273
Jason explains that Paul was not killed and that he helped him escape. Elizabeth insists Jason be allowed to leave without arrest.
13 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.274
Jason spies on Willie and Barnabas holding jewels. After Willie refuses to be blackmailed, Jason breaks into the Old House.
14 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.275
Jason opens Barnabas' coffin in the basement of the Old House. Barnabas' hand reaches out and begins to choke Jason.
17 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.276
At Windcliff, Maggie appears to recognize a sketch of Sarah. In the mausoleum, Sarah appears beside her own tomb.
18 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.277
Barnabas decides to hold a costume party, with everyone to dress as Collins ancestors. He suggests Victoria come as Josette.
19 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.278
Victoria goes to the Old House to select her costume for the party. Sarah finds her own dress in an old trunk in Josette's room.
20 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.279
At Victoria's request, Barnabas invites Burke to the party. He will dress as Jeremiah Collins, Barnabas' rival fror Josette.
21 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.280
While at the party, Elizabeth fears a ghost is present. Roger organizes a séance and Victoria goes into a trance after it begins.
24 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.281
During the séance, Victoria relives the death of Josette. Later, Barnabas visits Victoria and gives her Josette's music boc.
25 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.282
Victoria becomes entranced by Josette's music boc. Under hypnosis by Dr. Hoffman, Maggie recalls being in the cemetary.
26 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.283
Victoria sees Maggie in the cemetery, but Burke convinces her otherwise. Maggie is disturbed when she enters the mausoleum.
27 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.284
Posing as an historian, Julia Hoffman arrives at Collinwood to search for clues surrounding Maggie's disappearance.
28 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.285
Victoria goes to the Old House. A sudden storm appears and Barnabas urges her to spend the night in Josette's room.
31 Jul. 1967
Episode #1.286
In Josette's room, Victoria hears Sarah's singing. As Victoria sleeps, Barnabas enters, intending to bite her.
1 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.287
Elizabeth allows Julia to stay at Collinwood to conduct her supposed research of the Collins family history.
2 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.288
Julia questions David about Sarah. She goes to the Old House and finds that Barnabas casts no reflection in a mirror.
3 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.289
Barnabas cannot bring himself to bite Victoria. Julia enters the Old House and discovers Barnabas inside his coffin.
4 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.290
Victoria suddenly becomes afraid of the past. During the night, Barnabas comes to Julia's room to strangle her.
7 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.291
Dr. Hoffman tells Barnabas she can cure his vampirism. Sam and Joe accost Dr. Woodard, questioning Dr. Hoffman's treatment of Maggie.
8 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.292
Dr. Hoffman tells Dr. Woodard Maggie's condition is the result of a brush with the supernatural. Burke questions Julia's motives for investigating the Collins' ancestry. Sarah reveals to David Maggie isn't dead.
9 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.293
Vicki falls in love with an abandoned mansion, so Burke offers to drive her out to get another look at it, but he becomes annoyed when she invites Barnabas to accompany them.
10 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.294
Sarah helps Maggie escape from Wyndcliffe Sanitorium. Meanwhile, Victoria, Burke and Barnabas look at Vicki's dream home.
11 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.295
After Maggie publicly reemerges, Dr. Hoffman hypnotizes her to forget all of the details of the kidnapping.
14 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.296
Maggie becomes frustrated about losing the memories of recent weeks.
15 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.297
Sam and Joe plan to take Maggie away from Collinsport, Barnabas plans to kill her, and Sarah is upset that she's been forgotten.
15 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.298
Burke tries to arrange buying the Seaview estate. While conversing with Victoria, Maggie begins to remember details of her disappearance.
17 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.299
Burke's romance with Victoria intensifies. Meanwhile, Julia tries to discourage Barnabas from pursuing Vicki.
18 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.300
Julia realizes Barnabas sneaked into Victoria's room while she was asleep. Meanwhile Burke proposes to Victoria.
21 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.301
Victoria makes plans to marry Burke while Burke and Barnabas plot to destroy one another.
22 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.302
Julia speculates that Barnabas may have willed Sarah to return from the dead. Elizabeth becomes suspicious of Julia's work. Victoria accepts Burke's proposal and formally announces their engagement, much to the disgust of Barnabas.
23 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.303
Burke begins to suspect Barnabas was the man who kidnapped Maggie, so he questions those involved.
24 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.304
Julia and David search for Sarah to return her bonnet. An increasingly suspicious Burke questions Willie and Julia about Barnabas, and urges Vicki to keep away from him.
25 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.305
Sarah leads David to the secret room in the family crypt. Meanwhile, a weakened Barnabas suspects Julia's experimentation may be killing him.
