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Season 3

5 Sep. 1967
Judy and the Astro-Chimp
Dr. Tracy faces a predicament when Judy trades places with a chimp who has been trained for the astronaut program, who has somehow made its way into the compound and gotten lost.
12 Sep. 1967
The Execution
A mother leopard attacks both Hedley and Tracy, but abandons her cub prematurely. Tracy tries to find an explanation for the leopard's behavior, though Hedley believes the animal is dangerous to humans and will have to be destroyed.
19 Sep. 1967
Crime Wave at Wameru
A stern, no-nonsense sergeant has been sent to replace District Officer Hedley. In an effort to save his job, Judy and her animal friends kidnap a lion cub.
26 Sep. 1967
Goodbye, Wameru
A native journalist visiting Wameru intends to write an article criticizing Dr. Tracy, whom he regards as too sentimental toward the animals. He hopes to have Tracy replaced in his job by Mike, his college friend, but Mike refuses. Jack, Paula, and Mike decide to play a trick on the journalist to get him to change his mind.
3 Oct. 1967
Killer Tribe
A search party is sent out to look for Judy when it's discovered that she has left the compound with a stranger suspected of being a member of a very dangerous tribe.
10 Oct. 1967
The Scent of Fear
Dr. Tracy is puzzled by the hostile and defensive reactions Wameru animals---including the usually tame Clarence---are showing toward a student game warden, a former bullfighter who is hoping to overcome his fear of animals.
17 Oct. 1967
The Return of the Phantom
A celebrated native hunter lets a legendary leopard known as The Phantom loose from his cage at Wameru, hoping to track and hunt it down. Tracy hopes to find the leopard first to bring it safely back to the reserve, and both men agree to let the one who finds it first do as he wants.
24 Oct. 1967
Countdown for Judy
Judy the chimp is gravely ill after eating berries sprayed with poison by a neighboring farmer. Tracy, Jack, and Mike search to locate the berries so as to find an antidote, and to find who sprayed the poison.
31 Oct. 1967
Judy and the Jailbirds
Dr. Tracy finds himself involved in a scheme by two old ex-cons, who want to return to the safety and comfort of their jail cell, to get caught breaking into the safe in Hedley's office and getting sent back to prison.
7 Nov. 1967
One of Our Cubs Is Missing
After a brush fire, Paula and Judy find a lost lion cub. When the cub escapes from Wameru, Paula sends Judy to find it, though this could be dangerous if the pride the cub belongs to thinks the chimp is trying to harm it.
14 Nov. 1967
Judy and the Thoroughbred
A countess brings her prize thoroughbred to Wameru to find out the cause of his bouts of lameness. Obsessed only with winning, she tells Tracy that if he can't save the horse's racing career, she wants him destroyed.
21 Nov. 1967
The Return of Ethel and Albert
The Wameru staff searches for an unlikely but inseparable twosome, a hippo and a donkey that tend to wreak havoc where they roam, while Hedley has to watch the other animals, something he's not exactly used to.
28 Nov. 1967
Judy and the Wizard
Dr. Tracy and his friends try to help an aging magician, whose chimpanzee is getting too old to perform.
5 Dec. 1967
Clarence's Love-In
Clarence runs away from Wameru to be with a trio of wild lionesses.
12 Dec. 1967
The Elephant Raid: Part 1
A marauding herd of elephants has wrecked villages, injuring Mike and many others, and is headed toward Wameru. A retired colonel has been hired by the government to annihilate the herd, but Tracy hopes to discover the reason for the elephants' behavior and correct it before they are killed.
19 Dec. 1967
The Elephant Raid: Part 2
Analysis of blood and water samples give Dr. Tracy clues to what's causing the elephants' strange behavior. But he is running out of time to find a solution, as Tredwell is planting land mines to destroy the herd.
26 Dec. 1967
Miracle in the Jungle
A man on the run from the law slips into Wameru to retrieve stolen loot he had buried there previously. What he doesn't know is that Judy the chimp had already found it and dug it up, and that Dr. Tracy has been arrested for possession of it.
2 Jan. 1968
Riddle of the Bush
The staff at Wameru is treating a sick baby elephant, and Paula is distrustful of her father's visiting college mentor, who is too interested in finding the secret of the elephant graveyard.
9 Jan. 1968
The Big Switch
When Judy the chimp gives a revitalizing serum to an old native chief who has been banished from his tribe, he comes up with a plan to regain his honor: he's going to singlehandedly kill a lion.
16 Jan. 1968
License to Kill
After being unexpectedly attacked by a lioness at Wameru, a retired boxer turned game hunter gets a permit to track her down and kill her. But Tracy is determined to find the lioness first and discover the reason for her strange behavior.
23 Jan. 1968
Judy Strikes Back
Dr. Tracy installs an electronic alarm system to protect more than $1 million worth of vaccine. Judy, angry that she's lost her job as guard, leads a protest against the new system that's replaced her.
30 Jan. 1968
The Killer Cub
Local ranchers, angry that a cheetah Dr. Tracy is treating has killed some of their cattle, give him a week to get the animal to stop, or they'll take care of the cheetah themselves.
13 Feb. 1968
Toto the Great
When Judy douses Toto with elephant scent to test its value as a repellent to predators, it inadvertently leads to a tribal chief and medicine man becoming convinced that the baby chimp is the reincarnation of their god.
20 Feb. 1968
The Lion Killer
Dr. Tracy agrees to operate on a lion hunter's dog to remove a malignant tumor. But the rest of his staff is reluctant, particularly Paula, who thinks the dog, who injured Clarence, will just continue to kill lions.
27 Feb. 1968
The Killer of Wameru
Judy the chimp befriends an ailing lion who is brought into Wameru. She keeps sneaking food to the lion after he is released, even though he is suspected by tribesmen of being the lion who has been killing their cattle.
5 Mar. 1968
The Monster of Wameru
Hedley is at odds with the staff of the animal center when an unidentified creature is causing disturbances in the area. Hedley wants to kill it on sight but the rest want to capture it for study.
12 Mar. 1968
The Will to Live
Paula, Jack, and Mike find their German shepherd Prince near death in the field from a poacher's spear. Because trying to move him could kill him, they are forced to try to remove the spear in the wild, without Dr. Tracy's help.

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