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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Batman On Epic New Flashpoint Poster

The Dceu’s in a bit of trouble right now, that’s no secret. Justice League failed to impress both critically and financially and the studio’s future slate is looking a bit uncertain right now. Though they did announce what’s coming down the pipeline the other week at Comic-Con Experience Brazil, we’ve also heard that some of those films may not end up actually coming to fruition. If there is one project though that’s definitely a priority for Warner Bros., it’s Flashpoint.

For those who don’t know, in comic book lore, the “Flashpoint” arc sees Barry Allen zip back in time to save his mother, but he inadvertently triggers a domino effect that spreads throughout the DC Universe. And so, Thomas and Martha wind up surviving that infamous mugging, but the untimely death of Bruce leads the Wayne family down two very separate tracks: one to vigilantism,
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Flashpoint fan art imagines Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan as Batman and The Joker

While the box office underperformance of Justice League has raised some questions about the future of the DC Extended Universe, recent reports have suggested that Warner Bros. remains keen on moving forward with its Flashpoint movie.

For those unfamiliar with Flashpoint, the original comic book storyline sees a powerless Barry Allen waking in a vastly different DC universe – one where Wonder Woman and the Amazons are at war with Aquaman and the Atlanteans, Kal-El never became Superman, and Thomas Wayne has taken on the mantle of the Batman following the death of Bruce Wayne as a child (an event which also results in Martha Wayne becoming The Joker).

We have of course already seen Thomas and Martha Wayne in the Dceu, with The Walking Dead co-stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan portraying the characters in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Morgan in particular has already expressed his interest in returning for Flashpoint.
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Nightwing Movie Casting Announcement Coming in February?

The last we heard about the highly-anticipated Nightwing movie was last month, with director Chris McKay revealing on social media that there will be an open Nightwing casting call, although no specifics have been given about the casting process. Director Chris McKay has taken to Twitter once again, revealing that he expects the casting process for his Nightwing movie to be completed by February. Here's what the director had to say, when asked by a fan when they can expect casting information.

"I would expect to be able to tell you more concrete info on our movies progress around February."

A few weeks before it was revealed that an open casting call was happening, Power Rangers and Stranger Things Season 2 star Dacre Montgomery hinted he might have the Nightwing role, but naturally that was never confirmed. There was was also talk that Finn Wittrock may have the Nightwing role, but
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Rumors Spreading That Jon Hamm Is Gunning Hard To Take Ben Affleck's Place As Batman

As the news continues to spread that Ben Affleck is wanting out as Batman, Jon Hamm is throwing his name in the running. The news comes from Radar Online, which notes that while Hamm and Affleck have been friends since working together on The Town, that Hamm thinks he's better suited for the role and has made it clear he's open to stepping in if Affleck is out.

This all comes from an unknown source who says Hamm has been in contact with director Matt Reeves, and that Reeves is a fan of Hamm's work:

“Matt thinks Jon is charming and was a big fan of Mad Men, so it seems like a great transition to him,”

I'm always wary of rumors like this, although this one isn't essentially saying much more than Jon Hamm wants to play Batman, so I don't see a lot of reason to sit around and debunk it.
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Ezra Miller Says He’s Starting Work On Flashpoint “Pretty Soon”

Justice League didn’t do a whole lot right, but it did convince audiences that Ezra Miller is awesome as Barry Allen Aka the Flash. The Fantastic Beasts actor’s unique, highly comic take on the Scarlet Speedster was an instant hit and has made fans even more keen to see Flashpoint.

Ever since the film was announced at last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, though, we haven’t heard any official word on it, meaning we have no idea when it’s going to arrive. However, a hint that Miller himself gave to a fan recently suggests that production on the project is about to get underway – meaning it could be with us sooner than we originally thought.

