Repulsion (1965) Poster


Plot Keywords

vacation belgian
manicurist hallucination
british horror neighbor
face slap hysteria
heavy rain rain
fear of sex razor
glass of water barricading door
one word title street performer
cut telephone line fly
dead body dead body in a bathtub
slashing stabbing
beaten to death murderer
hit with a candlestick co worker
breaking through a door peep hole
money phone booth
footsteps rotten meat
mirror overflowing bathtub
late rent rent
glove biting fingernails
ticking clock clock
ringing telephone telephone call
unwanted kiss bumping heads
crack in the wall pub
crying brushing teeth
cigarette smoking shaving
orgasm loud sex
listening to sex childhood photo
photograph old woman
dog reference to cinderella
nun bell ringing
bell boyfriend girlfriend relationship
rabbit dead rabbit
potato peeling potatoes
elevator england
beauty salon nail polish
eye reference to cassius clay
kiss male male kiss
kissing psychological disintegration
cult film female protagonist
close up of eyes withdrawal
nunnery rent money
overhearing sex homicidal
critically acclaimed repressed sexuality
reference to charlie chaplin blonde
belgian immigrant barefoot
lingerie slip very little dialogue
stabbed to death family photograph
long take disembodied hand
rape fantasy sister sister relationship
paranoia controversy
claustrophobia water overflowing
sweaty face sugar cube
straight razor sewing
rotten food ironing
hair curlers hair chewing
candlestick brushing hair
brass bed banjo
schizophrenia reality
beauty parlor suitor
seduction repression
purse psychotic
psycho thriller mental illness
london england bed
bathtub bar
attempted rape surrealism
terror gore
bludgeoning blood
telephone postcard
lipstick landlord
door bell bathroom
rape murder
razor blade nightmare
fear depression
sexual repression isolation
virgin apartment
insanity independent film

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