28 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.306
Barnabas reveals to Vicki that Burke has been secretly investigating him. David returns home late from playing with Sarah.
29 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.307
Victoria comes to the realization that the mysterious young Sarah may be able to shed light on many unanswered questions concerning Maggie's amnesia. Also, Victoria and Burke quarrel over his investigation of Barnabas.
30 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.308
Sam and Joe decide to look for Sarah.
31 Aug. 1967
Episode #1.309
Victoria makes Burke apologize to Barnabas. Meanwhile Sarah toys with Julia.
1 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.310
Using a crystal ball, David deduces he can find Sarah at the family crypt. Unfortunately Barnabas draws the same conclusion on his own.
4 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.311
As David tries to escape from the crypt, Joe and Carolyn search for him while Victoria finds comfort in the arms of Barnabas.
5 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.312
Victoria convinces Joe and the sheriff to search the old house for David, much to the horror of Willie and Barnabas.
6 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.313
The search for David leads Joe and an annoyed Roger to the cemetery, where the caretaker tries to warn them off.
7 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.314
Willie fears for David's life after having a brief conversation with Sarah. Dr. Woodard confronts Julia with his discovery that Sarah's doll is over 150 years old.
8 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.315
Victoria unknowingly sends Barnabas to the cemetery to search for David. Sarah helps David escape from the mausoleum.
11 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.316
Barnabas begins to interrogate David but their meeting is cut short by the arrival of Burke, who drags the boy back to his relieved family.
12 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.317
Julia follows Barnabas to the mausoleum, where he searches for proof that David's found the secret room. Meanwhile Sam and Dr. Woodard also decide to investigate the crypt.
13 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.318
Dr. Woodard interrogates David and informs Julia he's taking Maggie out of her care. Fearing Sarah has exposed his secrets, Barnabas plans to kill David.
14 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.319
Following the attack of another young woman, Sam and the sheriff set a trap for Barnabas by spreading a rumor that Maggie's memory is returning.
15 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.320
David awakens from a nightmare that he was about to be eaten by Barnabas, so he confides fear of his cousin to Burke. Barnabas, meanwhile, fears Maggie will expose him, so he makes plans to eliminate her.
18 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.321
Sarah tells Maggie it's imperative that she retrieves the doll from Dr. Woodard. Meanwhile Willie pleads with Julia to stop Barnabas from killing Maggie.
19 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.322
Julia assures Barnabas a letter exposing him will be turned over to the authorities if she or Maggie turn up dead, but Willie is unconvinced that her ruse was successful. Meanwhile Maggie is comforted by Sarah's doll.
20 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.323
While attempting to warn Maggie, Willie is shot by police and subsequently hospitalized, so Barnabas pays Maggie a visit to ensure her memory hasn't returned.
21 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.324
David refuses to believe Willie is guilty as his fear of Barnabas increases. Meanwhile Julia tries to convinces Dr. Woodard that Willie is the true culprit and Sarah is irrelevant.
22 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.325
Barnabas pays a threatening visit to David. Later Sarah appears in David's dream and reveals his cousin's secret.
25 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.326
David relates the details of his dream to his family, so Julia decides to hypnotize him, unaware that she played a key role in his vision.
26 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.327
Barnabas worries Willie may recover. David reveals to a disbelieving Burke that Sarah is a ghost. Sarah warns David to stay away from the old house.
27 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.328
Barnabas instructs Julia to murder Willie as he prepares to frame him using Maggie's ring.
28 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.329
Barnabas and Julia eagerly wait for Willie to wake from his coma, each fearing he will destroy their plans.
29 Sep. 1967
Episode #1.330
Convinced Barnabas is hiding something sinister in the basement, David goes snooping around the old house, only to be caught by a distraught Julia.
2 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.331
Barnabas encourages Roger to send David away. Sarah gives David a toy soldier for protection.
3 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.332
Determined to prove everyone wrong, David decides to sneak into the basement of the old house, where Barnabas keeps his coffin.
4 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.333
David is so adamant there is a coffin in the basement of the old house that Burke and Dr. Woodard decide to visit Barnabas and investigate.
5 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.334
Since they failed to find anything suspicious in the basement of the old house, David tells Burke and Dr. Woodard about the secret room in the mausoleum.
6 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.335
A psychiatrist analyzes David. Elizabeth informs Burke that there's a clause in an old family will which prevents her from selling him the house. Dr. Woodard decides to take another look at the mausoleum.
9 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.336
Much to Julia's chagrin, Sarah shows Dr. Woodard the secret room. Meanwhile, Victoria tells Burke that not obtaining her dream home is a sign that they should postpone their marriage.
