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Sex & Nudity

  • This is a sex comedy about a boy who is sexually frustrated. However, the film is very tame compared to modern-day sex comedies. Sex is often implied or briefly with little body parts showing.
  • Sexual innuendos are used often in this film.
  • Its implied in several scenes (including the opening scene) that Jacob is masturbating and has a problem with it. However, nothing is seen. Jacob also caresses several objects in the film as if he is caressing breasts.
  • A man talks about a dog being a bitch that gets in heat.
  • While Jacob is looking at a painting, he fantasizes about the woman in the painting. Breasts and pubic area are seen.
  • Vibeke briefly peeps into a windows and sees her mother having sex with another man. They kiss and the man is on top; however, no body parts are shown.
  • A man talks about being a self-abuser in the past. He later asks Jacob if they can masturbate together, which ends with Jacob leaving in disgust.
  • Vibeke and Jacob kiss on the beach.
  • There is a brief sex scene with Vibeke and Jacob. Jacob asks her if he can have sex with her and she (begrudgingly) says yes. No body parts are visible, although facial expressions of orgasm are shown.
  • Jacob goes skinny dipping. Only his buttocks are shown.
  • Hansinge and Jacob have sex. This scene is brief. Hansignes breast are shown but little else. Facial expressions of orgasm are shown.
  • Hansinge and Jacob have anal sex. Hansigne bends over as she tells him that theres another way to have sex. Other than Hansinges breasts, nothing is shown.
  • Jacob undresses to take a bath and his buttocks are shown. A woman walks in on him and there is a very brief close-up of his buttocks.
  • Jacob goes behind a woman and gropes her buttocks. She takes him by the hand and goes into a room for sex. The door closes. Nothing is seen.
  • Jacob and a girl have sex. No body parts are shown but Jacob is seen undressing the girl. The two are passionately making out and the scene ends.
  • Jacob tells Sophia to come into his room (for sex). Nothing is seen.

Violence & Gore

  • Jacob gets into a fight with a man. The man punches Jacob hard in the stomach. The two briefly fight until they are stopped by Hansigne.


  • "Bitch is used. Other than that, profanity is kept to a minimum.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film is intended to be a light comedy.
  • As said previously, this film is incredibly tame by todays standards; everything is kept to a minimum. Sex is either heavily implied or brief, leaving hardly any body parts showing.

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