Twitter user Daniel Eliesen was lucky enough to meet some of the Justice League cast at this weekend’s Ace Comic-Con Long Island, where he asked Miller about Flashpoint. Though the
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Batman Role In Flashpoint

With Justice League now in cinemas, DC fans are wondering what’s up next for the franchise. One of the most intriguing projects in the works is Flashpoint, the alt-universe movie starring Ezra Miller, and though we know very little about it at the moment, there’s been a lot of talk about Jeffrey Dean Morgan turning up as an alternate version of Batman in the film, mostly due to his appearance as Thomas Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Let’s bring you all up to speed, though, before going any further. In 2011, Geoff Johns penned a five-issue miniseries titled Flashpoint that saw the Scarlet Speedster go back in time to save his mother. In doing so, he royally screwed up the timeline, creating a world filled with darker heroes, including the alternate Batman who’s actually Thomas Wayne, and not Bruce. Eventually, the Flash (kind of) set things right,
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Dazzling First Trailer For Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Introduces Miles Morales

With all the talk of Sony’s live-action Spider-Man spinoff franchise, let’s not forget that the studio has an animated feature coming out in the near future, too. Titled Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it will act as the cinematic debut of Miles Morales, Peter’s successor as Spider-Man in the comics, as played by Dope actor Shameik Moore. Joining him will be Liev Schreiber and Mahershala Ali and earlier today, Sony finally lifted the lid on the project, giving us the first trailer for the film.

Seen above (with the international version below), this is a wild and unexpected first look at Into the Spider-Verse. For one, the visuals are absolutely gorgeous, with a cel animation style that works perfectly. Again, it’s not at all what we were expecting, but we definitely dig it. There’s also the interesting tease that there are multiple versions of Spider-Man in this universe which,
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Ben Affleck Is Out as ‘The Batman’s Dark Knight

Surprising nobody who’s been paying attention to Ben Affleck’s increasing non-committal to the Dceu, the Batman actor is done playing DC’s Dark Knight. According to the latest reports, The Batman director Matt Reeves, best known for directing Cloverfield and the two most recent Planet of the Apes movies, will recast the role of Bruce Wayne for his upcoming Batman solo movie. Affleck was first cast for the role of the Dceu’s Batman in 2013, just after winning big at the Oscars with the period thriller Argo. Despite being an incredibly talented actor perfectly suited for this iconic role, most people

Ben Affleck Is Out as ‘The Batman’s Dark Knight
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Jerome Is Back With A Vengeance In Gotham Midseason Premiere Promo

To say that Gotham had a lot of threads to wrap up in last night’s fall finale was an understatement. In short, it had to deal with the escalating Jim Gordon-Penguin-Sofia Falcon situation, Bruce Wayne continuing going off the rails, Tabby trying to make Solomon Grundy recall his life as Butch Gilzean, and the imminent return of Jerome. But, somehow, the producers managed to pull it off in a coherent manner.

Much like many of you reading this, my attention is captured whenever Jerome Valeska puts in an appearance. Having already showered actor Cameron Monaghan’s fantastic performances with a litany of compliments in the past, this time, I’ll instead place the focus on his evolving appearance.

When we last saw him in season 3, it was obvious that the creative minds behind the series were paying homage to Batman: Death of the Family by having Jerome wear
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The Batman: Matt Reeves reportedly wanting to recast the Dark Knight

Simon Brew Dec 8, 2017

A new report suggests that director Matt Reeves wants a new Batman for his upcoming standalone film...

Ben Affleck has given a series of vague-ish answers to questions surrounding his commitment to the future of playing Batman on the big screen. And the reason why may be becoming more apparent.

Affleck is said to have a five-film contract to portray Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Variety reports that it’s expected he’ll make at least one more appearance. He’s expected to appear in the standalone The Flash movie. But according to Variety’s sources, the director of the upcoming standalone Batman movie – Matt Reeves – “is said to want to cast the role with fresh talent”.

Reeves hasn’t said this himself, it’s important to note, but it does tie to the ongoing narrative that Affleck is looking to exit the Batman role in the near future.
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Gotham season 4 episode 11 review: Queen Takes Knight

Marc Buxton Dec 8, 2017

There's a major casuality in the war between the Falcones and the Penguin in Gotham's satisfying midseason finale. Spoilers...