10 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.337
Dr. Woodard gradually discovers Barnabas's secret and ultimately confronts him. Meanwhile, Roger makes plans to send David to military school.
11 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.338
Barnabas and Julia are each perplexed by Dr. Woodard's investigation into Barnabas's affairs. Meanwhile Elizabeth offers to reopen the west wing of the family mansion for Victoria and Burke to live in.
12 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.339
Dr. Woodard breaks into Julia's room and steals her notes on the treatment of Barnabas. Meanwhile Roger has a conniption fit over Elizabeth's decision to let Burke and Vicki live in the west wing of the family mansion.
13 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.340
As Dr. Woodard pours over the notes he stole, Barnabas and a reluctant Julia scheme to kill him.
16 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.341
Barnabas and Julia murder Dr. Woodard as the sheriff eagerly awaits his arrival.
17 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.342
News of Dr. Woodard's death spreads quickly, and speculation of murder perpetuated by Sam and Burke runs rampant while local residents await the coroner's report.
18 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.343
Julia struggles with the death of Dr. Woodard as well as her burgeoning feelings for Barnabas. Meanwhile, Burke's reluctance to move into the west wing upsets Victoria.
19 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.344
Sarah tells David that Dr. Woodard has died, so Carolyn tries to console him by telling of her childhood friend. As Burke prepares to leave for a business trip, everyone's perplexed when David says his final goodbyes.
20 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.345
Barnabas tells Julia the tale of Josette. When news of Burke's plane crash reaches Collinwood, Victoria insists he will return alive.
23 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.346
Barnabas is angered when Julia jealously snaps at Victoria.
24 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.347
Barnabas feels so well from the treatments that he decides to ask Victoria to sit and watch the sunrise with him, so Julia hypnotizes her and shows Vicki where Barnabas slumbers.
25 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.348
When Barnabas begins aging, Julia tries to reverse the process. Meanwhile, David offers Carolyn the toy soldier for protection, which lands her a visit from Sarah.
26 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.349
Julia's treatments backfire and Barnabas shows his true age, so she suggests he replenish his blood with Victoria's. Meanwhile, Carolyn begins to have doubts that David was making up stories about Barnabas.
27 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.350
Feeling David is psychologically disturbed, Elizabeth plans to send him away, so Carolyn takes it upon herself to investigate the basement of the old house. Meanwhile Julia offers to let an aged Barnabas suck her blood.
30 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.351
Now under the control of Barnabas, Carolyn is promised eternal life. Meanwhile, Barnabas insists Julia's treatments cease.
31 Oct. 1967
Episode #1.352
Carolyn tries to discredit David's stories about Barnabas and Sarah. Julia hypnotizes Vicki a second time to prevent Barnabas from making her his new Josette.
1 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.353
Joe and Victoria realize there's something amiss about Carolyn. Carolyn suspects Julia has interfered with Barnabas's plans for Vicki.
2 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.354
Elizabeth makes plans to send David away to Boston. Carolyn discovers Julia has been hypnotizing Victoria.
3 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.355
Julia realizes Barnabas plans to kill her when Carolyn attempts to steal her notebook.
6 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.356
Julia attempts to save herself by hiding her notebook in the grandfather clock. After Carolyn snaps at Julia, Elizabeth insists she apologize.
7 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.357
Attorney Tony Peterson arrives at Collinwood to berate Roger, so Julia accompanies him back to his office and begs him to lock up her notebook.
8 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.358
Carolyn attempts to cozy up to Tony to get the notebook back. Barnabas uses a murder weapon and magic to drive Julia to the brink of madness.
9 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.359
Julia is so tormented by Dave's ghost that Carolyn and Barnabas fear she might do something rash.
10 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.360
After a visit to Tony, Julia drops in on Joe and Maggie seeking a way to find Sarah, whom she eventually stumbles upon at the family crypt.
13 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.361
Julia's mental meltdown begins with hallucinations at the Collins Crypt and escalates throughout an evening alone at Collinwood.
14 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.362
After ensuring Julia's mind is suitably diminishing, Barnabas sends Carolyn to steal the notebook from Tony.
15 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.363
Carolyn tries to convince Tony that Julia is a blackmailer. Meanwhile David returns from Boston and encounters Sarah.
16 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.364
Sarah finally visits Barnabas and reprimands him for his misdeeds. Elizabeth tells Victoria that Burke's body was recovered. Sarah warns David that the dead want to destroy someone at Collinwood.
17 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.365
Dr. Julia Hoffman suggests that they hold a séance to contact Sarah Collins. Barnabas objects, but joins the ceremony when he realizes it can't be stopped. Victoria goes into a trance, and Sarah speaks through her.
20 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.366
1795 time period. Victoria Winters arrives in 1795 and sees the Old House looking bright and elegant.
