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Season 1

12 Jan. 1966
Hi Diddle Riddle
While the Riddler maneuvers Batman into being sued, the Dynamic Duo investigate the supervillain's concurrent scheme.
13 Jan. 1966
Smack in the Middle
The Riddler schemes to have his henchwoman, disguised as Robin, to have her kill Batman in the Batcave.
19 Jan. 1966
Fine Feathered Finks
The Penguin plots to manipulate Batman into inadvertently devising capers for him.
20 Jan. 1966
The Penguin's a Jinx
The Dynamic Duo are tricked into planning the Penguin's next crime, but the supervillain adds his own twist to the plan.
26 Jan. 1966
The Joker Is Wild
The Joker decides to fight fire with fire against Batman with a utility belt of his own.
27 Jan. 1966
Batman Is Riled
Batman avoids a public unmasking but is unable to bring in the Joker, thanks to the villain's utility belt. Eventually, Batman and Robin are captured by the Joker's gang. But the Joker doesn't know a showdown with the Dynamic Duo awaits.
2 Feb. 1966
Instant Freeze
Dr. Shivel aka Mr. Freeze has returned and is seeking revenge on Batman, who accidentally spilled a freeze solution on him, being forced to live in a -50 climate. He is committing crimes involving diamonds, or "ice," in different forms. He freezes the duo, who look like goners.
3 Feb. 1966
Rats Like Cheese
When Mr. Freeze kidnaps a baseball player to make Batman surrender himself in exchange for his revenge, the Caped Crusader agrees to do so.
9 Feb. 1966
Zelda the Great
The Dynamic Duo arranges a trap for an elusive annual bank robber, but the female magician they are hunting is on to them with a new scheme of her own.
10 Feb. 1966
A Death Worse Than Fate
Told that her loot is genuine money after all, Zelda is forced to lure Batman and Robin into a possibly unsolvable deathtrap, with hitmen waiting outside to shoot them if they escape.
16 Feb. 1966
A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away
When a visiting King is accosted by the Riddler, the Dynamic Duo pursues his subsequent complex trail of riddles to try to stop him.
17 Feb. 1966
When the Rat's Away, the Mice Will Play
After escaping the Ridder's deathtrap, the Dynamic Duo lie low to discover the ultimate goal of the supervillain's crime wave.
23 Feb. 1966
The Thirteenth Hat
Jervis Tetsch, aka the Mad Hatter, is abducting all the jurors who convicted him of a previous crime wave. He is also taking their hats. His final target is none other than Batman, who provided the key testimony in the Mad Hatter's trial. Batman and Robin have the Mad Hatter and his gang cornered but the criminal mastermind manages to encase the Caped Crusader in plaster of Paris.
24 Feb. 1966
Batman Stands Pat
Batman, thanks to superior breath control, is able to escape the plaster of Paris in which he was encased. Despite this, the Mad Hatter is still at large. Eventually, Batman and Robin again face off against the Mad Hatter at his criminal lair. Things look bad, but the Dyamic Duo manage to triumph.
2 Mar. 1966
The Joker Goes to School
When a vending machine in a high school starts dispensing bizarrely valuable items, Batman discovers the Joker is behind this for mysterious reasons.
3 Mar. 1966
He Meets His Match, the Grisly Ghoul
To find out the Joker's goal of his grand scheme, Robin goes undercover into the teenage delinquent underground.
9 Mar. 1966
True or False Face
False Face traps Batman and Robin, and binding them to a subway track just minutes before a train is scheduled to come by.
10 Mar. 1966
Holy Rat Race
Alfred contacts Batman by radio from the Batcave. Batman instructs the butler to short circuit a communications device the hero has on his wrist. This enable Batman to get free of his bonds. He and Robin get free just before they would be run over by a subway train. The Dynamic Duo resume their pursuit of False Face, which ends up at an old movie studio.
16 Mar. 1966
The Purr-fect Crime
Catwoman initiates a series of thefts that cause Commissioner Gordon to summon Batman and Robin. But the importance of the crimes go beyond the taking of the objects involved. The Dynamic Duo eventually find Catwoman's lair. But Robin is whisked away while Batman is given a choice between two doors. If he picks the right door, he'll find Catwoman. If he picks the wrong one, he'll face certain doom. The hero makes the wrong selection and is about to be attacked by a tiger.
17 Mar. 1966
Better Luck Next Time
Batman evades the attacking tiger thanks to his utility belt. First, he scales the wall. Then, he uses a sonic device "to split the tiger's skull," as narrator William Dozier informs us. The hero still has to free Robin, who is facing a separate death trap. Once that task is completed, the Dynamic Duo are back on Catwoman's trail. It turns out the feline villain is after the lost treasure of Captain Manx, which is in a remote spot outside of Gotham City.
23 Mar. 1966
The Penguin Goes Straight
The Penguin seems to have gone legit, but the Dynamic Duo suspects otherwise.
24 Mar. 1966
Not Yet, He Ain't
Framed by the Penguin, Batman and Robin prepare a trap to lure the supervillain into executing his true scheme's masterstroke.
30 Mar. 1966
The Ring of Wax
The Riddler's latest scheme involves stealing a wax figure to melt down for its wax that is powerfully corrosive when exposed to direct flame.
31 Mar. 1966
Give 'Em the Axe
Taking advantage of the Riddler's mistaken belief that they were killed escaping his deathtrap, the Dynamic Duo must stop the villain from stealing a treasure of Incan jewels that would mean destroying an archaeological treasure as well.
6 Apr. 1966
The Joker Trumps an Ace
A wave of senseless robberies by the Joker prove to be part of a plot against a visiting maharajah.
7 Apr. 1966
Batman Sets the Pace
After an ingenious escape, Batman and Robin again pick up the trail of the Joker. The villain's ultimate crime is designed not only to make him rich but to ruin Batman's reputation.
13 Apr. 1966
The Curse of Tut
A former academic who thinks he is really King Tut has returned. Batman and Robin seek his capture. A twist occurs, however, when King Tut's gang kidnaps Bruce Wayne. They are taking the millionaire in an ambulance. As Bruce tries to get free, the rear doors of the ambulance open and Bruce rides a cart toward a cliff.
14 Apr. 1966
The Pharaoh's in a Rut
Bruce frees himself just before the cart he is riding goes over a cliff. As Batman, he works to bring King Tut to justice. But the hero is captured by King Tut instead. Batman is then tortured as King Tut drops a pebble on his head at a time. Robin works to track Batman in time.
20 Apr. 1966
The Bookworm Turns
When Commission Gordon's death is faked by the Bookworm, the Dynamic Duo must track down the literate criminal to find out what he is up to.
21 Apr. 1966
While Gotham City Burns
To steal the Batmobile for a grand scheme, the Bookworm prepares a bizarre deathtrap for the Dynamic Duo.
27 Apr. 1966
Death in Slow Motion
The Riddler is back, and is pursuing a silent movie theme with his latest scheme.
28 Apr. 1966
The Riddler's False Notion
As the Dynamic Duo pursue the Riddler, they discover the true purpose behind his cinematic theme and his ultimate target.
4 May 1966
Fine Finny Fiends
The Penguin captures and brainwashes Alfred to be his unwitting pawn for his plan against a wealthy social event.
5 May 1966
Batman Makes the Scenes
With a brainwashed Alfred supplying the information he needs, the Penguin executes his plan against the wealthy social dinner.

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