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18 Jan. 1966
Predator of Wameru
Dr. Tracy sets out after a poacher, who has set dozens of animal traps all over the reserve.
1 Feb. 1966
Adventure of the Lion Cubs
Dr. Tracy and Jack Dane come across three lion cubs whose mother has been snared in a poacher's trap.
1 Mar. 1966
The Diamond Smugglers
Dr. Tracy pays a visit to two Frenchman who say they are paleontologists, but who are actually diamond smugglers.
15 Mar. 1966
The Killer Dog
A foul-tempered farmer has trained his German shepherd dog to attack any and all animals from the Wameru reserve. Paula and Jack Dane find the animal caught in a poacher's snare, rescue it, and take it back to Dr. Tracy to be treated and, more importantly, re-trained--a prospect that's not likely to sit well with the dog's owner.
22 Mar. 1966
Return of the Killer: Part 1
Dr. Tracy, Jack, and Mike leave the compound to look for a wounded leopard, not knowing that escaped killer Roy Meadows (seen in the earlier episode "Trail Of The Cheetah") is on the loose with another convict, and headed to Wameru where he plans to have Tracy treat his bullet wound.
29 Mar. 1966
Return of the Killer: Part 2
With Tracy, Jack, and Mike out in the jungle without their vehicle, Paula is forced to operate on Meadows, speaking to her father over a walkie-talkie for guidance, while her voice teacher and Hedley are also held hostage.
5 Apr. 1966
The Man-Eater of Wameru
A magazine photographer looking for a story lures a hostile tribe of poachers onto the Wamera reserve, thinking that she will get some "dramatic" pictures to go with the story.
12 Apr. 1966
Crisis at the Compound
Dr. Tracy treats an injured leopard and releases it into the wild, but a visiting trade commissioner who wants to hunt for big game sets his sights on the leopard for his trophy. Dr. Tracy sets out to derail his plans.
19 Apr. 1966
The Hostages
After Dr. Tracy and the Wameru compound are awarded a grant of $75,000 by a wildlife conservation group, two thieves kidnap Judy and Clarence and hold them for ransom to get the money for themselves.
26 Apr. 1966
Judy and the Hyena
Judy the chimp, who was once bitten by a hyena, gets nervous, scared and agitated when she sees Paul and Jack bring in an injured hyena pup. Dr. Tracy has a difficult time keeping Judy calm enough so he can work on the hyena.
3 May 1966
Wall of Flames: Part 1
After Hedley warns two hunters to leave the reserve and put out their campfire, one of them starts a fire to drive the rhinos they want to hunt off the reserve and onto legal hunting territory. The fire soon engulfs the reserve, forcing animals to flee, and with Jack and Paula, observing a buffalo herd, in the midst.
10 May 1966
Wall of Flames: Part 2
Paula and Jack are taken hostage by Connors and Bendix, as the hunters try to escape from the reserve, and from the fire. After they learn that he set the fire, Connors decides that Paula and Jack will have to be killed to keep them quiet.
17 May 1966
Judy and the Gunrunners
Visiting archaeologist Dr. Akubar borrows one of the compound's trucks, and Jack as a guide, as he claims to be searching for a legendary hidden treasure. Actually, the doctor and his cohorts are engaging not in an archaeological expedition but a gunrunning operation.
13 Sep. 1966
The Return of Clarence
Clarence the cross-eyed lion, normally a gentle soul, starts acting oddly after receiving a blow to the head in a jeep accident, becoming edgy, hard to control and growling at everybody. Dr. Tracy suspects that the blow has given Clarence amnesia, a diagnosis seemingly confirmed when Clarence suddenly takes a nasty swipe at Paula.
20 Sep. 1966
Deadline to Kill
Nicky Sebastian, the son of an old neighbor, comes to Wameru to ask Tracy to sell him back a strip of land that had belonged to his father. Tracy tells him the land is needed as a buffer zone between the preserve and the neighboring cattle ranches. But Nicky actually intends to use the land as a hunting zone, and to start things in motion lets a truckload of cattle loose into the area, hoping to create just the situation Tracy most fears.
27 Sep. 1966
Daktari's Last Hunt
A big-game hunter, resentful of Tracy whom he blames for closing off land to his life's passion, forces the doctor to walk through wild territory on foot, hoping to prove that he will have to kill an animal to survive.
4 Oct. 1966
Judy's Hour of Peril
Due to her accidental switch of vials, Judy is injected with a virus which will kill her if she does not receive an antidote within 14 hours. Unfortunately, the chimp has also left the compound to look for a leopard cub she became attached to.
11 Oct. 1966
Cheetah at Large
The Emir of Asambana's prize cheetah is sick, and may not be able to race in an important contest with a rival tribe. The Emir threatens to cut off the Wamera reserve from using the water on his property unless Dr. Tracy cures his cheetah in time for the race.
18 Oct. 1966
The Test
Mike searches in the jungle for a tribal chief's son, who has fled into the bush in an attempt to prove to everyone that he's not a coward.
1 Nov. 1966
The Trial
Dr. Tracy serves as defense counsel for his trained elephant, who is being put on trial by the locals for going on a rampage in a local village and injuring the chief.
15 Nov. 1966
Death in the African Sun
Jack is out driving his jeep in the bush with Judy the chimp when the vehicle stalls out. With no water, they're forced to leave the jeep and try to make their way back through the drought-stricken jungle. Jack decides to follow a herd of giraffes, hoping that the animals will lead them to water.
29 Nov. 1966
Shoot to Kill
A sick circus bear escapes into the bush, and Dr. Tracy tries to find it before worried local ranchers kill it, fearful that it will contaminate their water supply.
6 Dec. 1966
Cry for Help
Dr. Tracy goes looking for a self-styled tribal "healer" he ran out of the area when he finds that the man has the antidote for the venom of a deadly spider that has just bitten Paula.
20 Dec. 1966
Clarence the Killer
A hunter plots to close the Wamera reserve by turning loose a killer lion against Dr. Tracy and then blaming Clarence for the doctor's death.

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