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Watch: Early Experimental Short Films 'Look At Life' & '1:42.08' Directed By George Lucas

For the past little while -- both before and after the "Star Wars" relaunch news -- George Lucas has been talking about getting back to his roots and making experimental movies. Longtime producer Rick McCallum may or may not be involved, but for those who wonder if Lucas ever had an experimental bone in his body, these early shorts are ample evidence that there was a moment, a long time ago, when the filmmaker had more on his mind than Wookies. Cinephilia & Beyond have dug up a couple of early shorts from Lucas that are worth a peek. First up is "Look At Life," made by the filmmaker when he was just 21 years old and attending the University of Southern California. It's very '60s, a mashup of images of sound wavering towards a political statement, it seems, but not quite getting there. Next is "1:42.08" featuring racer Peter Brock,
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Watch: George Lucas' Early, Experimental Art House Films

We're always fascinated by the early projects of famous directors, which is why this article from Slate caught our eye. The writer highlights several of George Lucas' art house film projects, which the young director began creating while studying film at USC in the 1960s. They've been floating around online for a while, but with the filmmaker recently stating that he wants to break free from blockbuster mode and return to creating more personal movies it seems like as good a time as any to revisit some of his earliest gems. The first film the Star Wars director created was a one minute-long student short called Look At Life. The project is one of several 16mm cinéma vérité studies Lucas created at university for an animation course. It has an...

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The things we wish had been included on the Star Wars Blu-rays

The Star Wars Blu-ray release may have broken sales records, but what extras could have been included on the discs? Here’s Cameron’s list of annoying omissions…

Although I am perfectly happy with my Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray box set (and boy, am I happy), the word "complete" has slightly irked me. Though there are over forty hours of juicy space opera goodness in the extras, I still think it isn’t quite complete.

Apart from essentials, such as trailers and TV spots, there are also a wealth of materials from previous DVD releases missing, such as the deleted scenes from the prequels and numerous documentaries. So, it’s probably best to hang on to those older discs.

Anyway, included below are five slices of Star Wars ephemera that would have been much appreciated if they had been included – maybe we’ll see them next time on the 3D box set…
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Hot Rods & Droids: A George Lucas Profile (Part 1)

Trevor Hogg profiles the career of legendary filmmaker George Lucas in the first of a six part feature...

“I was as normal as you can get,” stated American filmmaker George Lucas when reflecting upon his childhood. “I wanted a car and hated school. I was a poor student. I lived for summer vacations and got into trouble a lot shooting out windows with my Bb gun.” The California native was not initially drawn to the medium which would bring him fame and fortune. “Modesto was a small town, and there were only a couple of theatres. When I went to the movies I really didn’t pay much attention. I was usually looking for girls or to goof off.” George Lucas, Senior owned a stationary store where he sold office supplies and equipment to support his son, three daughters, and frequently invalid wife. “He was conservative, and I’m very conservative,
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