21 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.367
1795 time period. Victoria awakes to the sight of straight-laced Abigail Collins
22 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.368
1795 time period. A storm causes Barnabas to worry about his bride to be. Victoria with her knowledge of history tells him not to worry.
24 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.370
1795 time period. Angelique meets Jeremiah and discovers that Barnabas was fond of toy soldiers. Victoria tries to make friends with her.
27 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.371
1795 Time period. Angelique chokes Barnabas while he kisses Josette by tying a scarf around one of his toy soldiers.
28 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.372
1795 time period. Victoria panics when she sees Matthew Morgan lookalike Ben Stokes. Joshua threatens Ben and then tells Victoria that Millicent will marry Jeremiah. Angelique makes Ben help her in her plans for Josette.
29 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.373
1795 time period. Angelique tells Ben that she is his master now Millicent arrives. Jeremiah is unimpressed with Joshua's plans.
30 Nov. 1967
Episode #1.374
1795 time period. Angelique starts her spell to make Jeremiah love Josette. Josette and Barnabas open a package and find a skull.
1 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.375
Jeremiah regrets coming on to Josette but Angelique tells him that Josette acted that way at home. Barnabas teaches Ben the alphabet. Jeremiah tries to stop Barnabas from marrying Josette.
4 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.376
Natalie tells Andre that they in the presence of a force for evil. Andre confronts Jeremiah over his meeting Josette.Natalie's tarot cards revel to Naomi death and betrayal. Naomi sees Jeremiah and a woman in a dream.
5 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.377
Naomi sees the mark of the devil on Jeremiah and Josette. Angelique realizes that no-one can stop what she set in motion. Nathan chats up Millicent.
6 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.378
1795 time period. Angelique calls for Ben who hears that Jeremiah is leaving. Angelique searches for a way to prevent this.
7 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.379
1795 time period. Natalie and Victoria discuss the sudden disappearance of Joshua and the sudden appearance of a strange cat. Nathan warns Victoria that Natalie suspects witchcraft.
8 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.380
1795 time period. Natalie convinces Barnabas and Josette to marry immediately but Angelique casts a spell on Josette while helping her with her wedding dress. Ben tries to kill the cat but Angelique stops him.
11 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.381
1795 time period. Barnabas searches for Josette while Angelique schemes for his love. She refuses to use a love spell on him but she does send him a stranger in a vision. Barnabas finds Josette's veil.
12 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.382
1795 time period. Natalie questions Victoria and Abigall and Naomi argue. Joshua appears in front of Abigail in Victoria's room.
13 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.383
1795 time period. Josette wakes up in Jeremiah's arms but later she regrets marrying Jeremiah. Joshua tells Andre and Barnabas that Abigail has engaged the Rev. Trask to hunt for the witch.
14 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.384
1795 time period.Barnabas challenges Jeremiah to a duel which Josette and Angelique cannot prevent.
15 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.385
1795 time period. While Jeremiah lays dying witchhunter Reverand Trask enters Collinwood. He ties Victoria to a tree and tries to exorcise her.
18 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.386
Taped 12-12-1967. 1795 time period. Natalie consults her Tarot cards to learn where Victoria is. She tells Nathan and Barnabas and Angelique that Trask has Victoria. Angelique burns the tree after Nathan and Barnabas rescue Victoria. Angelique burns the tree.
19 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.387
1795 time period. Trask questions the residents of Collinwood. Angelique tells him where Victoria is hiding.
20 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.388
1785 time period. Angelique talks to Barnabas. She tells him that he is a poor judge of women. She gets him to say that he hates Josette. Angelique swears her love to him but Barnabas rejects her.
21 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.389
1795 time period. Sarah falls ill after Angelique sticks a few pins in one of her dolls. Barnabas agrees to marry Angelique if she cures Sarah.
21 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.390
1795 time period. Josette fears that Jeremiah will die. Andre jolts Barnabas by asking him to tell Josette that she is not to blame. Angelique insists that Barnabas keep his promise to marry her.
26 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.392
1795 time period. Joshua tells Naomi that he will tell people that Jeremiah died in a hunting accident. The family prepares to move into their new home.
27 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.393
1795 time period. Josette is threatened by the ghost of Jeremiah and is later shocked by the news that Barnabas will marry Angelique. Most of the family tries to prevent their marriage.
28 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.394
1795 time period. The family moves into the new Collinwood. The Ghost of Jeremiah ravages a room and attacks Barnabas.
29 Dec. 1967
Episode #1.395
1795 time period. Barnabas tells Joshua that he will marry Angelique that night. Joshua casts him from the family. Naomi gives him the Old House.

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