Fists in the Pocket (1965) Poster

Plot Keywords

love epileptic
blind mother dysfunctional family
epilepsy grotesque
nihilism water faucet
voice over inner thoughts virgin
violence villa
vermouth vandalism
unhappiness underwear
uncle nephew relationship train
towel thrown from a cliff
terrace telephone call
tears tattletale
talking to one's self sunglasses
sunbathing stable
song snow
snapping fingers smothering
smothered with a pillow sleeping
sleeping in a stable sin
singing singing along with record
singer sidewalk cafe
sex serial killer
san salvatore italy rifle
resting feet on a coffin rest stop
requiem reflection in picture frame glass
reference to la traviata recording
record player reckless driving
reading rat
rain rabbit
rabbit cage pretending to sleep
pregnancy prayer
postcard portrait
poetry poem
pills photograph
party paranoia
paralysis painting
oxen opera
obituary nun
murder murder suicide
murder of brother mourning
motorscooter morality
money mirror
mentally challenged person marriage
maid madness
lying on a table low iq
love poem loneliness
listening to recording lie
liar letter
kiss kissing a mirror
jumping over a coffin jealousy
ink pen incest subtext
hypodermic needle horse
horse and carriage hiding under a pillow
hearse headache
head under water faucet gallows humor
fur coat funeral
friend friendship
food following someone
flowers fire
fight feeding rabbits
father daughter relationship falling down stairs
face slap epileptic fit
eating drug overdose
drowning drowning in a bathtub
driving off cliff drink
drinking drinking from a saucer
drink thrown in face donkey
dog doctor
dinner desperation
despair depression
debt death
death of brother dead body
dancing dancing with one's self
dancer crying
cross crossing one's self
cremation crawling into unlit fireplace
coup contemplating suicide
confession coffin
coffee church
chin ups cheating
chase changing a grade
cha cha cemetery
catholic catholic church
card playing motion sickness
car chase candle
business business card
burning home furnishings broken glass door
boy boyfriend girlfriend relationship
black comedy birthday
birthday party bicycle
bell bell tower
bath bathroom
bathrobe bandage
apple altar boy
all souls day alienation
bathtub falling from height
wake verdi
tutor road rage
report card prostitute
murder by drowning driving test
driving licence chinchilla
cat catholicism
blindness aria
mother son relationship brother sister relationship
brother brother relationship fratricide
incest matricide
death of mother

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