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Season 4

25 Sep. 1968
A Family for Jenny
Dr. Tracy and a hunter compete to find a lioness who is accused of attacking a villager, each agreeing that whoever finds her will do what they intend. A seven-year-old orphan, who hopes to stay at Wameru, is riding along with Tracy.
2 Oct. 1968
Clarence, the Lion-Hearted
Dr. Tracy and Bart take Clarence out into the wild to test the lion's territorial instincts. But a young native, who refused resettlement is in the area to prove his worth by killing a lion.
9 Oct. 1968
African Heritage
A writer looking for exciting situations to put into her stories repeatedly engages in risky behaviors with the animals.
16 Oct. 1968
The Outsider
Dr. Tracy and a native hunter track down a leopard, and they agree that whoever finds the animal first should decide whether it lives or dies.
23 Oct. 1968
Strike Like a Lion
A young American from a wealthy family says he wants to learn survival skills and comes to Wameru and goes out with Mike and Bart to observe the lions. But he has a romanticized view of how nature should be and is upset when it doesn't conform to it. He also has other motives for his trip.
30 Oct. 1968
Adam and Jenny
Jenny Jones unwittingly causes Dr. Tracy a lot of trouble when, without telling anybody, she finds a home for a runaway orphan boy.
6 Nov. 1968
A Man's Man
Bart Jason heads up a photographic safari for wealthy oilman Chet Rainey and his shy son Ted in the hopes of making them closer, but the trip seemingly widens the gulf between them.
13 Nov. 1968
The Runaways
After mistakenly getting the idea that she's being sent back to the orphanage, Jenny runs away from the compound and takes Judy and a lion cub with her.
20 Nov. 1968
African Showdown
A new neighbor, a rancher from Wyoming, plans to buy more property around Wameru and fence it off, which will create a major problem for migrating animals. He also wants to use the area inside the fences for charging tourists to hunt animals, despite the objections of the Wameru staff.
27 Nov. 1968
Once Upon a Fang
A young man is banished from his tribe after he refuses to take on his father's role as the village storyteller. Ignoring Dr. Tracy's advice, he places himself in mortal danger in order to prove that he can be a great warrior.
11 Dec. 1968
The Divining Rods
The Wameru reserve faces the prospect of a water shortage, due to a severe drought and a water-diversion project being constructed by a stubborn engineer.
18 Dec. 1968
The Discovery
While out with a husband-and-wife team of photographers, Jenny and Judy discover a cave with possibly significant archaeological artifacts. But the wife of the photography team, ambitious to get her husband recognized, hopes to insure that only they get credit for the discovery.
1 Jan. 1969
Jungle Heartbeat
Dr. Tracy and a tribal medicine man have different ideas about how to treat a chief's seriously ill young son.
8 Jan. 1969
A Tiger's Tale
A Bengal tiger who disappeared from Wameru three years earlier mysteriously returns to the compound, and the staff tries to figure out why.
15 Jan. 1969
Judy Comes Home
When Judy and Clarence go missing from the compound, Jenny fears the worst. To reassure her, Dr. Tracy tells Jenny about the adventures the chimp and the lion have been through before when they have taken off for extended periods.

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