This review contains spoilers.

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4.11 Queen Takes Knight

Ever since Gotham began a few years ago, the Penguin has really been the centrepiece of the drama. Gotham has always been rather chaotic with many diverse storylines competing for plot time, some good, some the opposite of good (I’m looking at you Theo Galvan arc). With all that said, anything involving the Penguin usually equals quality or at least a damn good time, and this week’s winter finale of Gotham was no different.

This week, Gotham features the conclusion of the gang war between Sofia Falcone and Oswald Cobblepot. Early on,
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Ben Affleck Will Return in Flashpoint But Not The Batman

Ben Affleck Will Return in Flashpoint But Not The Batman
A new report surfaced about some major restructuring occurring over at Warner Bros. after Justice League failed to live up to its expectations. Within that report, it was revealed that Ben Affleck will stay on board to play Bruce Wayne again, but not in Matt Reeves' The Batman. Instead, it has been reported that he will stay on for the still in development Flashpoint movie. Apparently, Warner Bros. has been extremely happy over the way that The Flash has been received in Justice League and the Flashpoint movie will remain in development and will more than likely be the last time that we see Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader.

The Flashpoint story in the comics shakes up the way that DC Comics was perceived and is more than likely going to do the same thing for the Dceu, which has been rumored since July when the movie was announced.
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Telltale Batman - The Enemy Within - Episode 3: The Fractured Mask Recap

  • Cinelinx
After a high-octane finish in Episode 2 of Batman: The Enemy Within, that saw The Pact take on the Agency, we had to believe that Telltale Games would keep up that momentum with a solid 3rd episode, and boy did they ever. Episode 3, The Fractured Mask, has released and we took our time playing through it multiple playthroughs to give you a complete run down of what may just be the best episode yet! Myself and our avid Telltale Gamer La are here to share our experiences from a wild 3rd episode.

Which Pact member did you choose to leave behind in Episode 2?

M: Initially, I chose to leave Harley behind, mainly because I didn’t know what they meant by “Head Off”. I picked “Head Off Bane” only to find out it meant to fight alongside but leave the other behind. I ended up going through it again, choosing to
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Preview of The Shadow/Batman #3

The Shadow/Batman #3 hits comic book stores this coming Wednesday, and you can take a look at a preview of the DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment crossover here…

Centuries ago, the Silent Seven put their hand around the world’s neck. They’ve never let go. From generation to generation, the famed invisible hand guiding the global economy, guiding progress, has been a clenched fist. But with their previous leader murdered in the street, who is currently at the helm of this shadow conspiracy, and how have they maintained their quiet threat for so long? Batman and the Shadow may not have the answer, but it’s a good thing Bruce Wayne and Allard Cranston do.

The Shadow/Batman #3 is out on December 6th, priced $3.99.

The post Preview of The Shadow/Batman #3 appeared first on Flickering Myth.
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Arrow’s Echo Kellum Wants A Crossover With Gotham

Even though Greg Berlanti and company have crafted quite the interconnected DC Universe over on The CW, there are still some big names that have yet to put in appearances. And as awesome as those fall crossovers tend to be, it’s hard to imagine a DC Universe existing without certain characters – like Batman, for one.

Obviously, a lot of this has to do with the fact that there’s some red tape separating the film and television divisions at Warner Bros., but we’ve seen the suits become more liberal when it comes to spreading the wealth these days. Still, that hasn’t stopped Arrow from making use of major Batman villains over the years, with the likes of Ra’s al Ghul, Talia al Ghul and Anarky being but a few of them.

