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Animal Farm

Author: kapelusznik18 from United States
23 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** Right from the start of the movie "Satan's Harvest" things don't look that good for our hero Miami private eye Cutter Murdock, George Montgomery, who survives a couple of assassination attempts as soon as he stepped off the plane at Johannesburg Airport. Cutter is there to claim his inheritance from his recently passed away uncle of an wild animal farm that he was left to run all the hunting and trapping operations. Unknown to Cutter his two cousins Tim & Andy, Roland Robinson & Brian O'Shaughnessy, and their hippie looking dad Uncle Craig,Tromp Terre'blanche, are using the farm as cover for their illegal, pot & heroin, drug operations. This puts the unsuspecting Cutter behind the eight ball in him being targeted for murder by his South African relatives in order to keep him from knowing what their up to and thus put the heat, police, or whammy on them.

Cutter is provided with a love interest in the movie hot and icy blond Maria Oaks played by the both sexy & sophisticated Tippi Hedren the girl that in real life legendary director Alfred Hitchcock had the hots for. And a dejected Hitchcock in reprisal in truing down his his unwanted advancements on Miss. Hedren almost had her killed in a scene he directed her in the movie "The Birds" that almost had the terrified young lady pecked to death in one of the many bird attacks in the film. Cutter after being worked over by Uncle Briggs tugs gets the last laugh on them tricking them into believing that he dead and out of nowhere, a 1,500 foot mine shaft, coming back to life and finishing them off. Not much of a movie but the footage of the wilds of Africa and the wild animals that inhabit them is far more interesting then the script and actors who are in it.

Tall & handsome George Montgomery has or seems to have trouble staying awake in the film in realizing just how boring and ridicules it is.He in a way redeemed himself two years later in the movie "Daredevil" where as drugged up and suicidal race car driver Paul Tunney he gave people in the audience heart attacks in the exciting racing scenes he was in that rank among the best, that without the use of computer enhancement, in motion picture history.

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This could have been interesting...but isn't.

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
18 August 2010

This film begins with what might just be the cheapest looking opening credits in film history. Frankly, a home movie of the time might look almost as bad! This did NOT bode well for the rest of the movie.

As for the plot, despite the title, the movie is NOT about Satan Worshipers or Satanism--it apparently is referring to drugs! The film begins with Cutter (George Montgomery) arriving in Africa after inheriting a plantation. However, as soon as he steps off the plane, many wild attempts are made on his life. It turns out he is a private detective and like a typical action hero, he refuses to let the cops do their job and vows to kick butt and ask questions later! However, oddly, soon the 'action' switches to the African interior and little happens other than some routine plantation business. Eventually, the baddies once again try to kill Cutter--but once again they prove to be incompetent idiots.

Unfortunately for the film, Montgomery didn't strike me as the macho action hero type...and believing his routine was not easy--especially since, at times, he seemed half asleep and was a tad old for such a role. It also didn't help that many of the supporting characters were played very poorly. 'Ike' was played with LESS subtlety than Foster Brooks' impersonation of a drunk (though he did have interesting hair). Tippi Hedren was far from her best--possibly the result of a dull script and indifferent direction. Additionally, much of this film comes off like a travelogue--with lots of native scenes and animals as obvious filler. I frankly wonder if perhaps Tippi and George simply starred in this cheapo film to get a trip to South Africa!

So is this film worth seeing? Well, not really. But if you are stuck seeing it, at least you can try something fun. As you hear Montgomery talking, shut your eyes and listen. Doesn't his voice sound a lot like DeForest Kelley's?

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Pretty dreadful

Author: Enoch Sneed from United Kingdom
31 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I didn't have the stamina to see this film to the end. But there are times when the first five minutes are enough to tell you when a film is poorly-made dross.

In this case the acting is wooden, the production values are poor, and the plot is complete hokum. Unfortunately the film isn't even 'so bad it's good'. Put it this way, we have a man going out into the back country of South Africa, the perfect place for an 'unfortunate accident' but the villains decide to bump him off with a rifle shot in the middle of an international airport. When that fails they try putting a bomb in his chauffeur-driven car (obviously an old wreck that was ready for the scrap-heap anyway).

As you can see they're not exactly the sharpest tools in the box. It doesn't help that they are led by Davy Kaye, a pint-sized English comic actor (he is the little guy who greets Lionel Jeffries and gets locked out of the castle in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang') Not exactly a threatening screen presence, and in one scene he even does the 'one-man band' comedy routine I remember from my childhood. The voices of many of the supporting cast are looped (presumably to cover thick "Sarth Efrican" accents).

A curiosity of the casting is Matt Monro. A very fine singer admired by Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett but vastly underrated in his own country, this was his only appearance as an actor. He actually does quite well, he knows not to do too much and doesn't try to overplay the material to make it more 'dramatic' - a mistake made by the sneering, sardonic hero and the snarling pantomime villains.

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Page Summary by "alfiehitchie & tipsyheadrinse"

Author: David Fowler from United States
27 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When his uncle is killed in a horrible animal attack, American detective Cutter Murdock arrives in South Africa to inherit his ranching empire. Murdock's Johannesburg homecoming begins with an unexpected bang as the Miami-based private eye steps off the plane and a shot rings out - a man standing nearby is killed. Another uncle, Craig, and his son Timothy, were passed over in the will but, in spite of this, have moved into the ranch. Cutter meets up with Marla Oaks, the daughter of an American game trapper and once again an attempt is made on his life. Soon afterward Cutter and his friend Bates are beaten up and left for dead at the bottom of a mine shaft. It turns out that Craig, Timothy and older brother Andrew are part of an international drug-smuggling outfit and the ranch Cutter has inherited is used to grow marijuana. This one makes "The Birds" look like "Citizen Kane." Written by alfiehitchie & tipsyheadrinse

The above is the official page summary, by "alfiehitchie & tipsyheadrinse". It's not a bad summary of this horrible movie, but....."This one makes "The Birds" look like "Citizen Kane".....Really?.......REALLY??? So,..."Satan's Harvest" makes a brilliant film by a brilliant director look like a brilliant film by a brilliant director???.....WHAT??? Note to "alfiehitchie & tipsyheadrinse": "The Birds" is a masterpiece and in NO WAY to be used as a comical low point for comparison to "Citizen Kane"....EVER!

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