Doctor Zhivago (1965) Poster

Plot Keywords

love bolshevik
epic russia
world war one poetry
russian revolution moscow, russia
overdose concert
reference to rachmaninoff blood splatter
sunflower cottage
pregnant woman commissar
framing story political prisoner
daffodil christmas tree
reference to josef stalin biblical quote
dressmaker tam
trolley irony
foreshadowing reference to lenin
medical student microscope
facial scar dragoon
reference to trotsky water barrel
hydroelectric dam ice world
russian orthodox priest fur hat
cigar smoking half brother half brother relationship
mother son relationship grandfather grandson relationship
father son relationship mother in law son in law relationship
father in law son in law relationship husband wife relationship
brunette red army
communist dictatorship russian army
great war imperial russia
tsarist russia adultery
romantic triangle love triangle
russian literature 20th century
19th century moscow russia
older man younger woman relationship white army
ural mountains typhus
starvation sleigh
ironing intelligentsia
ice palace firewood
field hospital czar
communal living balalaika
foreign language adaptation russian soldier
suicide attempt widow
unwed pregnancy told in flashback
suitor streetcar
soviet union single mother
separation from family russian orthodox
revolutionary restaurant
railway station protest march
professor presumed dead
premarital sex pregnancy
poet orphan
nurse name change
murder moving
mother daughter relationship mistaken identity
missing child military desertion
massacre marital separation
lost love loss of mother
loss of brother library
key heart attack
gunshot wound general
funeral freight train
flower father daughter relationship
fantasy sequence face slap
eyeglasses extramarital affair
country estate counter revolution
communism christmas party
cemetery brother brother relationship
boutique adoption
1940s 1930s
1890s snowy landscape
russian civil war train
forest doctor
1920s famous score
winter snow
blockbuster 1910s
based on novel title spoken by character
character name in title

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