Given all that, it still came as quite the shock when Oliver Queen deflected public
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Christopher Nolan discusses Dceu problems and his Howard Hughes biopic

Christopher Nolan concluded his triumphant Dark Knight trilogy in 2012, but his involvement with Warner Bros. and the Dceu didn’t end there. He wrote the story for Man of Steel alongside David S. Goyer, and was also on board as a producer for that film. Since Christian Bale hung up the mask he has directed Interstellar and Dunkirk for the studio, projects upon which he was allowed carte blanche due to the success of his Batman movies.

This freedom, or lack of it, according to Nolan, appears to be what’s hindered recent Dceu iterations such as Justice League and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Speaking to The British Academy of Film & Television Arts in London, Nolan had the following to say about the time afforded to him on his genre-defining epics:

“That’s a privilege and a luxury that filmmakers aren’t afforded anymore. I think it was
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First Trailer for Totally Badass Japanese Anime 'Batman Ninja' Movie

"I've been waiting for you, Master Bruce." Omg this looks awesome!!! An official trailer has arrived online for a Japanese anime version of Batman, set during the Sengoku era, re-imagining Batman as the "Batman Ninja". And oh yes, it's as badass as it sounds, if not even better. Batman Ninja is directed by filmmaker Junpei Mizusaki, and is about Batman defending a town in feudal Japan. This is officially licensed by DC (hence the Warner Bros logo) and is actually the real Batman, not some imitation version to skirt around licensing. There's even a feudal Japan villain who is basically The Joker. Holy crap this looks so so so cool, everything about it, I can't wait to see this. I'd even pay good money to see this on a big screen, instead of just on my TV. In addition to the trailer below, there's also a video from New York Comic-Con,
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A Darker Justice League Cut Test Screened, Here's What's Missing

A Darker Justice League Cut Test Screened, Here's What's Missing
Warner Bros.' Justice League still managed to perform well, despite a middling critical reception and the lowest box office opening weekend of the four Dceu movies released so far. Shortly after the release, a group of fans put together a petition for Warner Bros. to release Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League. While many have said that this cut doesn't exist in any proper form, it appears there is an alternative cut for the movie that doesn't have as many jokes. During his new Fatman on Batman podcast, filmmaker and hardcore DC fan Kevin Smith offered fresh details about this darker cut, which had screened before the theatrical cut came. Here's what Kevin Smith had to say, when a fan asked if he thought Warner Bros. would release the Zack Snyder cut on home video.

"There's a petition online with something like 250,000 signatures saying put out the Snyder cut.
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Astounding First Trailer For The DC Anime Batman Ninja!

While the geek world continues to argue amongst themselves about Justice League, DC quietly just dropped a trailer for what looks to be their most exciting animated feature to date. Batman Ninja, which is a rare anime-style feature from the company, shows Bruce Wayne thrust from modern times into Medieval Japan where some friends are already waiting for him. I'm not exactly sure why Batman is the last to arrive (especially considering every past Robin and Red Hood is there), but I was all in the moment when I saw Edo Joker in action!

The film was developed by screenwriter Kazuki Nakashima (Kill La Kill), director Jumpei Mizusaki (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure), character designer Takashi Okazaki (Afro Samurai) and the English-language screenwriters Leo Chu and Eric Garcia (Supa Ninjas).

Check out the first trailer, complete with subtitles, and tell me this isn't something you're interested in seeing in 2018.
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‘Doctor Radar #1′ Review (Statix Press)

Written by Noel Simsolo | Art by Bezian | Published by Statix Press/Titan Comics

Although my comic book tastes have always primarily been skewed to American comics, and especially Marvel and DC superhero titles, I am always happy to have a dabble outside of my comfort zone. I think it’s good on a personal level to expand your horizons, and it’s good to support a diverse as possible group of books on the shelves. Both those reasons, or either one of them, are good enough reason to pick up this book. Doctor Radar was originally published in France in 2014, and going on Titan Comics track record in selecting European comics to reprint, I have high hopes for it.

The first few pages give us a taste of what is to come. Set in 1920 France, the moody art and muted colours instantly give us a strong noir flavour. We start with a prologue of sorts,
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